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Oxygen as an Alternate Therapy/Medicine

Updated on October 12, 2015

Oxygen feeds the bloodstream

Liquid Oxygen bubble
Liquid Oxygen bubble | Source

Oxygen as alternative medicine to increase the odds.

Oxygen in its purest form is made by photosynthesis and the trees in our planet that produce the purest form of oxygen. Human beings and animals receive or engage oxygen by inhaling, or ingesting it, and in turn it produces numerous benefits.

Oxygen feeds the blood stream to all and any part of the body through the bloodstream. Oxygen is also the number one killer or cancerous cells it kills cancerous cells in the body, according an article published by Dr. Dyer of Cellfood fame.

Oxygen can be used as an alternate medicine in treatments and it increases the odds of survival in a cancer victims life.

The ingested form of Oxygen feeds the blood vessels where nuerons are electrically stimulated, when stimulated the nuerons engage oxygen into the bloodstream where a war takes place to stimulate and engage healthy blood to the body. Therefore, Oxygen therapy is an alternative medicine to kill cancer cells.

The discovery of Oxygen killing cancerous cells was made by Dr. Dyer who was a biochemist that discovered in his science that when oxygen is present in the body it kills cancerous cells and that is a chemical reaction to the oxygen being present in the body.

There are different forms of oxygen (liquid,tank oxygen, and combined chemical reaction aerosol form). Hydrogen Peroxide produces oxygen when used as a mouthwash. The bubbles are an aerosol in your mouth that is a chemical reaction to your mouth's chemicals.

This is one of the many forms to use in addition to your current care by a physician or even in addition to your current regime for cancer prevention or treatments for cancer.

Oxygen produced by trees and water splitting is a aerosol that is produced during photosyntheses. Science calls the event of water splitting "electrolysis" that is when atoms split into hydrogen and oxygen as water does when there is a chemical reaction, Hydrogen and Oxygen is what is in every atom of water therefore, we can get oxygen in aerosol form or air when there are storms and other events that cause a chemical water splitting. Electrolysis is often used in Industry to make electricity. After all we are electric beings.

Photosynthesis is an entirely different animal and the sun is what galvanizes the production of oxygen and the natural process of plant, tree, animal, and mineral growth. What happens in photosynthesis is that the sun generates the atoms in living things like plants and trees to emit substances into the air like oxygen and it produces vitamins and minerals in the plant or tree.

Animals or mammals get vitamins like vitamin C and D from this process they are nutrients essential to life.

by Aida Garcia

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