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PHCC Names Big IDEA Winner

Updated on January 4, 2018

Kim Craig, Big IDEA Winner

MARTINSVILLE, VA – Since the beginning of November, seven community members have been in an immersive competition for a prize worth more than $5,000. During Patrick Henry Community College’s (PHCC) Big IDEA Challenge 3.0, participants developed their idea for new a product or technology into a prototype ready to pitch to investors.

After 30 days of researching markets, engineering prototypes, and receiving advice from expert mentors, the participants presented their ideas to a panel of judges.

This year’s Big IDEA winner is Collinsville resident, Kim Craig, a mathematics teacher at Bassett High School.

Craig says that for nearly five years she has been trying to develop her idea on her own. To her, the Big IDEA Challenge was a chance to take her idea to the next level. She calls the competition a blessing.

“During the competition, the mentors challenged me, made me think deeper, and helped me to focus,” says Craig. “Winning the challenge will give me the opportunity to go even further – to refine my idea, expand it, and patent it.”

So what was Craig’s big idea? Because she has not received her patent yet, Craig isn’t ready to reveal the details. However, she expects her idea will help a broad range of people and will “feed their desires to make a change for the better.” She hinted that it has something to do with health.

Craig says that she was inspired to pursue her idea because she saw a need for it in her own life and in the lives of people around her. Now, she considers it her passion.

As part of her winnings, Craig receives extended mentoring in PHCC’s IDEA Center and FabLab in Uptown Martinsville. To find out more about how PHCC is helping community members bring ideas to life in the IDEA Center and through the Big IDEA Challenges call 276-656-5461 or email PHCC’s Coordinator of Community Development Programs, Tiffani Underwood, at



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