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Updated on September 10, 2011

All the pleasure present in the world are been described as an illusion by all saints and spiritual philosophers of every religion, all around the world. Still we are never accepting and not prepared to face this truth. Because we have proven experiences of getting pleasure in this world and so we never wish to give up our worldly pleasures. Then how these saints claim that their is no happiness in this world. let us look and find what's the truth behind.

Suppose there is a party going on. People are enjoying and the host is receiving the gifts from all his friends, suddenly his servant comes and give him a bu-key saying that this was sent by a person to whom the host was unfriendly and enemy. As soon as he knows this he throws this bu-key in dustbin in anger and feels very angry at it.Now see the difference, the gifts he was receiving with his friends and with that enemy, in both cases he had opposite feelings of happiness and hatred.

This proves that pleasure or pain are only the results of our mental thinking. When you threat friends you feel happy and to others you don't.The experienced are very true to be imaginary and thus all are fake and illusion.

And because we all need happiness we all go on like this to have happiness in this world. Now let us see what kind of happiness we want:

a) Incremental nature: It should be of incremental nature, that means that it should not decrease with time. For example when we are in any job we want increments as we had fixed in our mind that money will path happiness to us. And thus we need more money to be more happy. no one wants a job where his salary will be decreased every month. So this is the nature of our happiness. It should be increasing always, no matter what is the increase, but it should be.

b) Permanent nature: It should be of permanent nature, that means it should be fixed and no power could take it away from u instantly that's why most people prefer government jobs, as they are permanent in nature.

c) Biggest : The happiness we want should be as big as nothing. No one should have more happiness then us. That's why we want name, fame in our job.

Now check it weather we are getting this happiness actually or not from worldly pleasures. When we eat sweet dish, after every bite our interest goes down...means its decremental. And if we got some pleasure then next time, we again ask for tea coffee. Why you need again, yesterday you had taken now be no i need again...that pleasure had gone. Means we need permanent happiness which is not in worldly pleasures. thirdly we need biggest happiness, but what so ever we attain in this world, some thing more big that what we attain will always be available, setting us restless.I have bicycle...daily i have to paddle it..if I could get a motorbike..I will be happy. Again after getting bike when he was going on road and a four wheeler bypassed, pouring some smoke, mud and dust on him, he started abusing him, 'cant you see'. later on he thinks oh could I also had a four wheeler. Then Whats this car is...I should have a BMW...and so on he will never stop as he is hunting in wrong place. This world is for your body satisfaction, not for your soul. This world is made to facilitate you, so make use of it. Don't try to take out happiness from it or suffering will start.

It is thus proved that the experiences of pleasure and pain are imaginary and normal responses to sensual objects is not our aim of happiness as what we need should be incremental, stable and biggest. But as this form of happiness is not known and not approached yet by us, so we search this in this world. So its a natural approach of attaining pleasure in this world

So the two natural and imaginary pleasure make us fall towards worldly pleasures is natural as these attraction is material and our mind belong to material too. Hence the pleasure we attain by senses and mind never reaches to our soul, because soul does not belong to material power (Maya). all types of pleasures and delightful imagination occurs on mental plane as i described earlier. Thus mind itself is the reason to pleasure or pain, and not soul.

When we need to attain pleasure and we see people around running and attaining material pleasures, we so the same. As a result we get a part of that pleasure after a long struggle, so our mind consciously fixes itself to it. But as its not incremental, stable and biggest, the quest remains the same, ever.

actually we never got real happiness till date, we had only experienced the presence of our own ambition fulfillment and dissatisfaction. And what we start calling pleasures to:

a) Mental exitement

b)An imagination which relate us to that object

c) Mental attraction as normal and natural

These all illusory appearing pleasures, actually never existing.

That's why a person always remains dissatisfied, after getting huge amount of worldly pleasure also. But due to ignorance to this knowledge and due to the existence of material he continue to hunt for happiness believing that some day he will surely attain complete happiness.

Bhagwatam says( A holy book of hindus in India)

Yatprithivyam vrihi…

" If a person has been given the entire world, and he is make king of it. And all women of this world are serving him, still he will not be satisfied. His desires will never die and opposite to it, it will increase his hunger more, keeping him dissatisfied ever".

We see this practically that richer need more wealth and an intellect more and more knowledge. They never know what is the extent to wealth or learning. the ignorance and desire are ever young, and their non fulfillment always prevails.

So we can attain this true guidance available to us through scholars of mind( known as real and true saints), This could be the bridge to fill the gap between our hunger and ultimate happiness or divine happiness.


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    • moneycop profile image

      moneycop 6 years ago from JABALPUR

      EPIGRAMMAN...i am delighted to see ur comment once again and i here by tanking you for ur response. That would be a great idea.. as i wish to make harmony peace and love among all, and so i am working like any thing for these writeups.

      i am blessed and motivated with precious and encouraging, and helping hand like u. aND NOW I AM SURE I AM GETTING ON RIGHT..AS I HAVEN'T THOUGHT OF MAKING MONEY FIRST. i Gave PRIORITY TO SOCIAL OUTCOME AND THEN ANY THING ELSE.

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 6 years ago

      ...well there is only 'cerebral' pleasure found here through the noble enlightenment of your words and thoughts - thank you for making me ponder, wonder and think and for taking me places I haven't been before - your hubs are like individual journeys waiting to be explored and discovered - let me post this to my Facebook page with a direct link back here so perhaps we can find some more followers/fans/readers for!!!

      lake erie time 6:08am ontario canada just home from work to my little cottage by the lake and my two cats ......

    • moneycop profile image

      moneycop 6 years ago from JABALPUR

      biyana...first i thank you for this precious comment

      and then, yes both faith and science are required to explain a simple or normal person and i am trying hard at it

    • profile image

      Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

      Well said. By the way before reading your hub I had read pleasure and pain are same (in the Buddha's teaching). I have read the Hindu book you mention. You illustrate your point with faith and science, that's very interesting.