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Updated on August 9, 2009


Well, we all know what alcoholism is. Indeed you might not have thought for even one second before referring to someone or the other and saying “he is an alcoholic” indeed you might even have given names like drunkard, but have you ever stooped to think of what lies at the root of alcoholism, why people become alcoholics, why they themselves turn their beautiful lives into a mess, not really, right? Well, you definitely need to, because alcoholism certainly is not an isolated phenomenon. Neither is there any magic shield which will protect your dear ones from its snares. Well, maybe there is. And that shield is your love, support and understanding. Just pause for a moment to think of those poor souls who were denied these very things and hence fell prey to alcoholism. True, merely thinking of it will not help. Isn’t it oft said that action speaks louder than words. The rest, you all are intelligent enough to understand.


Having said this, I am also aware that there are many out there who do not have any genuine reason for becoming alcoholics, yet do so. For them it is mere fun, a time pass or a means to hang out with friends, but, do they who indulge in such vices give a single thought to their family, who are waiting eagerly back home for their kith and kin. Youngsters today are more vulnerable to the traps of this curious malady. They might have many nonsensical reasons for justifying their conduct. But the truth is that excuses are, after all, only excuses. They are as far from the truth as possible. Youngsters get lured into this trap under the influence of their friends, nay so-called friends, for one who wishes you harm can never be your true friend. So parents must keep a tab on the sort of friends their children have. They must keep a regular check on the number of hours their offspring stay out, the kind of company they keep etc. Often it is seen that parents do not impose any restrictions on boys. It is as if restrictions are meant solely for females. If you too are such a parent, think for a moment, because, for all you know, your favourite child, your son, your ghar ka Deepak could be an alcoholic. Reasonable restrictions are to be imposed on males as well as females.


Imposing restrictions does not mean that you interfere unduly in your children’s life. Nor does it mean that you impose totally unreasonable restrictions, which are devoid of any rhyme or reason whatsoever. The truth is so simple, if only you care to see it. People, especially children have a tendency to do just the opposite of what they are told. Sigmund Freud, the famous psychologist, put forward this opinion as a theory, and we all know by experience that it is true. So, the trick lies in bringing your children around so that they agree to your reasonable advice, and remain teetotalers.



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