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Pollution – A Hazard to the Globe

Updated on July 9, 2015

From dawn till dusk we live in one or the other polluting agents shadow. We are gasping for clean air. We are struggling with lots of diseases which are the boons of polluted land, water and air. Now a days radio active pollution added to the suffering of all living organisms. Don't you think we are responsible on the whole, for this disastrous situation of the globe? We are the one's who pollute the atmosphere in different ways. What can we do to overcome this problem? lets see here in this lesson.



It is an undesirable and harmful change in the abiotic and biotic components of an ecosystem by the addition of an agent.
Different kinds of pollution:

  • Water pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Soil pollution
  • Radio active pollution
  • Noise pollution

Causes of Water Pollution:

  • Discharging of waste into tanks and rivers.
  • Indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers in villages pollutes the tanks.
  • Industrial wastes

Causes of Air Pollution:

  • The exhaust from motor Vehicles.
  • Industrial smoke and wastes released.
  • Burning of wood during festivals like Sankranthi and spraying colours during Holi produces Carcinogens like dioxins and furons. These colours are made of chemicals and they may even make us blind.
  • Use of turmeric Powder, Sandal wood and other natural colours of leaves and flowers are good enough to propagate during festive times.

Causes of Soil Pollution:

  • Solid waste and wastes from houses
  • Chemical effluents from factories
  • Wastes from hospitals
  • Chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in fields.
  • Plastic waste.
  • Due to soil pollution, the micro - nutrients in soil that support the growth of plants and trees get destroyed.

Causes for Radio - active pollution:

  • The development of science and technology is causing health disasters along with development.
  • We are prone to some or the other radiation. This creates cancer.
  • Radio active materials like cosmic rays, x-rays, scanning, T.V. Screens, Cellular Phones etc are all carcinogenic agents.
  • The radio active rays cause changes in genes leading to several genetic disorders.
  • The radiation emitted by radio active materials also pollute the ground water.
  • Radiation coming from Atomic Power Plants is more dangerous.
  • Dense smokes, Population explosion, Multi storyed buildings etc. absorb solar heat and give rise to radio active pollution.

Causes of Sound Pollution:

  • Noise pollution is measured in decibels.
  • Booming sounds of crackers, beating drums, blowing trumpets during festivals all constitute for noise pollution.
  • Rocket experiments.
  • Sounds of Aeroplanes, trains, vehicles etc.
  • Sirens of factories.
  • Normal bearing sounds to human ear are 80 decibels.
  • 100 decibels of sound can cause deafness.
  • silence is the only way to protect ourselves from this hazard called noise.

Oil Spills in Oceans:

  • Damage to the ships that carry crude oil causes oil spills.
  • It creates a layer of oil over the surface of the sea waters for hundreds of kilometres.
  • Oil spills or leaks from the pipelines under the water (which supply fuels)
  • The oil used in households, industries reach the oceans through the drainages reaching rivers.

What happens when oils enter the sea?

  • Air and light don't reach the marine waters.
  • The mangrove ecosystem is disturbed.
  • Sea animals die due to lack of Oxygen.
  • Marine products diminish.
  • Economic development will be affected.

Effects of Pollution on us:

  • Fluoride in water deforms the teeth and leads to deformation of body's skeletal structure.
  • Plastic garbage blocks the flow of drain water and breeds mosquitoes causing fevers like dengue and Malaria etc.
  • Smoke from vehicles causing burning sensation in eyes, breathlessness, cough, lung diseases and heart attacks.
  • Burning of domestic garbage with plastic material produces carcinogens like dioxins and furons which mix with the air and pollute it.
  • Sulphur and Nitrogen Oxides are released into the air by industries, factories and vehicles and destroy ancient monuments and beautiful buildings.

Methods to reduce pollution:

  • Use more of public transport avoiding personal transport like motor cycles and cars.
  • Recycle the garbage.
  • Stop using polythene bags.
  • Use more organic fertilizers.
  • Plant more saplings.
  • Reduce using plastic materials.
  • Force the industries to follow safe and scientific methods of disposing the waste material etc.


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 2 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Your hub pages are full of interesting information. I'll bet your students love being in your classes! Speaking of pollution, I'm curious, what do you think about so called "man made" global warming?

    • Parvej Molla profile image

      Parvej Molla 3 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Its really good for environment.