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Pajama Day Activities At School

Updated on January 15, 2013

Ideas For A Fun And Eductional Pajama Day At School!

Is your school having a pajama day? Are you looking for fun and educational pajama day activities ideas? I created this site, with ideas for pajama day activities, pajama day games and pajama day events. I am also linking to some of the best and most eductional pajama day sites I can find. If you are interested in ideas for a pajama day that is NOT at school, then see this article about Pajama Party Ideas.

(Special thanks to Keps1230 for the use of the photo on creative commons license.)

Pajama Day Activities

Ideas and activities for a successful pajama day

If you are a teacher or administrator and your school is having a pajama day, you may be looking for some ideas for pajama day activities to make the day successful.

Consider having a party. Everyone loves a party, and a party at school will be memorable. Every party is more successful organized around a theme. But your theme can be a mixture of fun and learning. For example:

Pajama Day Themes

* Slumber Party In The Library

* The Night Before Christmas Party

* Roman or Egyptian Night Dress Up

* Winter pajamas (in summer) or Summer pajamas (in winter)

* etc

Pajama Day Activities

* Have every student prepare a "short bedtime" story which they will read to the class.

* Have all students read from a famous bedtime book and pass the book around. Examples include The Hobbit, Alice in Wonderland, Mother Goose, etc.

* Have students gather in groups and act out a "sleeping story" (for example, "how the president sleeps", "how do astronauts sleep", "Sleeping Beauty", "Rip Van Winkle", "Jack and The Beanstalk". The teams can perform for another class and the other class can choose the winning group.

Pajama Day Games

* Do a spelling bee using challenging sleep related words (somnambulist, somnipathy, insomnia, hypnotherapy, etc)

* Do sleep related math quiz. (If a pillow cost $5, how much do 7 pillows cost?)

* Ask questions from famous bedtime stories (who said "I'm late, I'm late. For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late")

Pajama Day Snacks

Ask everyone to volunteer to bring a sleep related snack to share

* Hot chocolate and marshmellows

* Cookies and Milk

* Popcorn

Pajama Day Prizes

Everyone loves getting a prize, get some inexpensive and fun prizes to hand out to:

* Best dressed boys, Best dressed girls (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

* Games winner

* Activities winner

Prizes can be anything even remotely related to sleeping or bedtime

* A bottle of inexpensive shampoo (for washing up before bedtime)

* A free "pass" on the next homework or quiz (get more sleep by not having to study)

* A bookmark (for saving your place in a bedtime book)

Footed Pajamas For Pajama Day? - Footed Pajamas are fun for Pajama Day At School

Do you want to wear fun pajamas to pajama day? Try footed pajamas. Footed pajamas are fun and unique. Everyone will notice you. Find a few footed pajamas below or see footed pajamas in sizes and styles for EVERYONE in the family at the Footed Pajamas Website.

Sleeping Beauty Trailer - Sleeping Beauty: A Wonderful Movie For Pajama Day

Sleeping Beauty is a delightful movie for Pajama Day. Watch the official trailer for Sleeping Beauty below. While she is not wearing pajamas she is sleeping. You can discuss the many medical reasons why she may be sleeping (other than the wicked witch). See this article about sleeping sickness.

Buy Sleeping Beauty For Pajama Day - Watching Sleeping Beauty Could Be A Perfect Pajama Day Activity

If you are looking for pajama day activities, consider watching Sleeping Beauty. See the trailer above and buy the video below.

What Does Pajama Day At School Look Like? - This is one schools pajama day

Have a look at this schools pyjama day activities.

Activities For Pajama Day - Ideas To Help Plan Activities For Pajama Day At School

Do you need ideas for planning activities for pajama day at school? Or are you doing home schooling and searching for ideas for Pajama Day at School? We have selected the articles below to help you your search. When we found these pajama day articles, they were high quality and live. If any of the links are broken, please let us know by leaving a comment in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

Bananas In Pajamas : A Perfect Pajama Day Activity For Younger Children - Bananas In Pajamas: A Popular TV Show From the 90s

Bananas In Pajamas was an Australian Television Show for kids which was first shown in 1992 and lasted for nine years.. This is the very first episode from the first series. Read more about Bananas In Pajamas.

The First Pajama Day

Where Did The Idea Of Pajama Day Come From?

Every wonder how the idea of pajama day started? In this story, Stuyvesant High School from New York City, takes credit for the first The First Pajama Day .

A Selection Of Girls Pajamas For Pajama Day - These Girls Pajamas Would Look Cute On Pajama Day

Fancy Nancy: Pajama Day - A story of two girls and their pajama day

The story of two best girl friends and their decisions about being "twins" or going alone on pajama day.

Pajama Day At School

Boy In The Striped Pajamas - A great movie or book for pajama day

If you are looking for a movie or book for older kids, consider "The Boy In The Striped Pajamas". A story written in 2006 by Irish novelist John Boyne which has reached number 1 on the NYTimes Best Selling list and sold millions of copies around the world. It is written from the point of view of a young boy whose father becomes the head of Auschwitz. Read the movie review on IMDB Movie Data Base. Note that the original version was Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, in the US version the spelling of Pyjamas was changed to Pajamas. Both are listed below.

Trailer For Boy In Striped Pajamas - A Perfection Pajama Day Activity For Older Students

Watch the trailer below and perhaps you will agree that Boy In The Striped Pajamas would make a perfect pajama day activity for older students

Pajamas For Boys On Pajama Day - These Pajamas Would Look Great For Boys On Pajama Day

Watch The Trailer from The Doris Day Classic Movie "Pajama Game" - Many Schools Screen The Pajama Game On Pajama Day

The Pajama Game is a popular movie to show at schools during Pajama Day. In addition, the Pajama Game is a popular musical that many school theater groups perform. If you do not know The Pajama Game, watch the trailer below. Or read about The Pajama Game On Wikipedia or Rotten Tomatoes.

Buy The Pajama Game Video - Watch The Pajama Game During Pajama Day

If you want to watch the Pajama Game Movie during Pajama Day, you can buy Pajama Game below.

How Did You Do On The Quiz Above? - You Can Use The Questions On This Quiz For Your Pajama Day

How Many Questions Did You Get Right?

See results

What Do You Think About Pajama Day - Do You Think That Pajama Day Activities Can Be Educational?

When most of us were in school, we did not have Pajama Day. So, for many of us the idea of Pajama Day seems odd. I have seen negative comments from parents about Pajama Day ranging from "A Waste Of Time" to "Inappropriate For School", while some of the positive comments ranfe from "All Work and No Play Make Jack/Jill A Dull Boy/Girl" To "An Opportunity TO Learn While Having Fun". Where do YOU stand on the Pajama Day Controversy?

Are You In Favor Of Pajama Day?

No, Pajama Day Is A Waste Of Time

No, Pajama Day Is A Waste Of Time

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    Yes, I Wish We Had Pajama Day When I Was A Student

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      • anonymous 4 years ago

        Pajama day is pretty fun.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        Yeppers to the peppers, pajama day is awesome! Educational, sure. Fun, definitely. Fun and educational? The children will only notice the fun, the parents and teachers notice the education, everyone is happy! They should have a themed day every week to keep the kids engaged and give them something to look forward to.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        yes its fun for the kids as well as educationaj

      • Footies 5 years ago

        @jballs6: I agree. A bit of fun and imagination can make learning more interesting.

      • jballs6 5 years ago

        Most certainly, why not add some fun into learning. It often works much better. I have never had one but would love one!

      • Tolovaj Publishing House 5 years ago from Ljubljana

        Sound like fun idea.

      Kigurumi Pajamas : Imagine wearing these unique pajamas on pajama day - Kigurumi pajamas anime animal pajamas, a fun pajama day idea

      Imagine impressing your friends wearing kigurumi pajamas! These fun pajamas from japan are based on anime characters and are a very unique pajama day ideas.

      Pajama Day (Picture Puffin Books) - The story of a boy who forgets his pajamas on pajama day

      Tell us your thoughts about pajama day.

      What Do You Think Of Pajama Day? - Have you had a pajama day at school?

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        • GregKuhn profile image

          GregKuhn 5 years ago

          Hello Eurosquid! I love lens like this - packed with really useful tips and information. Especially when a lens is aimed at teachers (as yours is) because we are always looking for new twists on "old subjects" and new ideas. I also have a lens for teachers - its all about great classroom management and I'd be honored if you gave mine a read and let me know what you think. Either way, I'll be sharing this lens with teachers when the school year resumes!

        • TolovajWordsmith profile image

          Tolovaj Publishing House 5 years ago from Ljubljana

          I will always support combinations of education and fun!