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Palmyra – Glorious Ancient City

Updated on April 15, 2015

GPS Coordinates of Palmyra

34°33′36″N , 38°16′2″E


Syrian Desert

Palmyra City of Syria

Palmyra was an ancient city of Syria. In early days this city was known as Tadmor and this city was much famous as trading city. This city was also mentioned, Hebrew Bible it was known as a part of Mighty King Salomon's Kingdom. This city has very long History, when Roman visits Palmyra; they saw a 200 years-old temple over there. So we can imagine how old Palmyra was. However, Palmyra was a wealthy city of the ancient world, and they are the richest city of North East. Most of peoples in Palmyra are very famous in business, and they have owned ships and control the business in Indian silk trade too. When Roman emperor raises Palmyra become part of Roman emperor. Roman Emperor falls in this city then recaptured by Arabs and rules the city over 800 years.

Some snaps of ruined Palmyra city

Video of Palmyra city in Syria

Palmyra as World Heritage

UNISCO named this city as the world site by considering the Importance of this great city. Palmyra was a very good example for cultural impact on Roman and Persian emperor. This great city was fallen after 16th century and re discovered as ruined city by travelers in a late this city has unlimited architectural and historical value. This city was located in the middle of the Syrian Desert, and this is one of the greatest ancient sites in Syria. There are so many visitors come every year to see this great historical city of Syria. Palmyra has become the city of several civilizations, and the real begin of this city was gone for unknown past. There are so many wars occurred around this city. In the present, this city was maintained as protected ruin city, which has a very long history. There are many forgotten cities like Palmyra, and I will explain more about those in near future.

There are further excavations done on to find more of this great civilization and there are so many new discovers found on these latest excavations which started in 2005. The architectural moumnet is amazing and It is one of the great place to visit.


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    • profile image

      lavender3957 6 years ago

      This has always fasinated me. I wonder what it was like to live in those beautiful time and places. Nice hub. Thanks for sharing.