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Panda's Arrive in Toronto!

Updated on May 7, 2013

Special Furry Guests at the Toronto Zoo!

The Panda bear is my mother's favorite animal; along with many others of the world. It is easy to see why as they are such adorable looking creatures; making it very easy for people to fall in love with them. Well today was indeed a very special day for Canadians as two Giant Pandas arrived this morning at the Pearson Airport in Toronto. They are making their way to the Toronto zoo where they will be staying for the next 5yrs and then on to Calgary for 5yrs. They are on loan from China for 10yrs. to Canada. The zoo will be keeping them in quarantine for approximately one month; they are hoping to have them ready for public viewing by the May 24th weekend. Many Canadians are very excited that we have these special guests. The last time Canadians had Pandas at a Canadian zoo was 28yrs ago for a brief 100 day visit in 1985.

Furry Special Guests

There is great hope that the visiting pair- "Er Shun", a 5yr. old female, and "Da Mao" a 4yr old male will produce offspring during their stay at the Toronto zoo. These special guests were greeted at the airport by various dignitaries such as Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and the Chinese Ambassador to Canada "Zhang Junsai".

Delivered by FedEx

They arrived by FedEx about 20 minutes late; this is the sixth time FedEx has delivered Pandas to their destinations. The Canadian President of FedEx stated that the Pandas had adjusted well to their journey. From pictures taken during their journey they looked pretty happy and content inside the plane. Da Mao, the male Panda was sitting up in a corner of the plane munching away on some bamboo. During the flight there was a vet that traveled with them; they had lots of room as they had the whole plane to themselves.

Hope they will become Mates

To help in the aide of protecting this endangered species many are hoping that they will breed. This will help to protect the species. The two Pandas have never met before today; hopefully they will become loving mates during their stay in Canada.

Diplomatic Gifts

These lovely animals will be getting their food (fresh bamboo) supply delivered 7 times a week by FedEx during their stay in Canada. There is around 1600 wild Pandas in isolated areas in the Chinese mountain regions and 350 in captivity. China has a research facility called "Changdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding" it is dedicated to conserving native Chinese endangered species such as the Giant Panda and Red Panda. China is known to use Pandas as diplomatic gifts to other countries. I couldn't think of a more wonderful gift than this wonderful endangered animal the Giant Panda.

Recycled Paper made from Panda Poo

The Toronto zoo will get a big boost in revenues with the help of the Pandas. This is something they are truly in need of after the lose of their elephants. They had to go somewhere with a more suitable climate. It is said that there will be a special gift shop that will sell only Panda souvenirs from Panda t-shirts to recycled paper made from Panda Poo! I am going to try and visit the zoo this summer. While I am there I hope I can pick up some of that Panda Poo paper as a writer I know I will make good use of it- hopefully it smells nice!

References: CBC.CA


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      HI Pam a very nice write up on the Panda's they sure are cute I hope they do have a Canadian baby which will eventually go back to China.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Wonderful stories of Pandas in Canada. Hope many other interesting stories come out of their stay. Thanks for sharing.

    • diogenes profile image


      6 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Nice warm article. Not enough love in the world, every bit helps, for man and Panda!



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