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Pants below the buttocks

Updated on April 21, 2009

Pants below the buttocks


I live near a high school. I often see young men wearing their pants below their butt with their underwear showing. It actually causes me have a headache. I wonder why they wear them so low. It seems to me it is inconvenient and uncomfortable to do so. After giving it some thought I concluded that they wear them that way because so many others wear them that way. They are followers. They are followers without thought.


I found myself judging them. I was thinking they are so dumb. The youth of today are absolutely stupid. This judging was a mistake on my part. This blaming youth was another error.
Jim Jones had followers, He convinced hundreds of people to follow him to the jungle and eventually commit suicide. David Karesh convinced some of his followers to abandon sex with their spouses while he indulged in the practice. The Heaven’s Gate followers were convinced to commit suicide in an attempt to get to Heaven on a spaceship coming behind a comet. So adults can become unthinking followers as well as our youth.


Can we teach “How to think?” There are no courses in middle or high school with this name. We need to formally include a course or courses in school that teaches the process of logical thinking. Until then teachers need to include concepts in their classes that lead to critical thinking.

The parents that I have queried have all given the same answer, “I can’t do anything about it, I have given up.” Parents the obvious action is do not buy oversized clothes. The next step is to withhold all cash, birthday presents, video games, and rewards of any type until the behavior you want is displayed. Be strong and be unwavering.


Every adult should comment “why do you wear your clothes like that” upon seeing this behavior. The truth is that most adults are afraid to say anything. We are actually afraid of out youth.


Here is something to think about. In the past when an adult saw three or four teenagers walking toward him on the street their might have been a thought “are they violent?, “Will they fight me?”, “Am I in any danger?” Today if you see three or more teenagers and they are holding their pants up with one hand the concept of them fighting is greatly reduced or eliminate. You can fight well with pants hanging below your butt.

Worry not, Judge not. Cream rises to the top. The ones with potential passion and possibilities will grow out of it. Help them grow faster by teaching “how to think” to any who will listen. Explain the concept, don’t be a follower. Introduce them to the book dress for success. Explain to them where that dressing fad really came from…PRISON.</font>


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    • profile image

      eric 6 years ago

      i have a friend who was in jail,he told me that was a way to put your ass up for sale in jail, to show what you had to the man with the most power, only jail house punks do this

    • profile image

      Frank 8 years ago

      I think it helps to remind them of the underlying reasons. The pants trend was started by ex-cons who brought the habit with them out of jail. In jail, they'd often show their asses so they could secure a guy to take care of them. This big man would then protect them from getting stabbed or raped at jail at night. Usually explaining this graphically to kids is enough to get them to change their habits.