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Parallel Dimensions

Updated on September 15, 2011

Well, what can I add that is new to the whole concept of parallelism/parallel earth theory? I like to refer to it as infinite earth theory because the whole concept relies on the theory that there are many more planets out there that are exactly like earth and due to the universe's infinity our lives must be being played out on some other planet like ours. Honestly, that could be true but even if it is the people like us are not exact copies of us. They are living lives somewhat parallel to our own but as some point branch out into another direction. To me the concept means there is an exact replica of earth parallel to us and on it a piece of our soul which has been split. Due to this splitting there could be hundreds of pieces of us out there living on hundreds of earth's.

Another belief: When we die on this dimension we simply move to another one and so on and so forth which essentially lends to the theory of immortality. My husband believes in this however I don't. Due to it's complexity it can never be proven through modern science yet some scientists are trying in earnest to prove it while theologian's are trying hard to debunk any and every theory having to do with what they call nonsense. Even many physicists don't believe in it and for good reason. It can't be proven but neither can God but millions subscribe to christianity and swear by it's truth yet there's not an iota of proof.

Even though I don't believe in parallel dimensions per se I can't debunk it either. The main thing that debunks this possible reality is the fact that if we die here and go somewhere else to live continuosly forever is that no matter how hard the powers that be try to make it fit precisely and exactly the same on each planet there will be atmospheric resistance that leads to a splitting causing changes that cannot be undone. Therefore our other selves will lead completely different lives on each plane and should we be forced or fall into another dimension/earth we would know something was wrong because we would be living someone elses life. Plus, our other self would have to die or come into contact with our replicated self.

In fact, there was a horror movie about a year ago that addressed this very concept. A woman is driving through the streets of London when she sees herself. An exact replica driving the same kind of car and everything. She can't get it out of her mind and goes on a mission to uncover the truth only everyone around her starts dying. It turns out replicas of her entire family entered into this realm through a broken mirror. In the end she must confront her other self and if she wants to stay alive she must kill the replica. Essentially, there was some type of dimensional shift that allowed the fragmented souls to get on the same plane. It was a pretty good movie but as you can well imagine very hard to follow. It shows how two same replicated people with souls that were somehow broken apart cannot live on the same planet. It is not overly likely that if this theory were to be proven correct that we would run into our other selves but there is a very good possibility we would run into our clones. For me the concept doesn't hold water.

Now some believe we are shifting through different dimensions. In fact, I've read that we are now in the fourth dimension and shifting toward the fifth. It is stated that the third was very negative. This world has overall become a very negative place but that doesn't mean it's because of dimensional shifts. In this new dimension we are supposed to be more loving people. Whether this is true or not I couldn't say but there is alot of negativity out there and it is quite pervasive.

The first theory which I totally disagree with states there are many parallel worlds and they are outside of this earth and are scattered throughout the universe. The second theory states the parallel worlds exist within our planet. This makes more sense however I still don't believe there are parallel replicas of ourselves out there in other dimensions living out our lives possibly in an alternate reality. The alternate reality theory makes more sense than exact replication.

Now if you want to talk about parallel dimensions as they might relate to Heaven, Hell and ghost sightings then scientists trying to prove it's existence have my attention. Because I do believe there is a Heaven and a Hell and it all exists within our universe.

There is a ghosthunter out there who has put up pictures and information regarding parallel dimensions and how it relates to ghostly phenomena. In many of the pictures on his website there are overlapping pictures, and now I'm assuming these photographs have not been tampered with because that is a very real possibility, of people that appear to be shifting in a sense. For instance in one picture there are two people with two more people underneath them in a lighthouse I believe but the two people beneath are dressed in attire not from this century. How would one explain that? If there isn't more than one dimension?

There is yet another theory about parallel dimensions that says we are not even running on the same timeline meaning it could be 500 A.D. on one plane and 2355 on another, 1960 on another, 2011 on ours and maybe ten centuries ahead on another and so on and so forth. The possibilties are endless. Does that theory hold water?

As for ghost sightings, since I'm a fan of ghosthunting I do believe there are instances where paranormal activity does exist, I do believe there quite possibly could be another plane where deceased persons are living. I do not subscribe to the theory that they are souls trapped between planes/dimensions. There are a number of theories relating to paranormal activity. There are the theories of residual hauntings which state it is leftover energy that is turned on somehow by atmospheric conditions or even the person themselves. Then actual hauntings as it relates to poltergeists, etc. Psychics and paranormal researchers have long since believed there could be parallel universes. This could well explain hauntings. But with all the different theories out there up for debate what category do these unexplained events fall into?

Here I've approached the concept of parallel dimensions which can also be referred to as parallel universes or they sometimes can be referred to as alternate realities as well. I also did some research on parallel timeline theory which depending on what or from whom you read may or may not be the same thing.

This all started after doing some research on dreams, etc. and remembering a time a few years ago which is still unexplainable to me and still occurs from time to time but on a different scale.

A few years ago I was involved in a terrible three car accident that I thankfully walked away from unharmed but with the after knowledge that it came very close to killing me. Afterwards, I suffered from sleep driving and this intense feeling that somehow I was dead. For several weeks I suffered from the feeling that I was numb. Not physically numb just not being totally here like in some weird way I was trapped between something if you will. It wasn't until later that I started to research parallel dimensions and other phenomena to try to gain some knowledge of what could possibly have made me feel this way. It was right around this time that I also developed a much bigger interest in the paranormal and on occasion strange unexplainable visions.

I don't know and probably never will know exactly what happened to me that day but I know that it changed my life and made me expand my religious and spiritual capabilities and have a more open mind when approaching concepts that have no scientific proof whatsoever.

The accident hit me with such force and such a shock(I could actually feel my body absorbing the shock) that I often began to wonder if I was either dead or had been knocked into another universe. I often wondered if there was another earth out there and somehow I had entered that plane and was dead on this one. I wondered if people knew I was dead if I were really dead. I also wondered if I could be dead and just a spirit wandering around.

This was also at the same time I started experiencing the sleep driving episodes where I would wake up at the wheel of my car. I had no memory of getting in the car and driving away and if I had any memory at all it was all blurred and distorted. Often times I would come to the realization that I had been driving for hours in a state of half consciousness. I knew this because I almost always made sure my car was at least half full of gas when I got home at night.

This was scary but gave way to my intense fascination with the after life(before this I just accepted what I'd been taught about Heaven and Hell although my vision hasn't changed alot I have expanded my knowledge and acceptance base), ghosts, the paranormal, psychic phenomena and the possibility of parallel dimensions.

Parallel dimensions or alternatives realities are defined as

Quantum mechanics nor Albert Einstein's general relativity can properly explain parallel dimensions. However, some scientists are using string theory to support their conclusions. "Quantum mechanics, also known as quantum physics or quantum theory, is a branch of physics providing a mathematical description of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interaction of matter and energy." General relativity is essentially the study of gravity. String theory is

The idea there is more than one dimension or other worlds is fantasy to most and it may be as it is pretty much unproven except for the four dimensional world we live in. It arose from myth and legend and the concept of heaven and Hell depending on your belief system. I personally believe there is a heaven and Hell. Fantasy says heaven and Hell are alternative universes. Which very well is closest to truth.

The concept of other planes can be found in hindu mythology and arabic texts.

We know there are four dimensions. The three spatial dimensions and the fourth spacetime dimension. Right now scientists are trying to prove the existence of 11 dimensions. At first I had no idea what two or three dimensional meant let alone 11 or 12.

"A line has a dimension of one because only one coordinate is needed to specify a point on it. A surface such as a plane or the surface of a cylinder or sphere has a dimension of two because two coordinates are needed to specify a point on it (for example, to locate a point on the surface of a sphere you need both its latitude and its longitude). The inside of a cube, a cylinder or a sphere is three-dimensional because three co-ordinates are needed to locate a point within these spaces.

Physicists/scientists Lisa Randall from Harvard University and Raman Sundrum from Johns Hopkins University are right now studying the possibility of several more dimensions than we know using string theory.

Einstein tried to come up with an overarching theory that could apply equally well to gravity and the other forces, but just couldn't do it. In fact, the theories that govern gravity and quantum mechanics are totally separate, and totally incompatible in the four-dimensional world we know. In essence quantum mechanics and general relativity cannot explain parallel universes but with string theory where alot of smaller particles are put together to form super strings scientists are hoping that parallel dimensions can be explained.

In all does sound like fantasy and science fiction however there is the possibility that there could be more than the dimensions we know. If not scientists could stumble onto new discoveries that would explain alot in this world we know as earth.

You will notice there are two opposite opinions here. That is because on one hand I do not believe in parallel dimensions outside of this universe however I do believe other dimensions do exist such as heaven, Hell and other dimensions where ghosts reside. Or very possibily we are just given the immense blessing of seeing something someone else went through right here on earth and that energy imprint is still here.


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