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Paranormal Musings Newsletter - Volume 1

Updated on March 2, 2009

Volume One - September 2007

To see the entire newsletter, including photos and illustrations, Please go to my web site at and then click on the "Paranormal Newsletters" page.

Haunted El DoradoCountyGIS Project

Christine, three other adult volunteers and youth members of the El DoradoCounty 4-H/YCT-GIS Project are investigating reportedly haunted locations in El DoradoCounty. Local cemeteries and ancient buildings in El DoradoCounty will be examined. The purpose of the project is to instruct the members on investigation and research techniques, and to map the investigated locations. If successful, the project might be used as a demonstration at a State GIS Conference in 2008. Working with the youths has been a rewarding experience, especially the instruction of what serious paranormal study is, as opposed to

how Hollywood producers and horror writers depict the science.


What’s New in Parapsychology?

First of all, what is parapsychology?

Parapsychology is the study of evidence of paranormal phenomena such as: ESP (Extra Sensory Perception.), Ghosts, telepathy, Clairvoyance, Psychokinesis, psychic healing, Precognition, Automatic Writing and other related events that are considered paranormal.

Want to learn more?

The Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona offers many courses that focus on issues related to alternative and paranormal studies. These include web-based courses as well as on-campus resources. Go to for more information.


How Can I Determine If I Have Lived Before?

Here’s an easy way to gain some insight on your past lives. Create a list of everything you really enjoy, places you are attracted to (mountains, lakes, ocean, desert, etc. as well as specific places), favorite colors, activities, arts and crafts you are drawn to, climates, people and historical eras you enjoy reading about, etc. Now, make a list of everything you vehemently dislike, including food, places and types of people. These lists will lead you to discover where you have lived before—and the process might trigger past life memories.


Question: What is the difference between Ghosts and Poltergeists

Answer: A widely held misconception regarding poltergeists is that the terms poltergeist and ghost and/or spirits are synonymous. Although there is some similarity between the two, there are several characteristics that set them apart. For example, poltergeist activity is known as a "disturbance," whereas spirit/ghost-like activity (fog, mist, orbs, transparent figures, etc.) is known as a "haunting." The reason for this difference in terminology is because poltergeists are heard but not seen, whereas ghosts are on occasion seen but seldom heard. Because the phenomena of poltergeists and ghosts or spirits have often been associated with each other, it is important to discuss the differences between them.

Ghost: Is akin to a video tape of a once living person, and some times, a person who might still be alive. A ghost can be seen performing the same acts, over and over again. This would be a clue that what you are experiencing is a ghost and not a spirit. An example of this would be seeing a filmy form descending a flight of stairs or walking through a wall or closed doorway. If the same vision is repeated in exactly the same way, then what you are experiencing is a ghost image. This phenomenon occurs when the energy is so strong that it permanently embeds onto the atmosphere. This happens a great deal at the site of ancient battlegrounds. Something triggers the image to replay, be it an anniversary, atmospheric conditions, etc. One cannot communicate with a ghost, as the person it represents is no longer there.

Spirit: The essence or residual energy of a dead person, sometimes appearing in bodily likeness of that person, or in orb or ectoplasm form and are usually found in former habitats or in places that held favorable or traumatic emotions for that person. A spirit is someone who was once alive, who has passed (died), but who has not continued on to his/her final destination for whatever reason it feels necessary to linger in the physical dimension. One can communicate with a spirit, as the energy is still in the place that it is seen or heard.

Poltergeist: Etymolo y: German, from poltern to knock + Geist spirit: a noisy usually mischievous entity held to be responsible for unexplained noises (as rappings, objects being thrown or moved seemingly of on their own, etc.) Poltergeist activity has been studied and the general consensus is that it is not coming from a ghost or spirit at all, but is actually energy displaced by a living adolescent, most times without he/she knowing they are causing the disruption.

Typical manifestations are: slamming kitchen cupboard doors, banging on walls, and generally causing as much commotion as possible. Poltergeist activity is almost never connected with someone actually seeing a ghostly form.

As psychic investigator Harry Price put it, "a poltergeist is mischievous, destructive, noisy, cruel, erratic, thievish, demonstrative, purposeless, cunning, unhelpful, malicious, audacious, teasing, ill-disposed, spiteful, ruthless, resourceful, and vampiric. A ghost/spirit haunts. A poltergeist infects."

Some experiments have concluded that poltergeist activity is an "extrasomatic (exterior to the body) [expression] of psychological stress in the same way an ulcer is a psychosomatic expression of such stress." Basically poltergeist phenomena are "external manifestations of repressed anger and hostility," typically from adolescents. The poltergeist effects help the agent to release the feelings of stress, and often once the stress factor is removed, the phenomena ceases. Although this theory is difficult to prove, it is widely accepted by parapsychology experts.


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