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The Point of Life 2: Pars Vitae in Gemini and Cancer

Updated on July 12, 2011
Pars Vitae stays in Gemini from the age of 14 till the age of 21
Pars Vitae stays in Gemini from the age of 14 till the age of 21

Pars Vitae in Gemini: the age of learning (age 14-21)

If you wish to learn what Pars Vitae actually is and how it influences our lives, please read this hub first. If you wish to know about earlier ages, please read Aries and Taurus hubs.

The years from 14 till 21 Pars Vitae stays in the sign of Gemini. This is the time when the individual faces the problems of learning, getting information, invention and communication. This is the best time for studying. At this age the person is able to do several things at the same time. There are negative aspects to be learned and coped with, like being infantile, absent-minded, fussy, nervous, inconstancy and being unable to finish what is started.

Boredom and lack of occupation are the beginning of all the trouble of this period. That is why it is worthwhile to get many different impressions - they will only be useful. Of course, alongside with this, constancy and capacity to achieve goals should be educated. At this age, the person guided by the Mercury, and should get a professional education that will make him a skillful person.

The desire to catch up with everything can affect one negatively by making one’s nerves shatter and causing bad sleep. Physical exercises and outside activities are very useful. It is important to learn how to relax, this will help to prevent nervous stress and headaches frequent in this period. The vitality is moderate, it is important to pay special attention to the colds. They can easily develop into lung inflammations. Accidents related to hands, shoulders and palms - the Gemini-related body parts - are possible.

Pars Vitae stays in Cancer between 21 and 28 years
Pars Vitae stays in Cancer between 21 and 28 years

The age of Cancer: 21- 28

Upon quitting the Gemini sign, the Pars Vitae drifts into the sign of Cancer. The Moon that rules this sign, symbolizes home, motherly care. And the period of Cancer is the time when feelings are revealed, when love is learned, when the family is founded. It is not so good if the person is still studying, as new issues are for him to be faced. This is the period of high emotionality, offensiveness and even suspicion, as the sign of Cancer is managed by the sensitive and mood-changing Moon, that is why the conflicts and divorces are so frequent. The person is plunged in his own inner world and does not wish to notice the inner world of the other person. Many problems can be imaginary, that is why it is important to count on reason that can handle them.

There are some health issues that come up at this age. First of all, these are the ones connected with the Moon-related organs: digestion problems, pancreas problems. This is why dieting and good eating regime are important. It is important not to overeat, eat less of sweetened products, look after the weight). This is true for the age of Cancer that the man is what he eats. There is also a danger of colds, angina, and nervous diseases due to the Moon’s inconstancy.

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