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Part Two After the George Zimmerman Case

Updated on July 14, 2013

Well, I never thought the DA had enough evidence to convict George Zimmerman for 2nd Degree murder. That was overcharging as the DA usually does. However, I could see how a jury might convict him of manslaughter, a killing in the heat of the moment type crime. The Florida self-defense law simply clouded manslaughter requirements because Zimmerman was, despite what evidence was shown, feared for his life as Trayvon was on top. I can see how a person in that situation might think they could die unless something extreme is done. The only thing available was his gun.

Forget about Z following him, ignoring the police advice. But the dialogue the DA presented was subjective. They said all T was doing was going home with skittles and tea through this condo complex. What is missing is that this is fact. It is presumed because he was a teen looking harmless. The DA does not know what T was thinking. T could have also been looking innocently while casing the area for burglary targets. That, as outrageous as it may seem, IS just as realistic as him walking home. People who do burglaries always watch a target for a bit to see the surrounding area and habits. These people often do look innocent and unarmed.

If Z thought T was looking suspicious for any reason because of the recent burglaries in the condo complex, including the riveting testimony of one of the victims in the complex. As a watchman, was Z profiling T as a potential criminal (much like undercover cops watch for drug dealing) or just because he was black, has it turned into race. Criminals come in all types of colors. To Z, I suspect, it was just about a potential crime that might or might not occur. Suspicion is not a crime, that was Z's mode of thinking. If T had been white or Hispanic, he would have acted the same.

Now, part two begins. Now, that the criminal trial is over, the threat of civil litigation for racial profiling and anything else will come. You can count on the NAACP in filing a federal lawsuit for racial profiling. You can count on the US Dept. of Justice to conduct their own research to determine if Zimmerman was a racist. The funny thing is, the FBI did this a year ago when the crime occurred and found nothing, in fact, they found more of the opposite.

Social media has only heightened the response by the jury. Inflamed responses only serve to make issues worse.

Racial profiling is a form of discrimination by which law enforcement (or others) uses a person’s race or cultural background as the primary reason to suspect that the individual has broken the law. For example, (1) Border agents may not search for illegals near the Mexican border based on Hispanic origin only and deciding which individuals to stop, detain, and question (2) However, border agents may take Hispanic origin into account, in attempting to identify illegal immigrants at a worksite if they have reliable information that illegal immigrants of Hispanic origin are employed at that worksite.

In (1), profiling is this. Because those along the border are mostly Hispanic, border agents cannot just stop and inspect anyone because of their race. In (2), they can when additional information specifically states where to look.

So, in the Zimmerman case, one could state that Z had that specific information to profile because of the recent break-ins that were done by other black men as the eyewitness stated a few days before T and Z met. Had their been no reports of burglaries at the condo complex by African American men, Z would be racial profiling.

I suspect that the civil suits filed regarding profiling will fail. Uttering the word "assholes" or other derogatory words does not mean one is racist. They are used all the time as a sign of frustration or other emotions and used by all types of races. It is just slang.


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    • profile image

      brian 4 years ago

      I think they should hire all black cops and security guards. All white cops can get painted black. Example tropic thunder robert downey. They should send in a all black faced law enforcement team that way they can take down all the black thugs without dealing with racial politics.

      George zimmerman should dye his skin black and live as a black man. Change his name. White people need to realize that black skin is protection like no other. If gz was black there would be no attack.

    • Hawaiian Scribe profile image

      Stephanie Launiu 4 years ago from Hawai'i

      Voted up, interesting. I'm saddened by the death of Trayvon Martin, but am a little surprised that the venom and mob mentality seems to be spreading via social media and even the mainstream media on TV who simply cannot accept the non-guilty verdict (even though they say they do) I also don't think the President and Attorney General are helping the situation when the AG says today that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was "unnecessary". The jury found him not guilty and that the force he used was justifiable. This pandering, in the long run, will do more damage than good.