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Particle Accelerator A Renewable Energy Source?

Updated on April 2, 2011



Welcome to your first look into the particle accelerator of the future!

Explained for the first time right here, on this very Website!

We are going to be discussing the application of a Particle Accelerator and its ability to produce an output of energy more than the input through thermal and electrical magnetism.  

In the early 20th century we saw the dream of the particle accelerator come to life in the atomic bomb, with the Atom no longer needing to be accelerated the dream was achieved and the idea put aside and used simply to measure distances in space (no friction inside the chambers)  

Science Has another dream brought on by science fiction films. Much like most people believe the ideas for cell phones came from science fiction films. Well we have had radios and walkie talkies long before the days of Star Trek. However the dream never dies and movies like star wars add some fiction mixed with science, which could actually be reality.



The Term Pocket Particle Accelerator has probably never been thought of before, the term “LightSaber” is used to describe a sword in which the Hilt produces a blade of light, much like a laser by refracting light into a rare crystal. As fantastic as this idea is, it remains “Science Fiction” as even if one could find a way to power such a laser for an impressive amount of time, bend the light as to retain a certain length and foremost a weapon like that would not be able to cut through a lot of things, or very fast at all. If you study Laser etching and cutting you’ll notice the differing times in cutting through different metals/materials/ and thickness’s for example if you can cut through a 1 inch piece of platinum in 10 seconds with a million watt cutting laser, theoretically if you used this weapon in battle, an armoured car and buildings would be enough to stall the weapons wielder until a team could pacify them.



In the past, and presently the Particle Accelerator has been used in science labs. This Article suggests the implementation of the Particle Accelerator into Power, Auto Mobile, and weaponry applications; that a self-contained, perpetual resource could renew and excel not only our way of life but our Species.

I’m not talking about Atomic Powered Cellphones.

First learn about exactly which type of particle accelerator I’m talking about, and we’ll learn a little bit about them in general:

Wikipedia Defines a Particle Accelerator as:

“A particle accelerator is a device that uses electromagnetic fields to propel charged particles to high speeds and to contain them in well-defined beams. An ordinary CRT television set is a simple form of accelerator. There are two basic types: electrostatic and oscillating field accelerators.

In the early 20th century, cyclotrons were commonly referred to as atom smashers. Despite the fact that modern colliders actually propel subatomic particles—atoms themselves now being relatively simple to disassemble without an accelerator—the term persists in popular usage when referring to particle accelerators in general”

I’m talking about oscillating field accelerators, but where particles are created from a Cingular power source and then with the fantastic motion that is created, the power that is generated would not only sustain the output but accumulate a discharge of energy in the motion, it would feed on its self, but the energy initially put in would be atomic or radioactive.



The fear of particle accelerators is of their ability to produce black holes. Tiny black holes have been produced, too small to “exist” outside of the state that was creating them. But it has disrupted and destroyed particles and projects. A radioactive or atomic power source would be sufficiently free of anti-gravitational and other elements that are otherwise black holes friendly. The fear of radiation poisoning would be non-existent in a self-contained environment all the energy produced would be electrical; static, motion, and discharge.

When two magnets are being pulled toward each other, it is an electrical effect from the polarized metals. Imagine this on the tiniest scale possible all flowing back and forth around each other around a spiral tube. One side positively charged the other side negatively charged. The output of this motion could in theory power your car, home, business, and weapons.

Economic responsibility


We have seen a lot of new energy ideas come into light the last 10 years, hybrid vehicles even began popping up. But as the world is pushing for cleaner energy’s and everyone wants more bang for their buck than ever, there are less breaks and the job market is Laughable! I’m not mocking anybody, this is sad to say that everyday people starve to death and we waste time making up jobs like Rubber Duck factory’s and Telemarketing. Just to find some way to pay for your million dollar home that’s probably only 5 bedrooms. We work for 40 years and go through two decades of education to get it, We go out on a limb every day to impress our boss, or make that deadline. We lose sleep and miss our children’s birthdays because they would not have the house without you working right?

Imagine how many jobs could be created if we had to grow enough food for everyone?

Imagine how many jobs it would create if we mined the resources and build a home for everybody on the planet to live in?

Imagine how if everyone had free food and free homes and free energy, how they would barley have to labor to sustain that? In 10 years the world could have a home and enough food for everyone.

10 years! If everyone pitched in!

So my question to you, is now that you know.

What are you going to do?


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    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      Wow you have put it to us and I love your energy. Yes, I agree it is up to each person to take responsibility and stop imagining that we don't have the power to make the changes you advocate. What is your opinion on Steorn as I wrote a hub about Free Energy too for my friend who is involved with the project? I am very glad I have come across you and am very happy to follow you. If you would prefer not to be associated with me and my views then that would be fine and too and I would respect your wishes.Thanks for a truly great read and I will definitely be reading more of your work.

    • minimal_mystic profile image

      minimal_mystic 6 years ago from Coast of South Africa

      the force is strong is this Hub...

    • profile image

      junko 6 years ago

      The energy providers will fight and surpress a cheaper and cleaner energy. Good hub, do it again.

    • FaceThe Facts profile image

      Righ Knight 6 years ago from Vancouver, BC

      Cingular as in Single cell. Power Source as in the source of Power.

      Meaning that the power source is produced from a cell or otherwise perpetual state. Such as a radioactive isotope.

      The Fear Of New Technology and radiation will always exist. As humans we have had lead in our Gas and Paint.

      And Mercury in our fillings and thermometers.

      Heck we even have a radioactive isotope in all smoke alarms!

      We will always adapt, even if our air was 90% carbon dioxide and 10% oxygen. it would still be more Oxygen than is in our air now...


    • profile image

      Matt 6 years ago

      "Cingular power source" is that? r u running a secret word commercial? Who do you work for?

    • profile image

      victor Paquette 6 years ago

      Certainly informative, interesting and positive on many levels. We have those

      creative forces all around us that can ultimately and dramatically change the

      undesired outcomes we are destined to witnessed. Alas, greed and human folly


    • LeisureLife profile image

      LeisureLife 6 years ago from USA

      Cool hub, thanks !

    • Ronnie_Dey profile image

      Ronnie_Dey 6 years ago from West Bengal, India

      Coherent information, well written, with a nice concluding paragraph.. I wonder, if some day I can have a "lightsaber" with me...