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Passive Income for Educators

Updated on September 8, 2015


Udemy is an online website where anyone can create there own class and charge for individuals to participate and complete these courses. Udemy expects you to create your own content and have a substantial portion of your course be in the form of a video. That primarily means that what you are teaching should be in a video with items like quizzes and documents added in later on.

Udemy splits the profits with you, but your earning power is endless. Udemy allows the course to run for every individual that signs up for the course, unlike other similar websites that will require x number of individuals to sign up for the class before it runs.

There are a number of books and blog articles available that note how to be more successful and earn more money with Udemy.

Become an Adjunct Professor

Joining the ranks of those who are adjunct professors not only can help provide an additional stipend, but will also be helpful if you ever decide to move from K-12 into higher education.

Colleges and universities sometimes will have an extensive pool of resumes to sift through regarding the limited number of adjunct opportunities. Sometimes an adjunct is hired due to a strong background in the subject area, such as superintendents and principals hired to teach educational leadership courses. Other times a background fits with a need and you are called. There are also areas like accounting where there are severe shortages in those interested in teaching the subject matter.

It is often a good idea to apply through each college or universities application method before taking any further steps. Then after a few months follow up. In some cases Deans of schools will be willing to speak with you about opportunities or who decides on opportunities if you reach out to them via email.

Bear in mind there are no guarantees your skills and background will be a match for a college or university. You will likely have to reach out to numerous locations for opportunities.

Education Articles is a recently created website geared towards producing content that education enthusiasts, teachers, administrators, students and parents might be interested in reading. The content is produced by individuals involved in education: principals, superintendents, teachers, supervisors, student teachers and curriculum directors, to name a few.

Each contributor has their own account to publish content at their leisure. The contributors are able to insert all important information into their profile, as a way to advertise for themselves: what they do, their social media accounts, etc.

The contributors are paid a nominal fee ($5 to $15) for each blog post they create. Contributors are free to post as little as time allows or as much as time allows in order to secure a larger fee. Contributors can earn as much as they like, but are paid in a post-dated fashion due to their payment being created by advertisement revenues.

Creating Content

There are a number of websites out there that allow you to present content you've created. You may not necessarily be paid by these websites, but the idea of creating and presenting content here is for advertisement purposes. For example, if you present a webinar for SimpleK12 online you might be paid to present at a conference in the future if you do a good job.

This is something that could trigger future success so be sure to be prepared. If you do something for free such as put together a radio show or a magazine and your presentation is poor you likely won't receive paid opportunities in the future. So practice and prepare prior to any presentation. Have individuals critique any digital or hard copy content you might be putting out to the public prior to making it available. This allows you to make changes or corrections as needed.

Creating content can lead to success with previously mentioned income generators too.

Sell Created Content

In the same way there are websites run by free user generated content there are also websites that focus on paying you for what you've created. There are a plethora of websites out there that pay teachers for completing tasks, but I prefer the websites where educators are selling their content to educations.

An example is Edmodo. Edmodo is a learning management system geared towards millennials due to its similarities to Facebook. Within Edmodo they have a Spotlight section where there are free resources and paid resources. If you create a strong enough resource you can put it for sale within Edmodo. As word spreads of your great content more people will buy and seek future content from you.

My favorite is Teachers Pay Teachers. You are able to sell all your content: lesson plans, curriculum, videos, etc. at your price to educators that are interested in your content. While Edmodo has a wide range of individuals looking for free content, individuals are visiting Teachers Pay Teachers for the sole reason of buying content. If your content happens to be what people are looking for it will sell.

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