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Penn Foster Veterinary Technology Program

Updated on March 7, 2016

How I Decided to Become a Vet Tech

I wan to let the world know about my experience with Penn Foster and how it has helped me and my family.

I am a mom to 5 kids, and work full-time. So the traditional college didn't work well for me or my family. I am currently a CNA at a nursing home and was thinking about going into nursing, but it just wasn't my dream or my passion. So i began to search online for other options that better fit myself and my family. That is where I came across Penn Fosters veterinary Tech program.

From there I began do do a lot of research on the school, and verify its accreditation and looking for real people that have taken the course. My deciding factor was going to the AVMA website and searching for distance learning programs, where low and behold there it was Penn Foster College. This is the AVMA website and about accreditation.

Of course coast was also a deciding factor in my decision. Because it is an online school you only pay as little as 59.00 a month. This is not based on credit or anything else it is simply what you want to pay a month. you can choose to pay all at once or make your monthly payments higher.

The sign up process is very simple, you pick the program you would like to do and fill out basic information, and give your first payment. They will later send you forms for you high school information. You get immediate access to the program you choose and they start off with everything you need to know to be successful with Penn Foster. There are also a ton of youtube videos to help you and give you information about Penn Foster and the vet tech program.

Penn Foster also has a online community that is so helpful. You can find just about anything in that community. including help with questions, homework, studying, and forms you need. There are vet techs at all stages of the program and you can easily find study partners or maybe even someone local to talk to.

The student support for me has been great the couple times I have called them, but most of the tie the community is where I go to first. My instructors have contacted me and let me know they are also here to help if I needed them. Lastly Penn Foster offers tons of tutoring if you need help and so far they have all been free.

Once you have signed up you will see your courses for the first semester, you are able to go as fast or as slow as you would like to. You can also preview the exams, I like to use them as study guide while I am reading and watching the lectures. when you have all the reading, lectures, homework, discussions, webinars, or projects done you can take the exam. You are required to pass the exam and class with a 70% or better, they give you the option to retake the exam if you need to.

Are the courses hard? In the first few classes no, I would use this time to get ahead of the game, so if something is harder for you then you have the time you need. If you are in no hurry to get it all done then this will not be an issue for you. Obviously the further you get into the course the harder it gets. But if your like me learning anything about animals is fun and always interesting.

Externships(Clinical's) At the end of the 2nd and 4th semester you are required to go into a vet office and get hands on experience. They do have partnerships with 2 majors vet companies and all over, but you are responsible for finding and doing the externships.

In order to be successful with an online school you will need to organized, determined, motivated and be focused. You need to set a schedule, set goals, make your own deadlines and stick to them, study, take lots of notes, know your stuff before you go into your externship, don't cheat on the test, and stay on track. I know life can get busy and that is ok, but try to make school a priority.

Is Penn Foster worth it? Yes! It gives you an opportunity to better yourself around work and home. Their programs help you to get your life on the right track, no matter what program you choose. So go for it!

Vt Tech

Vet Tech Penn Foster


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