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Student Life at Pennsylvania State University (Penn State)

Updated on March 23, 2014


Student Life at Penn State University. Learn about Penn State campus life, Penn State night-life, and Penn State tailgates all from a personal perspective of a Penn State Student.


The Start of The Weekend "The Unreal Life"

"This life is unreal", has become a famous phrase amongst my fraternity brothers at Penn State.

Weekends at Penn State begin on Thursday, which already sounds to good to believe, but trust me at Penn State you have a four day weekend, every week. After a long week of class, studying and attending all the meetings that fill up an individuals schedule students will either find themselves bar hoping or at the fraternities, where most sorority girls can be found on a Thursday night. The sorority girls at Penn State are absolutely flawless. Sorority's at Penn State have a rigorous and extremely judgmental recruitment strategy, which creates a herd of beautiful young women. Now remember, Penn State is a more difficult school to get into then most colleges so these girls are not dumb either. Sorority girls at Penn State are beautiful, smart, and young, this is what ultimately creates the 49 fraternity's that make up Greek Life at Penn State. There are 19 sorority's and 49 fraternity's with every single guy wanting to hang out with the prestigious sorority girls at Penn State. All of these young woman swarm the streets at night which helps create "the unreal life".

After a long night on Thursday, half of the Penn State student body will be showing up to their classes hung-over, but as years go by you will get used to this. I am a junior now and I am pretty accustom to the retinue. Friday afternoon will eventually come and that's when the real fun starts. "Whip out the beers John!", is what is normally said to our social chair around 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Tossing around the football, yelling at girls passing by, or doing beer slides is what per-occupies our time until 9:30 hits, which is when everyone starts to pregame. There are 4 parts to a night at Penn State, which include a pre-game, a social or mixer, a party, and then late night. At the pre-game you get to hang-out with a sorority one on one and get that "pre-talk" in before the night ends. The social or mixer begins at 10:30 and goes to about 12:00, this is with another sorority, different from the one you previously had a pre-game with. Then comes the party a part that is almost indescribable. There are about 500 people in one fraternity, all from different houses and different sorority's. There is usually a dance floor where the younger kids try to get some quick hook-ups in and then there is the social floor where most of the older kids hang-out. The party usually lasts till about 2:30 a.m. and after a wild party people head off to the part of the night they usually don't remember, late-night. Now, a lot of people do not know what late-night is because it is something that Penn State made up, but it is pretty much an extreme party with really drunk college kids. This is where the random hook-ups happen, the inexperienced younger students throwing up, where the fights break out, and where you can't understand a word that anyone is saying to you. Its the funniest part of the night and is a hell of an experience. Anyway, most people will go home around 3-3:30 to wake up for an early tailgate for tomorrows Penn State football game.

Penn State Tailgate

Legendary Penn State Football Tailgates

Every Saturday is like a holiday at Penn State. Fraternity's are having daylong's (video of a daylong is below), non-Greeks are at the bars, and the stadium is packed with rv's to create one of the best tailgate scenes you will ever see. I have been to awesome Giants, Jets, and Yankee game tailgates but nothing compares to the atmosphere in happy valley before a football game.The drinking begins once you wake up and keeps going until the game begins, and then if the team puts up a win the drinking won't stop until Sunday morning. When I first experienced a Penn State tailgate I was absolutely shocked of how much pride a school can have. Throughout the entire Penn State campus you see white and blue everywhere and everybody is outside warming up for the game. People are honking their cars and yelling in the streets, while our team is getting ready to prove to the world that we are still an amazing football team. This holiday every week is an experience I will never forget and if you are an incoming freshmen get ready to see something absolutely amazing. I have never seen so many people unite and really become "one-team", a slogan that Penn State endorses for our football team.

Penn State Football Tailgate (Video)

Penn State Tour

Campus Life at Penn State for Students

The school is a mini-city filled with 18-23 year old students and because Penn State is literally in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania is creates a get-away for all the students. If you ask a Penn State student during the summer how the summer is going I guarantee you 9/10 students will say, "I can't wait to go back to school". This is due to the amazing atmosphere we have here. Everyone is friendly and living at Penn State is like living at a sleep-away camp, you wouldn't believe it unless you were here. Most kids are scared about grades and school when they first come to the school, but Penn State does an awesome job with giving students resources and helping students become successful. Some places that really have helped me at Penn State was Lion-Tutors, Nittany-Notes, and general office hours that professors hold every week. If you fail a class at Penn State you simply do not care. I personally have gotten two B's throughout my college life in a class. I currently hold a 3.8 GPA and have had 2 internships.

Students also worry about not getting an internship after sophomore and junior year, but once again Penn State does an amazing job helping students become successful. One of the greatest things Penn State does is hold an Annual Career fair held in the Bryce Jordan Center. There are over 400 employers who come to find students for internships. This is where I got my 2 internships and it is an amazing networking experience. A lot of schools do not offer Career Fairs and is why Penn State is such a great school to attend. Not only do they help you with schooling but they actually do care about your future, where most schools just care about your money. I am a Finance major and last year there was a 95.8% employment rate out of all the finance majors... Now, if you know statistics and you know what the current market looks like for jobs, you should know that statistic is unbelievable.

My Recommendations for Incoming Freshman Going to Penn State

Live in East Halls. Every freshman usually lives here so make sure you choose East Halls, it is really cool.

Rush a fraternity or sorority. Even if you are not intending to join you should check it out.

Introduce yourself to as many people as you can. Create a network

Get involved with either a sport, club, or any organization.

Get familiar with the campus

Go Greek?

Would you join a fraternity or sorority?

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    • Oldskool903 profile imageAUTHOR

      David Flores 

      15 months ago

      Sorry @disgusted, but no i am not ashamed to have had a great college experience, meet all of my best friends, enjoyed my youth, and now work for one of the largest firms in the world (probably due to the prestigious Penn State Finance Degree)... Thanks for the ignorant comment though!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      What a waste of a college education. You should be ashamed.

    • Oldskool903 profile imageAUTHOR

      David Flores 

      4 years ago

      I do not know much about international grad student life, but you can find at lot of information at the Penn State website or even at the world campus site.

    • anish92 profile image


      4 years ago

      An interesting read. I will be joining psu as a grad student coming fall. Can you tell me anything about international grad student life?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Im going to penn state next year and i can not wait. I hear so many good things about the school. Thank you for the information it sounds really fun there. We aree


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