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Penny For Your Thoughts?

Updated on December 2, 2009

College Life

Where are we? I mean honestly, is this heaven or hell? College or kindergarten? Sometimes I just can't tell. For years teachers have told us "your professors won't put up with this conduct," or "classes are only going to get harder in college so you better not slack off next year."

Well here I am...

Finishing up my first semester of college at a “top tier” university with an easy 3.5 GPA. The same GPA I coasted through high school with that got me a full ride to this gorgeous school. Here I am, typing on my new MacBook, in my overpriced apartment, watching a Family Guy torrent that I illegally downloaded off of the University of Arizona’s wifi, on my roommate's 32" plasma TV.

Is this really the "tough life" we all have been prepping for the last few years?

Sure, I pepper in some schoolwork throughout the week to maintain my GPA and my scholarship, but for the most part I’m growing in ways that grades can’t measure. Living without parents. Without rules.  To be honest, finding the balance between having a good time and being a complete ass is the hardest task I have come across.  

What did you experience in your college careers?

Am I throwing away precious time or am I enjoying it to the fullest?    


Am I throwing away precious time or am I enjoying it to the fullest?

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