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Persevering Through Fear

Updated on September 3, 2017
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Michael has read many books on self development and through life experiences has formulated new ways to think about and see life!

Finding Your Why

Do you feel anxiety in your daily life? Do you wake up and already want to have the end of the day here? Do you fear going to work or to some task that you have to do during the day? If so, you may not be living your life authentically. Yes, we may all have to do tasks to get by and to live the lives we want that we don’t like, but if you can eventually eliminate them, why not plan to. I have been in many jobs that I hated for extended periods of time. Yes, we all need money, but the best time to look for a new job that you will enjoy or the pathway to a new job is while you currently have one. You don’t have to stay stuck. A job is just one example.

In life today, there are so many opportunities, you can even make a decent living off of social media and content creation. So, now is the time to design the life you want. It is more possible than it has ever been before. How do you start doing this? You have to get clear on what you want. This can be for fitness too. You need to setup little action steps you can take daily or weekly. What do you want to do and how are you going to accomplish it?

Thinking through all of the steps and looking at them in reverse will help you to schedule and plan out how you are going to go about your new life goals. Now, I’m sure most of us have tried this before and failed. So, what do you do now? What were you missing before? What is going to be there to keep you going? To keep yourself going you are going to need a strong WHY! Knowing the reason you are doing something and WHY you started will keep YOU going when the going gets tough. There will always be set backs, but you can’t let those bury your dream. Another piece of the puzzle is knowing that everything takes time.

I had a conversation yesterday with a mentor. They said “You are doing the right things. It’s just going to take time.” Recently graduating college in May with the idea that everything would already be figured out was a little crazy. Things take time no matter what they are. You have to enjoy the journey while you become that person whom will live your dream. Also, remember that doing this alone is near impossible. Reach out to people. Find out how those before you have done it.

Back to the top, when you have fear or life is giving you resistance you first need to get a clear vision on what you want your life to look like and it has to be crystal clear and as detailed as possible. A plan of action with small steps will follow along. Finally, having a WHY and remembering that WHY daily will help to push through when things get difficult. Good luck to you in all your endeavors, and remember when fear comes use it to push forward.


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