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Did you know that California was a Union State during the Civil War?

Updated on September 3, 2016
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John Daniel Marker
John Daniel Marker | Source

Hall of Honor

Watching people is fun to do, trying to guess what they do for a living, watching to see if their non-verbal actions will tell you if they are married to the person they are with or not, people are just interesting. Respectfully, researched a person whose name and information was open to the public, the following is the results.

This persons name was chosen from the Hall of Honor in Northpark Mall in Joplin, Missouri. The hall is dedicated to “those who served” in the military around the 4-states area. This is what research revealed about this person.

John Daniel Marker

Name Origin

Marker is a English/Wales name so his father or his father’s family at some point came to the United States from England/Wales. John was born to William N. and Mary Ann Sheets-Marker on April 7, 1823 in Maryland.


Maryland 1823

In 1823 Maryland; Araminta Ross an African-American abolitionist and humanitarian, better known as “Harriet Tubman” was born in Dorchester as a slave in late 1822 or early in 1823. The first all-weather hard surface road was being built linking Hagerstown and Boonsboro, Maryland. It was called “Macadam Road.” It was made of three layers of rock and covered with a mixture that was like cement. It had drainage which was created by a curved road surface so the water would run off into the side ditches.

The United States 1823

The United States in 1823 has just passed there very first law in Georgia. Stephen F. Austin was granted a piece of land in Texas from the government of Mexico, R. J. Tyers had patented roller skates, and the first steamboat had successfully navigated up the Mississippi River.

John and Ann Marie Marker

At the age of twenty-three John marries Ann Marie Hugh in Ohio. John was five years older than Ann Marie. Then over the next four years they have four children, one for each year; Mary Margaret 1847, Wylie 1848, Ida Bell 1849, and Harriet L. “Hattie” 1850.

Ohio Railroads
Ohio Railroads | Source

Ohio 1846

Starting married life in 1846 the events that took place in Ohio were four churches, one university and two cities were established. Ten railroad companies were chartered, but only seven of the companies built there roads.

The United States 1846

In the United States in 1846, the liberty bell cracked, Iowa became a state, Elias Howe patented the “sewing machine” and the Mexican-American war started.

West Young Man

We see that John left or traveled from Maryland to Ohio. John and Ann Marie apparently marry early in 1846 and the couple head west. John fights in the Mexican-American War which took place April 25, 1846 to February 2, 1848. The war took place in Texas, New Mexico, California, Mexico City, and North, Central and Eastern Mexico.

Mexican-American War

Johns obituary says he fought for Uncle Sam in the Mexican- American War. This war ends with the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which made Texas, up to the Rio Grande Valley, the property of the citizens of the United States. There is a child born for each year of this war to John and Ann Marie, so my thought is that Ann Marie traveled with John to war.

2nd Calvary Regiment - Union Army

John enlisted in the Union Army, as a private, on May 26, 1862. John was against slavery. The American Civil War lasted from January 1861 to April 1865. California became a part of the United States of America on September 9, 1850. California was a Union state during the American Civil War. John served in Company A, 2nd Calvary Regiment in California from January 20, 1864 until June 9, 1965.

Oklahoma Territory

This takes John and Ann Marie from Mexico/Texas to California. When the Civil War ended John and Ann Marie settle in Indian Territory/Oklahoma. We find that Ann Marie dies in Oklahoma Territory in 1865 at the age of thirty-seven. John and Ann Marie were married for nineteen years.

Oklahoma Territory in 1865 - 1889 was cattlemen, railroaders, soldiers, and settlers who lived within the Indian Territory border before settlement was legally permitted.

John and Jane Marker

John remains a widow for ten years then in 1875 John marries Sarah “Jane” N. Killbuck. Sarah was born in Kaw Valley, Kansas on a reservation. She is a Delaware Indian. She is the same age as John’s son Wylie. We know from history that the Delaware Indians and the British were not usually on the same side. John and Jane marry in Wyandotte County, Kansas. John and Jane are married for thirty years.

Kansas 1875

In Kansas 1875, the Plague of grasshoppers or Rocky Mountain Locust is removing every spear of wheat, flax and corn. All potatoes and vegetables are eaten and starvation is knocking loudly at the door of those living in Missouri and Kansas.

United States 1875

In the United States in 1875, the first game of college footballs is played on the east coast and the first Kentucky Derby is run.

Vinita, Oklahoma

John and Jane live through and around all seven of the Oklahoma Land Runs; April 22, 1889, September 22, 1891, September 28, 1891, April 19, 1892, September 16, 1893, 1889 and 1895. Most of the Land runs took place in the central part of Oklahoma and they lived in the eastern part of the state.

They could have been a part of the birth and growth of Vinita, Oklahoma which came into existence seven years after the Civil War, it was known then as “the Junction.” It was primarily a Native American community. It was a trading and shipping post for the Cherokee Nation. Vinita was established in 1871.

We find that John dies in Oklahoma Territory near what is now Vinita, Oklahoma in February 1905 just two years before Oklahoma become a state on November 16, 1907. Sarah “Jane” lives until October 25, 1912, which is seven years longer than John.

A local newspaper obituary dated February 24, 1905 reads;

“John D. Marker age 82 died Sunday morning. He will be buried at Willow Springs Cemetery by member of the Masonic Fraternity. He was a member of the Vinita Veterans Lodge #5. He fought in the Mexican-American War for Uncle Sam and was a Union soldier. He came to Vinita with the Delaware Indians. He was an adopted member of their tribe. He had settled on a farm about eight miles east of Vinita. He was survived by his wife, three sons, and four daughters.”

Thoughts on John

Thoughts on John; he enjoyed being married for he was married forty-nine years total, he seemed to like living on the edge, he went all the way to the West coast, he let the past stay in the past, and his life was not easy.

John Daniel Marker was a interesting person, perhaps an outcast in society, but he seems to have cared about people no matter their race, culture or language.

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