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Personal Backyard Observatories

Updated on October 4, 2012
Enjoy looking at the stars while blocking out the extra light.
Enjoy looking at the stars while blocking out the extra light. | Source
5 stars for Explora Dome Observatory

For the Star Gazers

So many of us enjoy taking the time and staring up at the wide open sky when the stars are bright. With kids its even my fun to watch the wonder in their eyes as they look at the billions of stars that surround our world. If you live in a city or have pesky street lights and neighbors observing the natural wonders above can be a pain.

Now, you can find ready to build back yard observatories online from different retailers. This are kits that you can assemble yourself in your yard or on your property and start using it that night. Sizing and shapes differ from company to company, you can find the perfect fit for your family just by looking.

One of the companies that specialize in these miniature observation domes is Explora Dome. By far, they have the widest selection and most options right now.

Bring Science Home

These personal observatories are changing the way families look at universe. But with so many companies out there offering so many different sizes and types many people get confused about where to start.

Once you figure out how much space you can reserve for an observatory you need to decide on how large of one you want. A great resource to use is the Explora Dome website. They have full diagrams and dimensions that you can use to get a better idea about the space needed and what is involved in setting up your observatory.

If you love star gazing or you want to help get your kids into astronomy a back yard observation dome is the way to go. You can block out light that surrounds your home and be protected from wind gusts at the same time. With the quick and easy to follow instructions that come along with your kits (regardless of the company you use) you can be using your dome within hours.


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