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Personal Insights on Home Schooling

Updated on June 9, 2008
One-on-One Teaching
One-on-One Teaching

Insights on Home Schooling

There are pros and cons to any form of Education. No matter you are an advocate of Public, Private or Character Schools or Home Schools. I am sure you could provide volumes of staistics to endorse one from the others. I favor Public Schools over the others mentioned. In the same breath, I support the right of parents and guardians to place their kids in Private Schools or to Home Schools. I think some special need circumstances is a vital and important alternative to public or private schools. Being an educator for almost seven years, up to the present, such ideas on education systems can somewhat be of challenge to parents in providing a better learning process for their children.

Lack of Structure

The first problem I see with home schooling is that not every parent or guardian has the ability to teach or the resolve to stay with it. Knowing materials and having reasources to use still does not provide everyone with the skills to teach the young minds. As kids get older, they also display a natural rebellion to parents, which adds to the inability to learn.

There are ecellent examples of parents and guardians who are great teachers and their children have excelled in learning. These cases are highly noted and praised. But, I am sure there are also examples of major failures that do not get mentioned. Procrastination has to be a major problem in home setting. It is easy to strart later or delay learning today so that the parent or guardian can run an errand. Some parents give in too easily to the complaints of their children and change things to meet the desires of the child. This lack of structure is a major negative to learning.

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Social Interaction

The real problem with home study is simply the lack of social interaction. Many parents and guardians say this is the very reason they home school. They say that the schools are dangerous and kids learn foul language, are exposed to the germs and diseases, suffer insults and embarrassments, and are exposed to sexual situations much too early in life. Some of these concerns are real and are problems in public and even private schools. But parents and guardians must realize that at some point in their children's lives, they must learn how to react to the environment in which they live. Yes, I am saying some parents and guardians are over protective.

It is proven fact that children who attend day care preschools learn at a fater rate, as a rule, than children who enter kindergartens without the benefit of these programs. They interact and socialize better. This is the base programs such as Head Start. We all want to protect our children, but they must be allowed to experience life. Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement. Children are amazing creations. They have a way to adapt and learn at an unbelievable rate. Young adulthood is the wrong time to learn and have to adapt to the problem of the everyday world.

On Home Schooling

I commend the efforts and the dedication of home schooling parents and guardians. I know they are honest and sincere in providing the best education and life for their children. But I will remain an advocate for public schools where the bulk of Americans are taught. The best approach is for parents to get involved in their children's schools and political process to make sure public schools have funding and support.

As for HOME SCHOOLING- It's not for me....


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    • Pamela N Red profile image

      Pamela N Red 8 years ago from Oklahoma

      I agree that a few parents are qualified and dedicated to do it properly but most of the kids I've seen that were home schooled were not getting a proper education.

    • dutch84 profile image

      dutch84 9 years ago

      Thanks for answering my request.