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Personality Traits of a Scorpio

Updated on June 30, 2011

Ah, the Scorpio... an age-old story tells of a scorpion wanting to cross a river and asking a turtle if he could ride on its back. The turtle was reluctant and told the scorpion he feared for his life, as he was worried that the scorpion would sting him and he would die. The scorpion set his mind at ease by saying that this would be entirely counter-productive: as the scorpion can’t swim, killing the turtle would mean killing himself as well. Reassured, the turtle allowed the scorpion to climb on and proceeded to cross the river. In the middle of the river, the scorpion stung the turtle. With its dying breath he asked the scorpion why, to which the scorpion responded: “Well, I AM a scorpion...”

Scorpio runs from 22 October until 22 November.

Temperament of the Scorpio

The Scorpio has a bad name in astrology. Known to be deceitful, jealous and vengeful, they come across as a very negative sign. However, if you ever speak to a Scorpio, they will wholeheartedly tell you that it is the best possible star sign to be. They are proud and think of themselves as very fair. Yes, they can be vindictive, but never over petty things. They are also highly spiritual and sensitive and are known to have a fantastic and amazing sex drive, which makes them hugely attractive to most other signs.

It is true that once you are on the wrong side of a Scorpio, you will have found yourself a mortal enemy for life, but on the same token, they are the best friend you could ever wish for. Incredibly loyal they will fight tooth and nail for anyone they care for, stinging anyone that gets in their way with their poisonous stinger.

More Info on Scorpios

Scorpios and Careers

Scorpios have no fear of death. In fact, their animal counterpart is one of the few animals on the planet that will regularly commit suicide rather than face defeat. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Scorpios love working with death and decay. They are well suited to be an undertaker, forensic pathologist, executioners, embalmers, etc...

Through their nature of fighting for fairness, they are also well suited for positions such as tax or debt collectors. And they have an extreme love of chemistry, so they make excellent chemists, apothecaries and biologists.

Scorpio Best and Worst Matches

Scorpio is very badly matched with Aries, with whom they will continuously fight over control. They are also badly matched with Pisces. Although there will be an immediate attraction, Pisces is very possessive and Scorpio values his or her freedom far too much.

The best match for a Scorpio has to be one of the other water signs: Cancer. Both have deep emotional wells underneath their hard shells and can truly make a fantastic match if they allow each other in to their private lives.

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Fun Facts About Scorpio

  1. Scorpio’s day is Tuesday
  2. Scorpio’s stone is the Topaz
  3. Scorpios rule the reproductive system

Famous Scorpios

  • Pablo Picasso
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Kevin Kline
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • John Kleese
  • Charles Bronston
  • Prince Charles


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  • profile image

    Someone Somewhere 5 years ago

    Yeahhh...!! Well proud of ebing a scorpio!

  • profile image

    Umer 5 years ago

    Yes im feeling proud to be scorpio

  • profile image

    mikels 5 years ago

    All what has been mentioned here are all true to what i have been experiencing ever before i discover these page and i have to that am proud been a Scorpio

  • Laura Ginn profile image

    Laura Ginn 6 years ago from UK

    Hey! Thanks to both of you for your comments and your kind words :-) It means a lot!

  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    I'm a Scorpio! I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. Up one and Useful. Hey! I'm now your fan! RJ

  • manthy profile image

    Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

    Cool Hub - Thanks for aharing it