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Personality and Perception

Updated on January 30, 2012

Personality and Perception

According to the Jung test I am an inventor type (ENTP) and I feel it is an accurate description of me. It said I am innovative and non-conformist. The test also said I have an enthusiastic interest in everything and that I am outgoing and a thrill seeker. I may have a bit more open and realistic view of the world because I am so willing to go out and confront it head on. I love meeting new people and learning new things. I tend to take charge of a situation when no one else will. I learned how my view is very different from others’ because of my personality, especially since I am not easily offended and I am very adventurous, meaning I tend to actively seek out a different environment and a new change of pace frequently. I try to interact with many different types of people and I like to always learn at least one new thing with every encounter I have.

In an argument I was in recently, I continued the argument because I knew I was right and I tried desperately to sway the other person’s opinion. My personality traits such as being aggressive and talented at presentations, allow for me to engage of frequent battles of wit. I enjoy friendly arguments and try to play devil’s advocate quite a bit, mostly to generate interesting and informative dialogue between people who may not have interacted with one another under different circumstances. By allowing others to freely express their opinions without fear of judgment, I have learned things I would not have had the ability to educate myself about.

I am a bit of a thrill seeker and a rule breaker as the test indicated and because of that, I tend to throw away convention when in an argument, opting for whatever tactic may help me win. I think I tend to be the stubborn one when it comes to conflict, and I tend to instigate disagreements perhaps more than I should, mostly for the research of how the person will react and how my carefully thought out, logical rebuttals will work in the heat of conflict.

I think my approach to conflict may be strenuous on others and they may really take to heart what is being said, even if I intend it to be in jest. The one thing I can learn is really to take it easy on people who don’t have the intellectual advancement I do, and instead of mocking them by engaging in these pseudo-battles, I should use it to educate them.

I feel the process of defending an argument tends to be educational enough for most people and I search for the moment they realize they are wrong, in the form of an expression on their face. Anyone who has been around me long enough knows I will not pursue a fight I can’t win, and some of the people closest to me steer clear of any subject I could oppose with reasonable facts, especially since I enforce logical, rational thinking instead of irrational thinking and I try to show other the fallacy in their logic.


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