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Disastrous Phailin might hit your Country, So, read it once...

Updated on November 14, 2013

Cyclone word stirs everyone’s mind as it is the other name of disaster. It is a windstorm that moves circularly in the same direction as the earth. This name simply characterized by spiraling winds which are in inward motion. In the Northern Hemisphere, it rotates anti-clockwise while in the Southern Hemisphere, it rotates clockwise. It can be detected earlier by the Meteorological departments in the each country. So, this makes easier for the people to leave the emergency areas as it hits the surrounded regions more furiously and make them desolate.

Several cyclonic storms are there, which hits the countries of the World every year and leave the people in panic position. Phailin is one of them that hit the Indian coast in the past days. It leaves a great impact on the Indian people. It caused substantial damage in the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Around 6,00,000 people became homeless after hitting by this ferocious cyclone around the Indian coast.

Facts related to this furious cyclone

  • The tides during the cyclone raises to a height of 15m to 20 m.
  • There are two seasons in which this cyclone can be expected in India, these are from April to June and from October to December.
  • It is the most severe and powerful cyclone.

By Indian Meteorological Department, it is classified as one of the Severe Cyclonic Storms.

Let us see why it is listed among the Severe Cyclonic Storms. Few reasons are there, these are:-

  • It sustains the wind speed of 175 - 185 Kmph.
  • Heavy to very heavy rainfall is expected in the cyclone hit area.
  • It starts from one region and extend to the large part of the coast due to its high speed.
  • It completely destroys the nearby coastal districts of the affected state.
  • Far-flung damage can be expected mainly for the agricultural crops and Kutcha houses.
  • It leads to flood upsurge to the height of around 1.5-2.0 m and engulf the low lying areas wholly.
  • Landfall may occur in the more severe cases.
  • It disrupts power lines, railway bridges, airline disruptions, communication lines, etc..
  • Pandemic diseases can spread in the nearby areas due to the large debris remains after the cyclone.

All these hazardous things cost any country a billion rupee loss. Only due to its gigantic speed, IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) named it as Phailin. Earlier, this barbarous cyclone has also affected Thailand, Myanmar and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It ruined the places horrifically.

Gusty winds and the hazardous results of Phailin make the people to listed it among the most severe cyclones. So, all the countries of the world should prepare in advance after the announcement of hitting Phailin in their country.

odisha, India:
Odisha, India

get directions

Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, is an Indian state on the subcontinent's east coast, by the Bay of Bengal

Similar to this cyclone, more than 80 cyclones emerge annually across the world. Some of them are very devastating and create great havoc while some dissolves itself into the sea without damaging anything.

Precautions to be taken during the cyclone alert

  • Shift to the safe place during the emergency or warning given by the meteorological departments.
  • Always keep all the emergency numbers to yourself.
  • Stay inside the home, unless there is need to go outside.
  • Protect yourself in the strongest part of the house.
  • If cyclone hits suddenly without any warnings, then immediately cover yourself with mattresses or blankets or sit under the table.

Other deadliest cyclones that hit the world till now are Great Bhola Cyclone, Hooghly River Cyclone, Veitnam Coringa, Backerganj Cyclone, Chittagong, Cyclone 02B, Cyclone Nargis, Swatlow, Great Bombay Cyclone, Barisal, Wenchou, Canton, Great Corringa Cyclone and Urir. These cyclones are deadliest in terms of huge loss done by them. Dead counts were in large number during these cyclones.

Thus, a number of cyclones hit across the world annually. According to the data collected by the meteorological department or the disaster management team, Australia is the country that suffers most due to the cyclones. Around 13 cyclones hit this country annually that leaves a great impact on the people.

Name of some cyclones arranged in the alphabetical order

Letter Names
Cyclone Names
Anika, Anthony, Alessia, Alfred, Ann
Billy, Bianca, Bruce, Blanche, Blake
Charlotte, Courtney, Christine, Caleb, Claudia
Dominic, Dianne, Dylan, Debbie, Damien
Ellie, Errol, Edna, Ernie, Esther
Freddy, Fina, Fletcher, Frances, Ferdinand
Gabrielle, Grant, Gillian, Greg, Gretel
Herman, Hayley, Hadi, Hilda, Harold
Ilsa, Iggy, Ita, Ira, Imogen
Jasper, Jenna, Jack, Joyce, Joshua
Katrina, Kirrily, Koji, Kate, Kelvin, Kimi,
Lincoln, Luana, Lam, Linda, Lucas
Megan, Mitchell, Marcia, Marcus, Marian
Neville, Narelle, Nathan, Nora, Noah
Olga, Oswald, Olwyn, Owen, Odette
Phailin, Paul, Peta, Penny, Paddy,
Robyn, Rusty, Raquel, Riley, Ruby
Sean, Sandra, Stan, Savannah, Seth
Tasha, Tim, Tatjana, Trevor, Tiffany
Vince, Victoria, Veronica, Vernon
Zelia, Zane

Is your name on this list or is there any cyclone name that named after you?

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