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Philosophy - 2013

Updated on November 13, 2012

people and politics

In preparing to write this, when I entered the word "philosophy" a number of different hubs appeared with regards to different aspects of philosophy. But what is philosophy really? Philosophy is a means of discovering the truth so the direction in which the exploration goes determines what truth we find.whether that is one religion or another, atheism or or even whether the world is flat in the case of those first sailors who sailed beyond the sight of land.
The United States was founded in part by those philosophers such as Thomas Jefferson who searched for the best form of government for the new republic although we think of him more as a leader of the new nation than a philosopher.

All of this comes to mind because we can apply or not apply Philosophy to our own lives and that in many cases determines who we are and what we can become. In this latest election for president, for example, we could have had a philosophy of believing all that we read or a philosophy of doing our own research and finding the man or men behind those things we read and how much truth there is in what we are seeing, courtesy of the internet.

The internet is great for playing games or keeping in touch with others but it is also great for research for those with that philosopher's search for truth. I recently was condemned on another site for the statement that President Lincoln was a racist and a tyrant who abolished Habeas Corpus during the civil war, because that was what this other person believed. Using the internet and searching for the truth, I was able to find the proclamation from Lincoln abolishing Habeas Corpus, information from Lincoln where he stated that the black man was inferior to the white man and could never be his equal, documentation that Lincoln arrested the mayor and sheriff of Baltimore and imposed martial law because they did not agree with the war he was waging against the south, and much more that showed Lincoln to be a man who sacrificed individual liberties for the sake of maintaining a Union and basically a tyrant rather than a savior.

My point here is that we need to develop our own philosophy in a search for truth or allow ourselves to be guided and led by those who tell the most believable lies. We maintain our freedoms only with the truth though and it is our philosophy which determines whether we accept what we hear as truth and repeat it to others until everyone believes the lie, or find the truth and repeat that instead. Perhaps we can not always find time to search for the truth about what we hear so we need to find time to search for those whom we can trust to tell the truth. We may not have time to search for each bill in congress or the senate but we can go to, to name just one site, to find out just who is abusing the power we trusted them with and who is spending our money in ways that we would never approve of.

There is a very old saying, "the truth will make you free" but we will never be totally free unless the truth becomes our means of communication with each other.


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    • Al Bacon profile imageAUTHOR

      Al Bacon 

      6 years ago from Fraser, Michigan

      Thank you, Paperlake. I think our educational system is to blame as well because teachers are able to teach what they have learned and once there is distortion of truth it passes from generation to generation, as in the case of Lincoln.

    • paperlake profile image


      6 years ago from atop a unicorn, vanquishing evildoers

      Great Hub; critical thinking is something everyone everywhere needs to be reminded of, since the media is the present opiate of the masses. Voted up, and voted "useful".


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