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The Original Authors of Western Philosophy Egyptian, Pythagoras etc

Updated on May 23, 2013

Who was responsible

According to wikipedia if you follow the dating and history properly you will see that the Egyptian civilization began way back around 5500 B.C. and were also a divided region of two somewhat equal halves. One upper Egypt & the other lower Egypt, looking back into historical reference and by carefully following how the trend of acknowledgement of particular facts, it can be determined that the Ancient Egyptians were more then likely the true founders of Western Philosophy as we know it today.

This truth may be argued by countless historians, professors, and the likes, but the truth is in the craftsmanship, artistry, stone masonry, development of technology, workmanship and a vast array of more key factors of even our modern day things we depend on today, like glass, the way we view the sun, the moon, the stars, & so much more & especially our words we use.

The Egyptian world was used and abused over this highly probable error in ancient times, but one thing cannot be erased from history is the fact that they built the most astonishing monuments ever on the face of this planet, and till this very day scientists are stumped as to how they accomplished such a great feat. They had achieved a highly organized and amazing society & they were solely responsible for developing it all, with the use of their belief systems & manpower as well as usage of resources & animals.

King Tut
King Tut

The Egyptian Pharoahs related to our everyday name usages

Ra - Sun god

Set- God of the desert, storms & foreigners

Horus- God of the Sky, God of protection, & God of War

Thoth - God of wisdom,

Egyptian hieroglyphs
Egyptian hieroglyphs

Names used today deriving from the Egyptian Gods names

Ra = Sun Rays

Set = Sun Set

Horus = Horizon

Thoth = Thought

Please ask yourself this question? If every known knowledge, such as the entire subject of western philosophy, hasn't been mapped off of one of the most idealistic civilizations that ever lived, then why is it we are using whole parts of their fictional gods names or pharaohs in the modern day English language for everyday usage, and what are they doing there in the first place.

Even the Catholic & Christian Bible's are littered with these words above, and doesn't that mean something. Us humans have made some pretty huge errors in time, & quite frankly I think this one is definitely worth investigation and eventual correction, because it surely appears as if one has been made, definitely on wikipedia, but primarily in the education system itself worldwide.

Look deeper into the image you can see the Triangles usage

The usage of the triangle was one of Pythagoras greatest triumph's of mathematic's, he got it from the Egyptians for sure, the proof is everywhere.
The usage of the triangle was one of Pythagoras greatest triumph's of mathematic's, he got it from the Egyptians for sure, the proof is everywhere. | Source

Greek history

According to wikipedia it all began for Ancient Greece around the 600-800 B.C. & was brought to its influential end by 300-600 A.D. (Classical Antiquity - wikipedia)

Those given full acknowledgement & victory for it all

Not taking away credit from their individual accomplishments as shown below, but they have definitely borrowed if not completely stole from pre-existing Egyptian philosophies altogether, which is easily seen throughout the direct resemblance of one God in particular of both cultures of ancient times.

The author of the Kabalion was said to be Thoth (Egyptian Deity), also known as the father of wisdom or thought. Credit should be properly given instead of, just an open ended puzzling question, or uncorrected misleading fact being presented to us such as been done on wikipedia, stating that Thoth & Hermes are one of the same characters & originated from the Greek which the Egyptian borrowed their knowledge an usage from. We all know well that the Ancient Egyptian came first, and there's two conflicting stories on wikipedia as well, which the argument shows, that the Greek Leaders of that time had claimed after taking ruler-ship of Egypt in 332 B.C. by Alexander the Great, they supposed Hermes to be the originator of the Kybalion. This contradiction points out a huge error, that's been made & possibly on purpose, because the eventual ruling class will not admit to their wrong doing, if something as serious as being the founders of all wisdom is concerned.

Amazing isn't it, when us humans form opinions instead of being right about things through, and through with verifiable evidence such as many philosophers have done and still do till this very day.

  • Plato - Combined Socrates philosophy with many others to establish his own Academy in Athens. (aka the birth place of the "Philosopher King", or world's first institution for the powerful minded leader's of men.)
  • Aristotle - Philosopher of Ancient Greek Government & Poetry
  • Socrates - So-called Founder of Western Philosophy
  • Pythagoras- Philosopher of Mathematics (Pythagorean theorem)
  • Heraclitus- Philosopher of change
  • Parmenides- Philosopher of permanence
  • Hermes - Greek God of wisdom, of cunning of thieves, of orators of wit

Did society as a whole get wronged by historians of times past due to the obvious fact that these so-called founders of western philosophy, were given the highest praise throughout history, yet they may not actually be the true founding fathers of such idealism, words of great wisdom, and freedom of thought?

We are educated in college especially in philosophy to pay honor to these individuals accomplishments, but why is there no mention of where it all derived from. What's the purpose of all the secrecy? these are all unanswered questions, we as a people need to carefully examine if we are to move any further into a more well defined future, because if we all have been taught a huge lie, which is highly possible. That means were headed for a sure misdirected false future, which seems obvious is exactly where we appear to be currently heading. Thoughts to ponder on for sure...........

Note: the image above shows the usage of triangles to support the Egyptian leaders chair, now we can clearly see here the influence on western culture, we utilize truss bridges, and triangles to hold up most structures today. The Pythagoras definitely got the idea from Ancient Egypt, for his theorem, A squared + B squared = C squared

Also years later the usage of the Infinite symbol that appears all throughout calculus & again is Egyptian in origin as well, the list goes on & on & on, as to the countless imitations, and copies of so many things we base our logic's and understanding on today that derives from Egypt, but was somehow counted out as mere mysticism & religious folklore for many years in peoples minds & many of the actual credits given to the Ancient Greek's for possessing or deriving such knowledge through symbolic usage & physical display.

The Angels Cry for us & we should learn from historical lessons

This may all have been an error in history for sure

The golden clue lies in my hub on the Kybalion, or Hermetic Philosophy

If you carefully piece together the puzzle here you will soon start to see, what is so obvious that a heist like no other has been committed of epic proportions, similar to that of the people of the African Diaspora being literally stolen from their lands, and forcefully displaced into what is known today as America.

This error in history was truly unfair & needs to be corrected for the record, due to the obvious fact that we are in a time, where change is a must, and history tends to repeat itself time & time again, if this correction is left undone, well we already have seen what has happened. Just open up a textbook on history, & literally bear witness to this truth. See for yourself that lies lead to more lies, deceit & wars amongst mankind. The mind is definitely a terrible thing to waste and especially to leave in a corrupted misdirected placement of position. Only truth will set us free for good, hopefully this time we can choose the correct pathway to least resistance.

The research of this subject matter works miracles

After researching into wikipedia a bit deeper I actually located some truth to how the conquest of Ancient Egypt actually happened, and how the false doctrine had been spread as to who had claimed eventual victory for what philosophical truths such as (Hermetic Philosophy). Studying it all in great depth will summon this amazing significant truth that, all things we see in European history prior to the fall of Egypt, in actuality developed out of Egyptian principles & were literally mapped off of what ancient Egypt had amounted too, because at one point in time Egypt was looked at by the entire Asian & European side of the Globe as the the great center for trade & commerce, knowledge, but most of all great wealth. (wikipedia's story on ancient Egypt)

Since wikipedia is a reference that is made up of many users worldwide, at times you may also find confilcts of interest, similar to what I found here & expressed in the other hub on the Kybalion that I wrote. According to the definition of the Kybalion, and historical record its founder and origin is Greek, but the Greek people had not taken credit for such knowledge until they took control of Egypt after the conquest of Alexander The Great back in 332 B.C.

It was an honest attempt by the Greeks to claim victory for all things Egyptian of the ancient world after the Greek & eventually the Roman empires rise on the world stage, this is also obvious by viewing all the evidence in the timeline & seeing the facts as they lay themselves out. This was an honest attempt to cover up a travesty of epic proportions that has occurred many times throughout history, and definitely is a grave mistake which sprang rise to such an error in history that needs to be rectified entirely throughout the educational systems of the entire globe.

The people of the world today, all need to know the true story, of where majority of all the knowledge we utilize today has derived from & especially in terms of philosophy, and until that's corrected. We may all be doomed to repeat this same exact error over & over again, which has been a particularly brutal curse on us all by simply looking at all the occurrences after the point Rome & the Greeks claimed their global conquest and eventual victory.

The time line of world History

Researching even further I've uncovered another great fact that according to wikipedia, the history of mankind began in Africa & lead somewhat outward into many other regions. So this tells us all that something obviously wrong has occurred here. (World histories time line- wikipedia) also seen below.

Actual timeline as viewed on wikipedia

History of the world - Time Line
History of the world - Time Line | Source

Things to think about - We surely as a people demand an answer

  • Why isn't Hermes ever spoken about in school's, colleges, any form of education whatsoever $6.
  • Why is it all keep so secretive
  • What is there to truly hide from the masses of people
  • Could this be the missing link, that could solve the mystery of it all

Great books to verify these findings


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      oh cool, as long as it isn't a fact, cause if it was my dream of the truth coming to light would be nullified.

      Even though it may still be the case, but I do have hope & that's all I need to have, tnks for the observations here @ Deblevey. I'm going to get into your hub's very soon for sure.

    • deblevey profile image


      6 years ago from Columbus, Nebraska USA - Planet Earth

      I'm not trying to stage an argument, really. You expressed concern as if there is some big cover up. My oobservation is this..99 out of 100 people i know will say they just don't care. 99 out of 100 people i cold call out of the phone book will tell me they just don't care. I personally do care a great deal about these things. But it's been my experience, and I believe it will continue to be my experience that from the information i have access to, it's pretty well a foregone conclusion that most people just don't care. They don't want to be bothered with philosophy or theology or any other high minded deep thinking. I didn't say it was a fact. It is merely an observation.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      First off I stated I respect your opinion so there was no need to go into such detail, but If you had to you had too. Second I stated in my most recent comment above "most modern religions", & not all of them, as you just attempted to correct me on here in your after thoughts on that comment.

      Let me be clear I'm not here trying to stage a battle, I wrote this hub to address an error that surely needs to be fixed & the reason why I feel this was is because people need to know, what truly happened during the ancient times in its full accurate most factual actuality.

      Whether you personally don't care or not is irrelevant here, especially stating the everyone else does not. You truly don't know how many people care or don't at all. How can people care for a knowledge they truly know nothing about yet in most cases.

      Acknowledgement of the existence of a specific historical fact of reference, can and will sprout reproduction & further understanding of the true origins to all things we know of & especially that of something as sensitive as worldly wisdom.

      Your opinion doesn't justify any cause or effect that has occurred throughout the ages due to any atrocities associated with the spreading of false doctrine as a result of unclear, mus-directed teachings. The fact is something went terribly wrong during that time period of our world history & it will be corrected if not in our day & age surely before the worlds end when ever God chooses that to be. The Truth shall be known......

    • deblevey profile image


      6 years ago from Columbus, Nebraska USA - Planet Earth

      I agrre that it should be exposed...but as they say, while the harvest is plentiful...the workers are few. If you look toward the realm of science fiction, you will see a lot of hermetic influence, and the influence of philosophies as well as whole schools of thought which came more from the naturalistic influences of germatic tribes, for example, which ultimately conquered the ultimate conquerors...forgive my penchant for puns...

      you will see threads of influence from virtually every culture in virtually every other culture. the same can be said about philosophy and religion...what it come down to is the collective, universal experiences of mankind. Sadly, tragically, most of us just don't we are far too busy pursuing the creature comforts of this world...some of us out of dire need, others out of demonic greed. Most people don't want to know the truth because it makes them uncomfortable, makes them feel guilty, demands from them piritual rehabilitation. Others like to think they are special, somehow better, having been set apart they possess the power, knowledge & wisdom to rule and dominate their fellows. Hermes, Solomon, Buddha, Kali, ...God forgive me if I assume too much... even God, Himself...all that collective knowledge and wisdom is available to be known and understood by little old me... but I digress, as i often do. What's so important about who gets the credit? The egyptians themselves got their ideas somewhere. Were Ra, Hermes, Thoth, Horus actually real people, gods, angels demons, aliens? Where did THEY come from? George Santayana said, "history is written by the winners," and "those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it." He got the credit for those gems of truth. Did he come up with them himself? I'd venture to guess that he did not. So why does he get the credit? because he took the time to write it down, pass it on en mass. As did the greek philosophers, and those who followed. The egyptians kept these things secret, and gave up the right to authorship.

      So far as all religion arising from egyptian mythology I must respectfully disagree. of course there are many cultures who postulated a trinity made up of God, mortal and demi-god. there also exists mythology which begins elswhere at the same point in history stating there were beings cast away from the True Source of all things, beings who knew the prophesies and took advantage of that knowledge to gain for themselves power and godlike status. What came first the chicken or the egg? What came first i believe in no way shape or form arose from anything WE would recognise as human.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks for your in depth comment, I think that the acknowledgement of the origin of such a philosophy as Hermeticism should be exposed in other ways, besides just siting on wikipedia, and in a special philosophy class do to the obvious nature of which it possesses far more contravesy then any others.

      I do respect your point of views, but I still feel that more light should be spread on the accuracy of who gets the credit for being the true founders of philosophy of the western cultures. Admitting wrong was done is just the beginning of the healing process.

      Most modern religions all sprung out of the fact of Egyptians beliefs, and so this is a serious matter, and I'm not the only one who feels like this. I'm sure there's many others who can agree, as well as disagree.

    • deblevey profile image


      6 years ago from Columbus, Nebraska USA - Planet Earth

      Hi Cloud, great article...lots to consider. I'm no great philosopher,really just a dabbler. Yet I feel the desire to attempt a response to your questions. So here goes.

      •Why isn't Hermes ever spoken about in schools, colleges, any form of education what so ever?

      He is taught in modern philosophy courses and in courses on antient religions. Although Hermes is not named in the Bible, the inherent flaws in his core value system are pointed out., at great length

      •Why is it all keep so secretive?

      answer: There's nothing secret any more, no matter if ppl are acting like it's a big secret...the information is available to anyone who is looking for it. The truth is 99.9993% of humanity are completely apathetic regarding thise subject matter. They just do not care, one way or another.

      •What is there to truly hide from the masses of people?

      Answer..nothing. there are no secrets, just puzzles that haven't been solved yet.

      •Could this be the missing link, that could solve the mystery of it all.

      Answer: Here's the missing link... we shall all know the truth one day...and truth will set us free. The answer to all questions is truth. truth is not subjective, it is concrete. truth is not finite, rather it is eternal.

      That's my take on the subject.


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