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Phobias and their meanings

Updated on August 31, 2009

Phobias and their meanings

You can find out what some phobias and their meanings are by reading this article. You might find that some of these phobias and their meanings are weird and maybe you have never even heard of some of these phobias.

There are a whole lot of phobias out there. Read the list below too some phobias and their meanings.

Phobias and their meanings

 Below is a very small list of phobias and their meanings. The list can go on and on but here are a few phobias and their meanings. You might think hat some of these are made up but apparently they do exist and people are living with them.


Phobias and their meanings

Amnesiphobia - Fear of amnesia
Amychophobia - Fear of scratches or being scratched
Anablephobia - Fear of looking up
Ancraophobia -
Fear of wind
Androphobia - Fear of men

Crystallophobia - Fear of crystals or glass
Cyberphobia - Fear of computers or working on a computer
Cyclophobia - Fear of bicycles

Kathisophobia - Fear of sitting down
Kenophobia - Fear of voids or empty spaces
Keraunophobia - Fear of thunder and lightning
Kinesophobia - Fear of movement or motion

This is a very small list of Phobias and their meanings. The list can pretty much go on and on and on but for now list of Phobias and their meanings will have to do.


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