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Photon Belt or Golden Nebula is Earth's Ticket To Ascension

Updated on January 14, 2017

Photon Belt

This over view shows the spiraling arms of our local galaxy and how our solar system interacts with it, as it orbits the central sun Alcyone in the Pleiades star system.
This over view shows the spiraling arms of our local galaxy and how our solar system interacts with it, as it orbits the central sun Alcyone in the Pleiades star system. | Source

Photon Belt

The Photon Belt was first discovered by modern astronomers in 1961 through the use of satellite technology. Original discovered and named the Golden Nebula with unusual anomalous properties it was recognized to be located in the projected path our solar system takes as it orbits the central sun in the Pleiades star system called Alcyone. In this article Photon Belt or Golden Nebula is Earth's Ticket To Ascension we will discuss what is known about this region of space and how it will impact the Earth as it passes through.

In Earth years it takes approximately 26,000 years for our planet to move around the central sun and return to the same relative point in space. Because our solar system moves in a spiraling pattern as it 'circles' Alcyone, it doesn't return to the exact same position but close to it. This cycle also coincides with the Earth's own orbit around our Sun, which is also known as the Precession of the Equinoxes and means that the Earth will pass through the Photon Belt twice for a period of 2,000 years each. This Nebula surrounds Alcyone in a roughly doughnut shape with many spiraling arms or bands of energy.

Astronomers and scientist have determined that this region of space radiates electromagnetic energy in the high frequency light spectrum. This photon cloud or ring consist of a high density of electrons and positrons (anti-electrons) which when they collide is converted into energy radiation or photons. A photon is an elementary particle of electromagnetic energy that produces light.

Although there is much scientific speculation as to when exactly the Earth will enter this area of space, the most common references is the period surrounding the year 2012, coincidentally the year the Mayan Calendar predicts mankind will experience a new Golden Age. The Mayans through their now famous calendar were well versed in Astral phenomenon and believed that when Earth began its passage through the Photon Belt, it would herald the beginning of a new spiritual age for humanity on the planet Earth.

It is important to note that channeled information describes this Golden Nebula as manifested with the Christus or manasic radiation, a term coined by Samael Aun Weor (Light and Strength) from the ancient Sumerian word manas meaning 'mind'. Weor describes the energy created from the splitting of the electrons as 'unknown' but it directly influences and creates a transmutation of life and spirit.

As always when the public is presented with new information, especially when it concerns our spiritual evolution, there seems to be a plethora of contradicting theories and ideas. The Golden Nebula or Photon Belt certainly maintains this premise and leads this author to conclude that disinformation and censorship is prevalent.

One of the major concerns with the energy type produced by this Nebula is how it will impact our solar system and Sun as we pass through it. Because this high frequency photon energy has the potential to reverse the polarity of magnetic fields, it has been speculated that this could create major solar flare activity with our Sun. However what seems to be an interesting phenomenon related to this event is the observation from the ESA/NASA Ulysses spacecraft in 2000 of the changing Coronal Magnetic Field of our Sun. No longer does our Sun exhibit a North/South polarity but rather a more homogeneous field, that points both away from and towards the Sun.

There is much speculation that this is a natural occurrence in preparation of entering the Golden Nebula or that the Galactic Federation (Council of Worlds) created this dramatic change by our Sun to allow for it to continue to provide the Earth with its necessary energy.

It is fairly easy to recognize that The Powers That Be on this planet are intent on keeping the common man ignorant of all knowledge that might allow them to Ascend to a higher vibrational state of being. Recognizing the premise that the planet Earth and hence all the beings living on it will be subject to the properties inherent in this mysterious region of space known as the Photon Belt, let's now explore the spiritual aspects of what entering the Golden Nebula will mean for humanity.

Pleiades Star Map

The connection Mother Earth has with the Pleiades star system is chronicled in ancient lore and legend.
The connection Mother Earth has with the Pleiades star system is chronicled in ancient lore and legend. | Source

The Flower of Life

The platonic solids create the shapes that are the building blocks of our Universe. Six circles of the same circumference placed around a seventh at 30 degree angle will create every sacred geometrical shape, known as the Flower of Life.
The platonic solids create the shapes that are the building blocks of our Universe. Six circles of the same circumference placed around a seventh at 30 degree angle will create every sacred geometrical shape, known as the Flower of Life. | Source

Magnetic Reversal

A recent article in Scientific America detailing information about magnetic pole shifts is just another way for the Powers That Be to cover their ass and make sure that the public was at least informed one way or the other. Coming days before our solar system officially (Sept. 22nd) moved into the Photon Belt, I just felt the timing to be a little to coincidental.

Although the article is rather vague and non-committal about when this magnetic pole reversal could take place it at least sets the stage for such an 'Event' to happen. It describes how it happens and shows that it has happened in our past, it leaves a lot to be desired in relevant information.

“Similar to a hurricane, you can't predict [exactly] when or where a reversal will start, even though you understand the basic physics,” says Gary A. Glatzmaier, a geophysicist at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

However since our much larger Sun entered the Photon Belt earlier this year and has already experienced a major shift in its magnetic poles, can the Earth which only now in the last few days reached the edge of the Photon Belt, be too far behind?

This kind of pole shift isn't the same as a crustal displacement pole shift however it could disrupt communication satellites and the Earth's electric power grids. The timing of this article is what is important not the vague information in it, as it shows that The Powers That Be are indeed aware of the Photon Belt, even if they haven't shared this knowledge with the public.

Magnetic Fields of Earth

These two graphics show the Earth's magnetic fields in a completely disrupted state.
These two graphics show the Earth's magnetic fields in a completely disrupted state. | Source

Spiritual Influence of the Golden Nebula

Because the planet Earth only experiences a total of 4,000 years out of a 26,000 (Great Year) year cycle, enveloped in the Photon Belt, which consist of light particles related to the Christ Consciousness and spends a majority of its Great Year in darkness (negative energy), entering this region of space coincides with a spiritual awakening.

One of the best ways to perceive the Precession or Great Year (25,950 years) is to look at it like one Earth day or 24 hours. We wake up and go about our day learning new knowledge and applying it to our lives to hopefully achieve some wisdom as we grow older and make better choices. When night comes we go to sleep and sometimes we dream or our subconscious mind communicates with our conscious mind to instill truth in what we have learned that day.

The next day we wake up and repeat the process, the Precession of the Equinox is no different it just last a lot longer. During the Precession there are long periods in which our spiritual state is asleep but then we go through relatively short periods in which our spiritual state wakes up. Because our solar system moves in a spiral as it journey's through space and the Earth's orbit is more like an oblong oval than a circle we never exactly repeat the process but continue to wake up for longer and longer periods of time as we gain more and more spiritual knowledge.

During the Precession we move through the Photon Belt twice or once every 10,500 years. This is a time for great spiritual awakening on our planet and we begin to emerge from the negative aspects of our world, almost like a butterfly from its cocoon. This Precession is not an accident but is planned this way so that the negative is reinforced in our minds. This allows us to appreciate the awakening time so much more vividly. This authors also accepts the possibility that this new Golden Age of man will be a time for the inhabitants of Earth to remember past lives and hence learn from the Karmic debt we have accrued during those dark (negative) timelines.

Ancient myths and legends speak of a time, a Golden Age, in which peace, harmony and abundance ruled for thousands of years. Since most myths and legends are steeped in the truth, these Golden Ages obviously have happened before. The Zoroaster religion, The Greeks, Hopi Indians, Mayans and even the Romans all have written in their history a time before our current age in which wars, famine, disease, greed and selfishness did not exist.

The planet Earth has now moved to the edges of this Golden Nebula and we are now beginning another 2,000 years of peace and harmony which is why the Photon Belt or Golden Nebula is Earth's Ticket To Ascension. When this occurs it allows those of us that are already living in harmony and peace in our hearts a chance to Ascend to the next level of human evolution. It will also be a time of great awakening on our planet in general and usher in a time in which we will move away from the current paradigm of misused power, warfare, famine and disease.

It is important to recognize that the current rulers of our planet have known of this 'Event' for some time and have endeavored to keep the public unaware of its potential for mankind, as they enjoy the servitude they have perpetuated on humanity for the last two millennia, and perhaps even longer.

What this will mean for our planet and those that live on it will be a huge influx of light (photon) particles or Christ Consciousness as we pass into this belt. Modern scientist have now determined that our entire Milky Way Galaxy and everything in it is actually made up entirely of light particles that vibrate at different frequencies, this is why the Holographic Universe Theory has gotten so much attention recently.

Theorist have concluded and I agree with them, that this section of our galaxy is like a consciousness software upgrade, in which while we exist in it gives sentient beings an opportunity to raise our awareness of love and positive energy.

However my research has lead me to understand that what will really occur is that it will separate the wheat from the chaff by allowing the Earth to undergo a dimensional shift. Meaning the Earth will affectively separate or blossom into a new Earth, moving into the 5th Dimension. The old Earth will still exist in the 3rd Dimension and will remain here with those humans that refuse to awaken and have chosen to continue to live in this plane of existence.

The new Earth will move into the 5th Dimension with those on it that have awakened too the opportunity to create a new paradigm of unconditional love, harmony and light consciousness. By moving into this region of space and the Photon Belt we have initiated our software update, which will require an adjustment period as we become accustomed to the changes.

Photon Belt

What's particularly striking about these "bubbles" is that that are quite large. The regions span 25,000 light years in either direction of the central region of our galaxy.
What's particularly striking about these "bubbles" is that that are quite large. The regions span 25,000 light years in either direction of the central region of our galaxy. | Source


While it maybe difficult to understand the full implications of the New Golden Age, moving into the Photon Belt or Golden Nebula and what it all means for humanity, one thing that is undeniable is that there is a great awakening happening on our planet right now.

More and more people around the planet are moving away form the old paradigm of selfishness, greed, lust and the desire for power and control and moving towards discovering the truth of our existence, through unconditional love and harmony with nature. Make no mistake this will be an adjustment for not only our bodies but our minds as well. It will change our sleeping patterns, moods, relationships and the way we think about our world and how we react to it.

Already many people are seeing positive changes in their life, that are subtle but very real. Less fear is being felt about the continued madness and chaos being created by the Cabal that is trying desperately to hold to their last vestiges of power. People are being much more positive and cheerful in their daily lives despite the same stress and hardship.

It is important to recognize these changes as positive and not fear them, as this is what has fed the Cabal's power structure for thousands of years, fear. All of the things that are happening right now is part of a much larger plan to remove the Cabal from power and allow humanity to create a new paradigm of love, harmony and peace on this planet.

The Cabal has known that our planet would be moving into the Photon Belt for decades, if not centuries and have withheld this information as a way of controlling what we accept as true and to use the information to suddenly disclose it as an 'Event' that will cause fear.

In stark contrast to what they would like us to accept as the truth, this 'Event' should be welcomed with relief and rejoiced as an opportunity to finally awaken our true spirit. Humanity is on the threshold of the New Golden Age, where the choices we make now as a race will shape the future of mankind as whole.

Every person on this planet at this time in our existence was chosen to come here to play a role in the great awakening of mankind. we may not remember accepting the invitation to be here but make no mistake, we all have a role to play. So embrace the light and love flowing freely through your being and know that the Photon Belt or Golden Nebula is Earth's Ticket To Ascension.

Golden Nebula


Related Websites

Because the Photon Belt or Golden Nebula is Earth's Ticket To Ascension, I wanted to offer my readers a chance to know what other writers and websites were saying about the Golden Nebula or Photon Belt and how prevalent the topic is right now as we enter into the edges of it.

The Resistance 2014 is a well informed website that deals with metaphysical ideas and concepts.

Who Needs Light by Kathryn E May offers channeled information from ascended masters and others, such Serapis Bey, Sananda and the legendary St. Germain and gives great insight into where the human race is heading.

Anna Merkaba also has a lot to say in spiritual matters and is worth exploring, she channels information as well.

2012 The Big Picture is a website with a decidedly Pleiadian slant to it but also deals with everyday events and ideas that affect our spiritual identity.

All of these sites are steeped in the spiritual new age movement but also are based on sound ideas and concepts and well worth exploring. While many people are wary of channeled material, if you look past the messenger and just embrace the information, you can glean a great deal from this knowledge. It is by far the safest way to communicate with the human race, kind of hard to kill the messenger when they exist in a higher dimension.

© 2014 somethgblue


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    • profile image

      Pamela Jason 

      3 years ago

      Wow Blue you really nailed this article.. No stone was left unturned.. Mind blowingly good read too I might add.. Many thanks right on. Cheers!

    • profile image

      Pamela Jason 

      3 years ago

      Great read lots to learn TY for the article loved it

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      From my perspective it is very difficult to appreciate the changes taking place in our society because they're so subtle. I can see some changes in my life but nothing really big as they seem to occur on a day to day basis.

      However what I have noticed is that when events like possible wars, disease outbreaks, escalating terrorism or potential false flag events are on the brink of happening they don't.

      We have all heard about the Revaluation of Currency (NESARA) that is supposed to happen but it keeps being prolonged. I know that I have been blessed to still be here, considering my past, and feel that it must mean I serve a purpose but it is hard to see sometimes what that is.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 

      6 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Fantastic article, well done. I will share it around on all my social networks. The book: You are becoming a galactic human by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle created a great shift for me in 1994. We all did wonder then when would it all happen that the photon belt's effect would influence our global society . Indeed the global awakening and our connection through cyberspace is probably part of the shift we could not foresee at the time. Today this awakening is happening faster and faster. I should know because a topic like this was not recognized for what it was at the time. Thanks for your information.


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