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Physical Characteristics of a Tulip

Updated on June 18, 2011

The Tulip plant comes from the plant family called Liliaceae. Like all plants in this family, the tulip has physical characteristics that make it unique and distinguishes it from other plant families. The tulip has six petals, six stamens, one pistil, three stigmas and three pods or berries.

The petal of a tulip flower is a part of the perianth. The perianth is the outer part that encloses the flower. It is made up of a calyx or a corolla. The corolla is made up of petals.The calyx encloses the corolla or petals at its base. The calyx is made up of sepals. If both the calyx and corolla are combined into one unit, the individual parts are referred to as tepals.

The Stamen is the male reproductive organ of a flowering plant. The stamen is broad and flat. Each stamen is composed of a slender object called a filament and is attached to an anther, which is thicker and looks like two hot dogs stuck together. The stigma is three-lobed and fuzzy, so that it can catch pollen that is released by the stamen.

The female part of the tulip is the pistil. The tulip has one pistil. The pistil is centrally located and consists of a swollen base, an ovary, a stalk and a receptive tip. The ovary looks like a small cucumber. A pistil is constructed from a carpel, a leaf-like structure. A single pistil is composed of several fused carpels that bear seeds.

In the tulip, the stigma is easy to locate. The stigma located in the center of the flower. It is the area where the pollen is received. It is attached to the style, a stalk-like structure. The stigma is covered with a sticky substance that catches the pollen and has a damp and furry appearance. The stigma transports pollen to the ovum for fertilization.


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