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Physical Education Activities - Fun Games For Children

Updated on August 16, 2014

PE Activites

Guide To Useful Physical Education Activities

Its important to have a guide to useful physical education activities stored in the brain when you teach Physical Education especially at the elementary level. Young teachers are constantly looking for those quick, easy and fun ideas to just pop into a lesson should the attention span within the class start to diminish. This hub will introduce you to some Physical Education activities that are best for elementary students and great for young teachers or teachers who quickly need to regain students attention

Getting The Class Organized

Getting the class organized and ready to go is a the first step so make it easy on yourself. If the children are close enough to bother each other when you're trying to speak they probably will so the best trick is to keep them a little bit spread out when you're just beginning the class.

A great idea is to put X's down on the floor and assign each student to their very own X. this way they have a spot of their own to go when they first come into the gym and when you are ready to change activities.

If X's on the floor are not possible in your gym then use polyspots.

Partner Activities

Get the students formed into a circle. If you don't have a circle painted on your gym floor it is much easier if you do get custodians to paint you some necessary lines. You coould also have X's put down on the floor as spots where the children go when they first come into the gym.. Each child is assigned their own X.

At the circle or X, there are a number of things you can do to get the students back on track or motivated to move.

Have students sit behind a partner. They love partners. Give them three seconds to do this. When they have their partner. Tell them to spread out a little then give them some simple challenges. I like to see if they can hold hands and do the task of "ring the dish rag". That is lift arms, both go under and under again and end up facing each other again, all without letting go of hands. Try the back to back stand up. Start by sitting back to back with arms locked with partners arms. Without using hands or arms, try to stand up. and then maybe try doing a wheelbarrow walk. One partner hold other partners legs while that partner walks on hands.

Just a little variety in the course of the activity helps you and the kids to focus. Back at the circle, you will see now that kids are more ready to listen to new or a review of directions for the next activity.

Circle Games

Kids love the game of Break-Out. That is stand at circle, hold hands, one person in the middle. Teacher says 1,2,3, Breakout. Child runs through two peoples arms then those two chase around and back to their spot. If caught, whoever caught the person is in the middle otherwise whoever was closest to catching him/her is in the middle.

A good resting game is the KEY GAME or the TOKEN Game. Played like Duck Duck Goose but kids are sitting, hands behind their back and key or token is dropped in their hands. If dropped in their hand they chase child around and back to spot.

Parachute activities are good circle activities as well and the kids love these games.

Circle exercises

Circle with a ball, Pattern games are fun. Make up a pattern, pass the ball in the same order each time. If they get good at that, add another ball and maybe another.

Line Games

Favorite line games for the little ones are What TIme Is IT MR. FOx. Very old game but still very popular. Sharks and Minnows, Line Soccer, with more that one foam ball for maximum fitness.

Old Mother Witch, Red Rover Red Rover, Uncle Sam, Cowboys and Indians. There are so many line games. You can make up just about anything you want. Whatever is popular at the moment is what you might want to call a new game. I've played Ninja Turtle games, Star wars games, Pokeman games and whatever other things are the popular kid oriented fads at the given time.

Most line games consist of there being a tagger and a safe area and the challenge is to get to the safe area without being caught by the tagger.

Elementary PE

Elementary Physical Education Class


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