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Physical exercise for every one

Updated on June 27, 2011

Introduction: Physical exercise means the movement of the limbs of our body in accordance with some rules. It is necessary for the soundness of health. without it none can enjoy good health. It makes a man strong, active, and keeps him free from diseases. A sound mind exists in a sound body. A diseased man can never enjoy his life. so every one of us should take regular physical exercise.

Different from of physical exercise: There are different forms of physical exercise. All of them are not suitable for everybody. Those who are young and strong in body can take all forms of exercise. But those are old and weak in body cannot take hard kind of exercise because it effects their health. The old and the weak may take a walk in the open air in the morning and in the evening. we must take exercise regularly. we must take it until we sweat. It is a cure of many disease.

Benefits of physical exercise: Many young men do not take physical exercise . They think that they are strong and healthy. They are mistaken in holding this option. They should take regular physical exercise to enjoy good health. They should always bear in mind that their future prospects depend upon their health. with a view to keeping sound health, the best way for them is to take exercise daily and regularly.

Evil effects of not taking physical exercise: Many young people do not take physical exercise regularly. They soon lose their health. They fall victims to many diseases. Life becomes burden to them and they lose all interest and happiness in life.

Different ways to exercise fitness exercises

The fitness exercises are the only effective way to lose weight. But many think that fitness exercises means walking only.

Therefore, turning to walk or making a huge effort on your walk hard

This caused them to keep boredom and make them stop after spending several weeks boring.

But what these people do not realize that there are different ways to exercise fitness exercises. All you need is to choose the best way to get rid of calories.

Marcy Running instead of walking different ways

Running full of fun while running, you can burn more calories and get the payment Ordain better as it is more exciting.

When it hit you the boredom of a walking hard, Start your running in the streets where you can discover new areas in the neighborhood and perhaps Tabling other people have taken place have the same idea and went out to practice running.

Think about the use of sports equipment

Head to the use of sports equipment for diversification only once each period.

It is an excellent way to do fitness exercises that do not require as much effort to gain you the strength and stamina as they imitate movements of skiing and running.

Bikes are the best

Whether in the gym or on the road, bicycles are a good fitness training strengthens the knees and thighs.

Swimming is the best fitness exercises

Swimming is a rare physical fitness exercises, which is a comprehensive training for the body even smaller back muscles.

Will be burning up more calories by swimming, as it is strenuous exercise will not cause you any stress or injury.

Do not forget aerobic exercise aerobics

Gives you the aerobic fitness training integrated. Join the gym or a congregational with some friends to follow the steps cylinder aerobics.

You can also practice alone in your house for a fragrant, privacy if you d are different ways to practice physical fitness.

Options other fitness exercises

In the gym, rowing machine sitting alone and neglected, and this tragedy because it helps you to do a strong workout.

Rock climbing activity is a fun little exercise likes and of course there are also other games such as handball, badminton, squash and tennis

Conclusion: Traveling, swimming, riding, and out-door games are all good forms of exercise. They make our body strong and sound and give us a feeling of joy and cheerfulness. So every body should take some forms of physical exercise in order to live healthy and cheerful life.


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    • profile image

      rorshak sobchak 

      7 years ago

      Awesome write up. My favorite kind of exercise is swimming. It is so much fun it doesn't even feel like a workout. Keep up the great work on your hubs! :)


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