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Physical Education Games For Preschool Thru Middle School - Favorite Gym Class Games

Updated on January 19, 2017

Physical Education Games

Do you need more Physical Education games for preschool, kindergarten or elementary children in your classes this year? Well, it's almost that time of year again when children will return to school and look forward to all the new Physical Education games the teacher has planned for the long school days.

In this hub I will share some more of the PE activites and games that I have used over the years that seemed to be favorites.


Elementary PE Games

When first getting back to school, not all children know each other and a great game to get to know one another is the Name game. In this elementary P.E. Game children begin running around in their general space to lively music. When the music stops, children are to go to another person as quickly as they can and stand back to back with them. The teacher wil then tell them to turn around and tell each other their name and shake hands. Children will most often try to find someone they might know at first so make rule like, stand with someone of the opposite sex, or stand with someone whose name you do not know.

The game called Fish in the Net is always a fun game for young children

Fish in the Net- is played by starting the game with two children who hold hands and are the net. The other children scatter and on the word go the "Net" tries to catch some one. When a child gets caught, they go over and stand by the teaacher. When there are two people caught, the teacher makes them into another "Net", now there are two "Nets", then three and so on. The last person left wins.

The Flowers and The Wind is a popular game too. For this PE activity, we start with one group at one end of the gym as the "Flowers", the other at the other end of the gym is the "Wind". The "Flowers get into a little huddle with the teacher and decide what typ of flower they would like to be.(sunflower, carnation, rose etc). Then they go down and stand on a line in front of the "Wind" players. One at a time the "wind" players try to guess which flower they chose. When someone guesses the right flower, the flowers turn and run and the wind tries to catch them. If caught they become a wind player. After a while switch the flowers and the wind to give wind players a chance to be flowers.

Go over differnet types of flowerswith your students before playing this PE game. It's a great PE activitiy for Springtime.

Physical Education Activites For Middle School Students

It's important to have age related Physcial Education Activities for Middle School Students. They are not elementary children anymore but also not old enough to always take part in activities that are more suited for high school students. A few Physical Education Middle School favorites are:

Steal the Treasure - this is a fun, active PE game that can be played i n the gym or outside oin the field. You will need 8 to 10 small cones and two hoops or mats for the jail. If you go outside you will need some thing to mark the center line and you will need pinnies.

Divide class into two teams. Give each team 4 or 5 cones to put on their endline. Those are their treasures. Object of the game is to go over and steal a teams cone and bring it back without getting caught. If you do your team gets to keep the cone. If you get caught you must jail. To get out tof jail someone on your team must come over and tag your hand and then you get a free walk back. Person freeing you does not though. Place jails a little ways back from the center line. Not too far, not too close. Team with most cones at the end of the game wins.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Voted Up and Useful. There can never be too many fun ideas for the students. Thanks for sharing these creative ideas, and Have A Fun New School Year (if you're still in the business).