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Physics Class 12 CBSE - Complete Guide to score good marks

Updated on November 27, 2015

Physics Class 12 CBSE

Dear Friends,

I know that you all learn enough materials and notes but you all fail to score good marks either in cbse board exams or any other board exams, which follow cbse syllabus. You all learn the notes of schools/colleges, tutions, text books, help books, supplementary books, etc., but everybody says in their mind that after learning lots of notes and study materials, we can't score good marks in exams. Questions that we have learn't are not matching in the board exams. Those who don't study and just willing to pass are better than us. But what do you get by thinking this ?.... NOTHING

Friends, I Don't have the options for you for all subjects, but I have the option for physics. I know the book which covers chapterwise questions, which has been made by gathering all the notes and study materials from top level books like Pradeep, Dinesh,etc. This book covers all the neccessary questions which you will find in board exams. I will not guarantee you that you will become topper by learning this book, because as you all know that the topper is one who usually doesn't learn. But I will guarantee you that you will score more than 75% of marks by solving this book's questions. This book is currently available online at Click Buy Now Button.


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