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Physics laws defied

Updated on December 16, 2014

Our physics laws are being defied. How?

People are interacting with orbs of light, UFO’s, strange sounds, crop circles, and altered states of perception and awareness. Some people claim to be able to talk and get messages from their deceised loved ones. We are finding out that spontaneous healing and synchronicities that used to be described as improbable are happening.

What is real?

Certainly our abilities to separate what is real and what is not real is being questioned by many people when they have these kinds of experiences.

Long held ideologies that block our abilities to do something about the conflicts in the world are falling apart. The conflicts include conservatism and progressivism; socialism and capitalism; and religion and secularism. If we could but reconcile these forces what would happen. I think we could become more spiritual and more in balance with the forces of nature. What do you think?

I think more and more people are opening to new areas that challenge us in determining what is real. To me this is a breakthrough in our conditioning.

Can you change the course of life?

Are we becoming more spiritually aware?

We are charting our own destiny. Gregory Ellison tells us “We will become what we choose to become” on his webpage

He goes on to say where once we were at the mercy of the environment, now our environment is at our mercy. Holy cow! How did we get in that predicament?

Ego gratification, possessiveness is still the basis of our interpersonal relationships in far too many instances. Domination is the orientation of our cities, counties, states, and countries.

Do you want a world of global warfare? We’ve got it.

Do you want totalitarian domination? We’re coming to that.

Predatory consumption, waste production is ending up as ecological suicide not only for us but for all life on the planet.

People like Riane Eisler (“The Partnership Way” – copyright 1990) is pushing us toward a Partnership way where we live in harmony with nature in a nonviolent, socially equal an harmonius nature. Gone are the days of the hierarchical (top-down ) organizations.

Fill yourself with love....

(taken from website)

Our new consciousness needs to see the world through holistic eyes. Every being is in direct communication with every other being in that kind of an organization.

Indeed, Gregory Ellison says we are living through the birth pains of the planetary mind.

Drunvalo Melchizedek ( says we are already in the fourth dimension. Most of us just don’t know it yet. One of his main projects is global consciousness.

Many of us think there is a high probability we can change our destinies as they unfold around us. Even though some forces are said to be trying to manipulate and control us if we avoid the fear tactics they try to sell and realize we can transcend any attempts to control our collective mind.

We can become spiritual masters and call on our reserves to change the future. How mindful are you? Fill yourself with love, joy, compassion and you will start to change the consciousness of the world. Starting with yourself.

The feminine returns...

We moved into a new consciousness on the Earth on December 22, 2012. Most people do not even know it. The new partnership way consciousness is the return of the feminine and the saying goodbye to the masculine consciousness.

The last bastion of white male power is dying and making up lies trying to stay alive. This group is known by many names but the popular one today is the tea party. Some believe it is the entire Republican party including the party leadership. This is not so. We as a people need to learn to work together. The way is set. Riane Eisler’s book, “The Partnership Way” helps point the way for us to return to this methodology.

Where “might makes right” and taking over was the way now we are moving into a joint, get along, work together atmosphere.

This was prophesied in the Hopi literature and by Nostradamus. What are we to do? Tune in to your inner self and listen. You know what to do. Quiet yourself and do not get emotional. When emotions rise sometimes logic and reason go out the window. Be at peace.


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    • DeonPollett profile imageAUTHOR

      Deon Pollett 

      3 years ago from Northern California

      Back at ya'.

    • KMSplumeau profile image


      3 years ago

      Great article, very interesting content. Thank you for writing this! I look forward to reading more of your work.


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