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Picasso compare and contrast

Updated on October 30, 2014

Real vs Cubes

Picasso is pretty much a house hold name, even though most people don't know he was a painter. Since most people don't know he was a painter then it stands to reason most people don't know he experimented with two very different styles. Naturalism and cubism; these two styles couldn't be any farther part, naturalism looks how it sounds, the paintings look real, they have a real feel and they're what most people would deem as beautiful. Now, cubism is also how it sounds, very blocky with wild colors and different shading, and people seem to enjoy this style as much as the naturalism style.

Picasso is mostly known for his cubism, though to many people such as myself who aren’t artists they don’t see what many people think of as “beautiful” or “brilliant” in this style. It just looks weird. However, this paper is about the two different paintings done by Picasso, not if I like the painting style or not. The painting, Dora Maar Sitting, is done in cubism of a woman sitting on a chair. The colors are mostly blues and purples and are very bold, at least to me. The colors are pretty much all dark, to someone who knows what they’re talking about then describing this paintings, it might be that the colors help bring out the shapes. In cubism the shape and color seem to mean more than the subject of the painting itself.

When Picasso started he did naturalism, meaning that he painting things that looked real. Olga Picasso in an Armchair is one example of his naturalism. This painting has the same idea as Dora Maar Sitting, a woman sitting in a chair, but it looks like a person and not just a human shape. The colors are also earthier with much more browns than any other colors. It’s not as visually shocking when you look at it because it looks real and it’s what the majority of people are used to seeing.

Both of these paintings are very interesting and you will remember them both once you see them, but some people just don’t understand cubism while most understand naturalism. But the paintings themselves are very much the same in the idea of a woman in a chair but are done so differently that you might think that two different people painted them.

Dora Maar Sitting
Dora Maar Sitting
Olga Picasso in an Armchair
Olga Picasso in an Armchair

What is better Naturalism or Cubism?

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    • profile image

      Shirley 3 years ago

      he must have been a great artist to be able to have 2 very different methods that he perfected.