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What was the most pivotal moment in World History? The Death of Princess Charlotte of Wales. All History changed.

Updated on February 14, 2016


An event that changed the world.

Some more world changing events.

The rise of communism. The worst change for The World.

The death of Princess Charlotte of Wales changed the world.

Princess Charlotte of Wales.
Princess Charlotte of Wales.
Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.
Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.
Grigori Rasputin had a fatal influence in Russia.
Grigori Rasputin had a fatal influence in Russia.
Elizabeth II. A happy result.
Elizabeth II. A happy result.

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An event that changed the world.

It is one of the fascinations of studying history to realise how sometimes, what on the face of it can seem an almost inconsequential incident in the tapestry of world events, can, on further study, prove to have profound, world changing effects for the generations, at that time, yet unborn. There have been some occurrences that have led to such momentous consequences as to lead one to consider the notion of a possible malevolent guiding hand in the affairs of the human race. It is of one such happening that I want to write now. The readers will indulge me if I am not always exact in my dates. This piece is essentially a theory of history rather than just a relation of dry dusty facts. My time is limited, and I do not propose to spend any of it dipping into enclyopedias to get exact spellings of names, or absolutely accurate dates. The knowledge that I am using is taken directly from my own head. Nevertheless I shall try to be as accurate as it is possible for a mere amateur to be.

The girl from whose death all these, mainly sad things ensued was Princess Charlotte of Wales. For those who are unacquainted with her story, she was the only daughter and the heir to the Prince Regent, later to become King George IV of Great Britain. She was married to Prince Leopold of Saxe Cobourg Gotha. In the year 1817 she rather tragically died in childbirth. The immediate consequence of this was that there was no heir in the next generation for the British throne. The brothers of the Prince Regent, who were largely unmarried, straight away started scouring Europe for suitable princesses to marry in order to secure the succession. The only one to actually father a child that lived to adulthood was the Duke of Kent. That child became Queen Victoria. She married Prince Albert of Saxe Cobourg Gotha, the nephew of Leopold, and they had nine children.

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United States.

Some more world changing events.

Here is where it starts to become interesting for students of world history. Their eldest daughter married Prince Frederick of Prussia, and had a son who went on to become Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, whose expansionist belligerent policies are largely blamed for the First World War. The treaty of Versailles, which ended that conflict, was so unfair on Germany that it gave great impetus to the disaffection that lead to the rise of Hitler, which in turn lead on to the second world war. The abominable treatment meted out to the Jewish people in the holocaust lead on to the founding of the modern state of Israel. The results of that decision are still being felt throughout the world. The intervention of The United States in both the first and the second great wars had profound effects in world history. The pernicious meddling of Woodrow Wilson resulted in the almost complete destruction of the Monarchical system of government in Central Europe, which of course aided the rise of communism at a later date.

But to go back a bit there are more strands to our story.

You remember Prince Leopold, the grieving widower. When the modern state of Belgium was founded he was asked to be its first king. Nothing really earth shattering about that. He was a good ruler, beloved of his people and he died in 1862. It was his son who made the real mark on the world; not a very good one I'm afraid. He was King Leopold II of the Belgians, and he is principally remembered as the exploiter of the Congo. His misrule was responsible for the enslavement and massacre of millions of people in that part of Africa. He was a thoroughly wicked man. The effect of his malevolence scars the African psyche to this day.

The rise of communism. The worst change for The World.

The final strand of our story has to do with Russia and the evil effects for the world that came from the rise of communism. Yes, the demise of our fair princess even managed to lead on to that, although it doesn’t let Woodrow Wilson entirely of the hook.

What happened here is that the second daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Alice married the Grand Duke of Hesse. They had a daughter called Alix who married Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Unfortunately she was a carrier of Haemophilia, which affected the heir to the Russian Empire, Alexei. Worry over her son affected her judgement, with the result that she allowed herself to fall under the influence of the monk Rasputin. The interference of this malevolent "Man of the People" in the government of the empire contributed greatly to the revolution, which in turn lead on to the rise of Stalin, and the enslavement and murder of a large part of the population of eastern Europe for many years.

So you see very serious and important effects can sometimes flow from the most minor of events. I need scarcely add that the results for Great Britain itself were not negligible either. Without the death of Princess Charlotte there would be no Elizabeth II. At least some blessings have come from her sad demise.


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