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Plan To Reveal All The Mysteries Of The Great Pyramid In Giza, Egypt.

Updated on October 30, 2014

The pay is to build a very large temporary steel structure over the great pyramid at Giza to uncover all of it's secrets by deconstructing it block by block and later reassembling it also repairing anything broken or restoring parts that cannot otherwise be done inside the massive monument. The large steel structure accommodates very large computer driven cranes, laser measurement equipment and cameras that can take pictures of all sides of every piece removed. On the sides of the temporary structure are essentially shelves to warehouse some of the pieces while others are so heavy they have to be left at ground level and cataloged for reassembly. Anything hidden in the pyramid will definitely be discovered as it is dismantled and reassembled. It will also be possible to restore the exterior of the pyramid with polished limestone to make it what was originally intended to be seen. Not everyone believes in restoration as ruins are romantic but eventually people may decide otherwise. Anything hidden inside will be revealed before restoring. Any damaged parts including cracked stones putting the structure at risk can be replaced or fixed. If a secret tomb area is found it can be removed and rebuilt out of new stone so the original can go into a museum. Hey if archeologist really want to know everything about it. This would be the best way to do it. The lifting equipment being computer controlled means it can be done at flash speeds then explored for a year or more in pieces and reassembled in a method much faster than it was originally built. Everything recorded photographed and digitized so a complete 3D model of every element would exist for future study. After that process the structure can be moved to Rome to Refinish the Coliseum as it originally was in the same process of deconstruction and rebuilding.


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