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Planets and you by Zodiac sign

Updated on October 1, 2014

Do you really believe in astrology and zodiac signs? Do you ask your astrologer every time before you start some good work? Yes, then understand the concept of astrology better. Astrology is very complex and it takes years to understand completely. Our zodiac signs depend on planets and their relationship with the Earth. It means that if we were on some other planet, our relationship with planets would change.

Sun: Sun Personalities include intense energy for life on Earth, this energy is due to nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium. All those people who comes under this are idealistic, intelligent and best correlates with Leo people. They may come under constant pressure due to Sun's powerful energy, which is full by its gaseous pressure.

Moon: People who have moon as Sun sign might be controlled by past memories whether they are good or bad. Moon will play a major role in the lives of Cancer.

Mercury: Mercury includes a magnetic field, a thin atmosphere which makes it swing between freezing and burning. This is the reason that mercury personalities get swayed easily and has no stress as Mercury don't have any atmospheric pressure. Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo.

Mars: Mars people are very strong because of the contained 13% rough iron in it. These personalities are very courageous as its creators are quickly filled with tremendous storms. Mega volcanoes constantly get erupted as mars include tumultuous and energetic center which are greatly expressed.

Venus: The brightness and trapped solar energy in the atmosphere makes these personalities adorned by everyone. The outside area of Venus is bright and colorful and inside area shows intense pressure with a great need for constant movement .Venus rules over Taurus and Libra.

Jupiter: The strong gravitational pull of Jupiter encourages people to follow. It has a magnetic field which is greater than the sun that pulls everyone with a little boasting. The magnificent color of its storms draws attention by getting unobstructed and beautiful.

Saturn: These personalities might be little boring and controlled due to its frozen and rings that holds a close restricting style. They are powerful and hard work comes with the ability to solidify its gases. Saturn rules over people who have Capricorn as a zodiac sign.

Uranus:Uranus includes a magnetic field, tilted 60 degrees from its axis. Uranus people are strong enough and help others greatly.

Neptune: This planet is known as home to the deepest and largest ocean we have. Neptune personalities are constant and full of life. Neptune rules over Pisces.

You must have recognized the planet name for your zodiac sign now. Google your zodiac sign to enjoy daily predictions.


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    • SumanG1R1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Suman Giri 

      4 years ago from Bangalore

      Thanks, Angle Rani and Tania

    • taniawebmaster profile image

      Tania Kanda 

      4 years ago from Mohali in Punjab

      Really interesting article. Today almost everyone used to know their prediction. Thanks for this article once again.

    • Angle Rani profile image

      Angle Rani 

      4 years ago

      yes,i believe in astrology.


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