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Planets: the Moon

Updated on September 7, 2011
The Moon is the ruler of the subconscious
The Moon is the ruler of the subconscious

The ruler of the subconscious

A human being is just a little conscious of himself, even speaking about rational thinking. We only realize a small part of our actions and perception, and, consequently, we can only control this small part. This is why the Moon is probably the most important planet in the horoscope. The Moon defines social and personal necessities. It has to do with the habits that go back to the early childhood, the ways in which we were nourished, the rest, the physiology, the sexual life and its material part, that is, the one that has to do with the functions and the appearance of the physical body. The Moon defines the attitude towards a woman as a mother (as to the conductor of the universal yin energy) as well as the attitude towards women in general. The Moon has to do with the image of the mother at the beginning of a man's life when basic programs of the subconsciousness were being formed, especially the most fundamental, the life position and the attitude towards the world. In adulthood, the Moon defines the attitude of a man towards women that he is not in love with. For women, the Moon symbolizes the behaviour of a woman when she is not really in love but she feels like a woman. This is not only behaviour with men, but also her behaviour inside the house, where she can realize herself as a house-wife, and her raising of the children, especially when she nourishes, makes her children go to sleep, protects from the outer threats and forms social programs.

Sigmund Freud, psychoanalyst (1856-1939)
Sigmund Freud, psychoanalyst (1856-1939)

The world of the Moon

The Moon symbolizes the world that we consider as our own, where we feel safe and behave in a carefree way, like a child. The Moon can set the general idea about the Universe: starting from an almost negative value, if it's not harmonious and including a whole universe if it is harmonious. The Moon determines the general protection from bad fate (if the Moon is harmonious) or, vice versa, the fatality (if the Moon is wounded). It also determines the level of the subconscious religiosity and fatality that an average person not only associates with himself but also with the surrounding world.

The aspects of the Moon also determine the subconscious habits, aptitudes and skills that one takes for granted and has a big difficulty understanding that other people can function differently: there is always an illusion that this is not possible and that in fact they pretend in a very sophisticated (or not very sophisticated) way. 

The Moon leads us into the world of Sigmund Freud. It gives keys to the unrealized actions that have indeed a very precise subconscious motivation. The Moon determines a routine behaviour as well as the life of the subconscious and gives the possibility to judge about the first one with the help of the second one, and, by the way, correct one by the other which is only used halfway. It is well-known that by solving their psychological problems, people also solve their routine problems. But the opposite impact is non-the-less effective, even though it is less studied. However, a thorough cleaning-up of the apartment can do a job as good as half a year of psychoanalysis.

Spa can be very effective when solving psychic problems
Spa can be very effective when solving psychic problems

The Moon and the health

The Moon is responsible for the functional health of humans and its dysfunctions and for the general psychic health, and often sacrifices the second one for the sake of the first one. This mechanism of the transfer of the psychological and external problems on the physical body (somatization) is very badly studied, but it is universal and functions with all the people constantly. It is just that the physical body works so perfectly that it can often overcome the illness that was imposed on it. When the body fails to do so, the inner organs and management systems get affected. The Moon determines the ways of somatization and functional disorders that come to the surface when the psychic life of a person is affected. If a person has a wrong psychic life, if we suppress and displace our problems deep inside our subconsciousness, thus giving them to the Moon as a payoff, this is a very dangerous way. For every problem must be solved in a karmic way on its level, and the problem that can be solved by an honest raising up to the conscious level, and just some small experiences and actions that will follow, can lead to a functional disorder and organic illness if it is suppressed and somatized. On the other hand, there is a possibility to influence the karma and the psychic through the correct healing of the physical body. Different naturopathic ways of curing when the body is connected to the four basic elements and the lower worlds of minerals and plants, such as sun and air baths (fire and air elements), water remedies, healing dirts (water and earth), walking barefoot, herbal therapy, massage, special gymnastics (hatha yoga), etc. can not only heal the physical illness, but also balance certain inharmonious karmic aspects and psychic problems. However, these possibilities are quite limited: being a reasonable being, a man must solve his spiritual problems as they are, and not with the help of physical procedures, but, on the whole, the physical aspect only helps. 

The effect of the Moon on the person's consciousness is like that of the dusk on the eye-sight
The effect of the Moon on the person's consciousness is like that of the dusk on the eye-sight

The main cheater of the mankind

The Moon is the main cheater of a human and a mankind. All the genie of the shrewdness, hard work and energy of Sigmund Freud had to be applied as well as the great over-ripeness of the problem of the sexual emancipation in order to convince the world that the subconscious exists and it means a lot to a man. We cannot say, however, that the Moon could be unmasked. Till the time when the role of the subconscious is outlined, the Moon will hide behind the clouds now and then. There is no natural antithesis to the Moon as the principle of the subconscious: the Sun represents the will, the Saturn has to do with the wisdom, the Mercury is connected with rational thinking, while there is no planet symbolizing the consciousness. The effect of the Moon is like that of the dusk: it smoothes, it oils sharp corners, it makes one look away, it replaces one thing by another, makes black and white look gray, upon its caprice. It is important to understand that this way the Moon masks a man's depth of subconsciousness. But this doesn't mean that there is something vague and imprecise down there. On the contrary, the inner programs and convictions of the subconscious are often very precise and definite, even primitive. This primitive nature of the subconscious often surprises the owner when as a result of a psychoanalysis, he/she gets an access to it. How could such a stupid program conduct me for such a long time? - one would wonder. This is the secret of the Moon, the secret that the humankind has yet to discover. 

The Moon gives an instinctive religiosity
The Moon gives an instinctive religiosity

Taming of the Moon

On the exterior, the Moon symbolizes social subconsciousness. In the personal horoscope the Moon shows the attitude towards people, and, vice versa, the attitude of an egregore towards a certain person. An adult person with an undeveloped Moon is only interested in his home and children, while working on the Moon the interests start including the problems of the childcare and education in general, the morality, the culture, the consciousness of the mankind. The Moon plays the main role as to the relations with the motherland. The Moon defines the general well-being of a person in a group that he belongs to. This can be family, village, town, country, planet. The Moon is closely connected with the instinctive feeling of religiosity and the feeling of the religious community. 

An important function of the Moon consists in the fact that it is the censor of the subconsciousness. It is the filter through which the information comes from the subconscious mind to the consciousness. If you start having religious visions and Saint Marie and other saints visit you, this means that your energy has grown and you have got access to the layers of the subtle world that were previously unattainable but this doesn't mean that you can interpret the vision according to its direct sens: this can be the censorship that up-lifted a tail of a character that we all know...

The Moon is also a general filter of a social behaviour that takes care of the manners of a person. 

The mastering of the Moon goes two ways: inside and outside. Inside, it is about learning how to be aware of and master the subconscious. Outside, it is the expansion of one's perception in the world. The Moon defines the true level of the egocentrism. 

Undeveloped Moon shows one in a very egoistic way
Undeveloped Moon shows one in a very egoistic way

On the first level of taming of the Moon a person is a true egocentric, that is, serving himself. Other people and groups represent interest to him only because they make an obstacle to the fulfillment of his desires or they contribute to them. Anyways, such person can participate in a family or community life, but always minds his own business ignoring the interests of other people. Besides, a man generally identifies himself with his desires. The subconsciousness seems to be an ephemeral adjunct of the body that helps this body function. The Moon is huge at this stage, generating more desires than it is possible to satisfy. On the essential level, a person is interested in three aspects: affirming his life position, satisfying his material and sexual needs. Life position is quite primitive in this case, but it sounds in a very confident way sustaining the narrow consciousness. For example, "All people are not trustworthy".

A mother living with the interests of her kids is the second level Moon
A mother living with the interests of her kids is the second level Moon

On the second level of taming of the Moon one perceives life interests of the people that are close to him as his own. All that is going on outside his family interests him because it is related to the person. This level is typical for a mother of family who lives by the interests of her children. Now a person can easily distinguish personal desires and needs from those of family members. Somehow a person learns to regulate the personal life, that is, to suppress personal desires in favour of the family. The position of a citizen is not present here, even if it is proclaimed. 

When the Moon is being tamed on the third level, we understand that we can be married to our job
When the Moon is being tamed on the third level, we understand that we can be married to our job

On the third level of mastering of the Moon one personally perceives the interests of several groups, including people who are not connected to him in a direct way. Now the experience shows what means to be married to one's job, to be the slave of not your own desires, but of the group that sacrifices you without giving anything in return except for moral satisfaction. On this level, a person faces a dilemma different from a simple choice between egoism and altruism. That is, one faces the situation when the fate of two people related to him equally depends on him, and if one is the winner, the other is the looser, while the person suffers anyways. In inner life, a person discovers contradictory programs of subconsciousness, which cannot be related to different levels of evolution, and thus none of them can be preferred. On this level, from the depths of the self comes a feeling, first obscure and then more and more precise, that one is responsible for one's actions and tense thoughts and desires, and that there are inner and outer situations that are prepared by your own or other's inharmonious actions, and this is why these situations do not and cannot have an adequate outcome. As a result, one learns how to manage the subconsciousness and understand its structure. On this level the feeling of the citizenship is at a stage of an embryo.

On the fourth level of taming of the Moon, one can discover that it is possible to change the world just by staying alone in one's cell and working on the subconscious
On the fourth level of taming of the Moon, one can discover that it is possible to change the world just by staying alone in one's cell and working on the subconscious

When the Moon is mastered on the fourth level, one switches to the huge groups on the national or planetary level and participates in the karmic programs in a direct way. These are often heroes: leaders, writers, poets, religious adepts, who feel and express the hopes of their ethnos. The people remember their names for a long time, even when the rumour of their deeds is no longer sound. However, their very existence symbolizes the moments of the national rallying and constructive activity of the nation, and this is what the emotional national memory keeps. 

On the personal level, one is able to fully sacrifice personal interests for the sake of the nation. Unfortunately, leaders and preachers have no time to analyse their subconscious programs. Otherwise, they could find lots of interesting things down there. In particular, on this level, some subconscious programs can have a direct impact on the whole world. If a person like this stays alone in a cell and starts to perfect himself, clearing and making order in his subconsciousness, then the impact on the surrounding world will be jut as big as when he is at the top of a big state, and the difficulties will even be bigger. 

Only on this level it is possible to speak about the feeling of true citizenship, and this one does not depend on the will of the person, nor on the way it is performed: inside or outside.

The Moon person is the slave of his habits
The Moon person is the slave of his habits

The Moon person

The Moon person is under the strong influence of his subconsciousness. It is often revealed by brightly expressed emotions that he has hard time mastering. If the Moon is not wounded much, this gives great skills of adaptation and a strong existential feeling. One has an almost constant feeling of being alive, whatever he does, but, especially, when satisfying the needs. No one else can eat with a deeper feeling than a Moon person. Actually, cultivating, excitement and satisfying of the essential needs is very important to a Moon person, for this person can consecrate his life to the satisfaction of the necessities without noticing how it goes away. The Moon person becomes slave of his habits easily, and it is difficult for him to give up these habits. But he is very perceiving and has a strong intuition, especially when it comes to emotional and essential moments of life. He very easily adjusts to other people and, because of this, becomes dependent on them. That is why he has many programs of the exterior defense, such as wearing a mask, which can be very rough. This is to conceal the true self of the person, where it is very difficult to penetrate. 

The Moon person is under the influence of the subconscious mind of the surrounding people, which he has hard time to realize. It is very difficult for him to understand which feelings are his own, and which are not his own. 

A woman with a strong Moon is very desirable by men who want to marry her and have lots of kids. Being an old lady, she will attract both sexes who would want to weep their eyes out on her shoulder. A man with a strong Moon is very plastic. Women play a great role in his life. He has to undertake a huge battle with himself and these women, the main goal of which is to achieve spirituality by overcoming thick layers of sensual pleasures and addictions to them. 


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