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Planets: Neptune

Updated on March 2, 2013
Neptune dreams
Neptune dreams

The big deceiver responsible for subtle pleasures

The Neptune is a planet that regulates the subtle, the nameless, the shades and the hints, the implication and the ability to read between the lines, the intonation, the suggestion, the caprice. Neptune can plunge a person deep in the subconsciousness where the personal, the social and the cosmic can hardly be distinguished, and they open to the one the sacrament of meditation, the other state of consciousness, in which the otherwise inconceivable subtlest emotions and experiences as well as the soul of the other person become approachable.
The Neptune gives the penetration to the real religiosity when the prayer turns into a dialogue, as opposed to a psycho-therapeutic approach with its predefined goals, and serving God becomes a man’s destiny, and not one’s will’s caprice or one’s mental crush.

The same Neptune sometimes works unusually rudely surrounding a person with thick layers of deception and self-deceit (that actually always accompany each other), for the Neptune creates the fog that dissipates everything. The Neptune that rules the perception distortions, can easily change the scale of the personal time turning happy hours into minutes and making hard times last for eternity...

Neptune can change the time perception
Neptune can change the time perception | Source

The big mystery of the Neptune

The Neptune rules meditations but the concept of meditation itself is so large that a precision is needed while the Neptune really hates precisions. It is possible to say that the Neptune creates good weather in the inner world of a person thus regulating one’s perception of the world outside. The Neptune protects human psyche from an exaggerated and cold Mercurial glance of the rational thinking - of the others, and, first of all, of the person himself. The Neptune’s time is the dusk, the color is gray, but there are many tones in this color none of which can be precisely distinguished. For the Neptune is a mystery that can be approached but cannot be conceived, it is the mystery of the slow transformation and the change of reality, the conversion of spring into summer, of the fish into the amphibian, and of the deep grieving into sadness and new opportunities of development. It is the secret of the bliss, the ecstasy and profound suffering of a human soul, to understand the sens of which for the mankind is still a long term task. The Neptune is a very essential planet, and its influence on people is very important. Joy isn’t joy without the Neptune, just like mockery, pleasure without the Neptune resembles a bouquet made of screws and tied together with a steel wire, and one cannot escape the suffering and the guilt caused by the Neptune, and all the calls for the help from outside (and one usually feels it) are useless. The help can only come from the inside, as the time passes, together with the humility, and a gradual penetration from the thick layers and the desert of egoism to the core of self-denial and love for the near.

Neptune can reveal itself in a sadistic way
Neptune can reveal itself in a sadistic way

Neptune - what else is it?

The Neptune is also about drugs, alcohol, psychological and physical sadism, serious crimes, religious fanaticism, genocide camps and gas cameras, while the same Neptune is the only planet (except the highest octave of the Uranus, available for a few), that gives the synthesis, the understanding, which is always the result of a mystical revelation, even a small one. Strange as it may seem, although it is the Mercury that rules the rational thinking, in order to understand anything, one needs the Neptune to be turned on, and one’s life with a harmonious Mercury but an affected Neptune is much more difficult than it may first seem. And his nearest would think: “ He seems to reason correctly but he doesn't get anything!” Well, in any case, this person would understand things with a big distortion, but it is difficult for him to become aware of it.

Neptune when worked on the lowest level can lead to quarrels and humiliations...
Neptune when worked on the lowest level can lead to quarrels and humiliations...
Lies are characteristics for the person with low Neptune who thinks that the others lie
Lies are characteristics for the person with low Neptune who thinks that the others lie

How Neptune is worked through on different levels

The low Neptune reveals itself in taking the world for what it seems while the inner world is an abstraction or the generator of desires and needs. Here the meditation is perceived as a kind of primitive pleasure, mostly derived from alcohol or a certain quantity of music while the exchange is realized in a direct way, that is as information distortion (lies). The person is only able to perceive primitive pleasures, or needs: derived from food, sleep, primitive sex; among social joys mostly gloat, slander and swagger are usually available; ardent nationalism and religious fanaticism in action are possible, especially when Neptune is affected. The affected Neptune can also indicate the search of primitive pervert pleasures: sadism, masochism, humiliation and self-destruction. Anyways, such person perceives energy only on the low vibrational level, while subtleties are unavailable, and even irritable. On this level primitive meditations reveal themselves in scandals with destructive mutual accusations yelled out loud and the possible assault and battery, and the further reconciliation in a spontaneous sexual act, or mild quarrels after a substantial doze of alcohol.

For this level natural atheism and a complete narrowness of the consciousness are possible: a person is unable to understand anything that stands out of the frame of perception of his (as a rule, it is a range of stamps from his social surroundings or even a group). He even maybe tries to listen to something new and unusual, but cannot feel it for himself, become aware of it and that is why will forget it soon. For such people it is extremely difficult to learn and to develop, as the common efforts to replace the Neptune with the Mercury fail: a parrot with a diploma of an engineer cannot plan a plane. Inner honesty is on this level an unexciting concept, for the person seems to himself as the perfection of honesty and nobility, surrounded by liars and enemies who want to cheat on him, and one needs some precaution, even cheating: a la guerre comme a la guerre. Alongside with this the person is constantly deceiving himself, without allowing a thought of imperfection and the necessity to work on one’s own self. The same rough psychological games are possible where antitheses don’t work as they do not enter the person’s consciousness. He will not hear your words or will think you are speaking a foreign language.

Intimate conversation can become the source of pleasure
Intimate conversation can become the source of pleasure
The understanding of culture through rituals becomes valuable
The understanding of culture through rituals becomes valuable

On a higher level, when the Neptune is worked on, one already thinks that someone can be cheated not only by direct lies on behalf of the surrounding people. The psychological reality doesn’t exist, but somehow this person can understand that other people are different. This person admits the possibility of hypnosis and that a bold gypsy can cheat on him. For this person, more meditations are available: music, art, soul-to-soul conversation, exquisite intimate life (from a European point of view). Chauvinism makes one uneasy, while the understanding of culture and tradition becomes valuable. Religiosity as it is unavailable on this level as atheist environment has a strong impact on the person who tries to pray in vain. Sometimes God appears as a kind of shadow, but then disappears completely and for a long time. The person thinks that there are things difficult to understand, but it is only the question of time. Anything existing beyond the rational understanding of things is still unavailable. For this period the thought of some existing subconscious negative programs is still veiled by the Neptune. Also, the thought of the necessity to work on some inner honesty is strange to this.

The understanding of the zodiac becomes real on a higher level of Neptune
The understanding of the zodiac becomes real on a higher level of Neptune

On a higher level still, there are qualitative changes as far as the perception of the outer and the inner world is concerned. Now we understand that every situation has a magic of its own, without the perception of which one cannot speak of anything, and that every person has an individual reality around them, through the prism of which they can only be able to express themselves. Now we understand that the mutual misunderstanding is a kind of norm of communication, except for some socially programmed situations. It becomes clear that mental efforts are useless when we want to perceive the reality, and that the psychological tuning is needed if we want to really understand the other person. Actually, the total denial of one’s personal world view is the best way to understand the other person: stupid heart knows better than reason. Sometimes people have a certain interest in astrology, though in a narrow sens of this word, that is practical and predictional. There is also some understanding of God, or, rather, the force that guides us, gives all the necessary information and sometimes, punishes us by depriving of this or that.
As far as the inner world is concerned, the person feels some discomfort, many strange inexplicable events are going on in the inner life that he is not totally aware of. Now the problem of the inner honesty becomes real. A lot of skills depend on the cool emotional state, the absense of personal interest as far as the result is concerned, and, alas, the general mankind’s level of evolution. One cannot yet keep the energy level on high vibrations, and in his religious meditations one is often descended (the temptations of the saint people). The understanding ability is now high but the person finds it often hard to believe and the reality is often distorted.

The connexion between the inner world and the outer world, reflected in some works of surrealistic art, is evident for a high Neptune person
The connexion between the inner world and the outer world, reflected in some works of surrealistic art, is evident for a high Neptune person

On the highest level of the Neptune’s working through, one perceives cosmic flows directly, as some evident reality. Many people can see chakras, forms, colors of the aura and its distortions when someone’s sick or dishonest. At this level, one not only understands the others and their souls. The symbolism of illusion, the Maya, becomes evident, just as the direct connexions between the inner and the outer worlds. It is the level of highly spiritual people, spiritual teachers and saints. They are able to see the individual, the national and the planetary karma in a very detailed way and can very precisely describe the limitations of a person at a certain moment. The person of this level can see all the energy and mental protections of other people and communicates with people considering these defenses. Such is the level of the magicians and zen masters, like Castaneda. Now it is absolutely the same for the person if he should work in the outer or inner world. For he is able to influence huge egregors and by perfecting himself, he also perfects the egregors and the world. Probably such person would love to work in the outer world, and for his students this will be an unforgetable experience, for love and devotion to the spiritual leader is higher and stronger than any other kind of love.

Neptune - the god of the sea
Neptune - the god of the sea

To sum it up...

The situation of the low Neptune is that of the rude disaccord with the inner and outer reality: deception, silence, treacherous plots; somewhere close there are the pervert dens, public houses, opium houses. Somewhere down there is a room of marquis de Sade, or the Blue Beard’s execution room, the victim and the torturer. The Neptune participates in any pleasure, be it tender lovers’ caresses, the concert of symphonic music, or a usual tea ceremony. There is just one condition: it must be done by real appreciators, the connaisseurs, the gourmets who know how to enjoy it, how to lead their attention and concentrate, and to get in the meditation. The main rule of meditation is the correct attention concentration that is impossible on higher levels without the proper work on the laws of the Saturn (patience, discipline, clear thinking).


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