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Planning is a necessity how does one plan

Updated on June 1, 2017
A great planning strategy
A great planning strategy

Planning is a necessity how does one plan?

Everything happens for a reason, doesn’t it? But do things just happen, without planning or is there some other work involved? Most of the time whatever you do requires limitless planning. So things don’t just happen people have to think of what they want to do, the pros and cons of that one thing and see if it works on their schedule and with the persons that they want to do it with. What am I saying? I am saying that everything takes a limitless amount of planning in order to execute it.

Some people try to get away with just doing things off the cuff, but how many times does that actually work? It depends on the person and if they can get things done under pressure or not. Most people, however, have to plan what they are going to do, and with the plan that is how they get it done. For example, if you have a party but something comes up unexpectedly like having to go into work, the day of the party which you weren’t planning on doing, what do you do then.

What if you are university student with a number of different assignments due at the same time? The best way to deal with that is to plan out your course of action, what assignment gets done first. If you don’t plan out what you are going to do, first then nothing gets done, when one plans they have to take it one step at a time. They have to say to themselves, okay this assignment for my law class on Monday is due before my assignment for my elective on Thursday so the Monday assignment has to be done first. Most of the time people will talk out their plans and hope that it works. For some people that do work, talking out their plans and once they talk them out it is committed to memory.

Other people, however, don’t work like that, some of them have to write lists, and work off them. It’s something like a to- do list and a grocery list. There are people like that, and for them, that is how they plan and get things done. But others can just go off the cuff. Everyone’s planning style is different, some people can have a plan, and then something out of the blue comes up and they can change their plan on a whim, and it works for them. Other don’t do that, well changing their plans on the whim that is. Some people can handle doing things on a whim and others have too, plan them out. It just depends on the person.

If you are a very busy person or a very organized person, planning for you is a necessity. Most people use planning to keep them organized rather than, being all over the place, actually is and that is why when you ask people why they plan and they say it is that is what works for them. For example, I have to plan everything, from blogging ideas, to when I write and when I do my clean up and when I relax. If I don’t do that, I get very confused and frazzled which doesn’t get anything done. Why is planning a necessity because who doesn’t like being organized and ready for things that are planned in advanced? If you plan enough then you don't feel overwhelmed which is what a busy person and an organized person wants.

Is Planning a necessity?

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Planning is good for busy people

If people are busy the first thing they do is plan their week, in the hopes that they get everything done.When someone has a busy day, usually the first thing on their list is what takes the longest, and then all the little things come after. When you have a busy life or a busy household, and you don’t plan, things will never get done and you will be running ragged. Let’s say you are a blogger and you have a family to take care of, how do you find time to blog and be with your family? You plan when your best time to blog is and separate it enough so that you can spend time with your family too. Even if you live on your own planning in order to get things accomplished in a day, is a necessity.

How does one plan, well they look at everything they have to do and take it one step at a time, whether it be writing it down in a list or just doing one thing at a time rather than a million things at once? When people do a million things at once, they usually get frazzled and can’t remember things because they are doing too much. Although that doesn’t happen with everyone some people can do a million things at once and get it all done, without planning it out, others can’t. Who lives there life, without a plan in mind. If you want to stay organized then planning is a necessity not matter who you are.

Planning can be limitless because our lives are so busy that in order to get everything done all we do is limitlessly plan. A way that we can limitlessly plan is to write out a to - do list and follow it to a tee or at least try to, one can plan by scheduling out there entire week or day depending on what they have to do. Planning is a necessity because our lives are so limitlessly busy if we didn't plan nothing would get done at all which is no way to live.

When someone limitlessly plans they figure out what the most important thing is that they have to do in a day and they usually do that first.

Use a planner like this to plan your limitless busyness
Use a planner like this to plan your limitless busyness

Planning to stay Organized

Planning is limitless but that means people are limitlessly organized and they can get things done easier. Do you plan limitlessly to stay organized in your everyday life?

Do you think planning for things is a necessity and how does one do it? Let's discuss

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