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Plants; An Awesome Thought

Updated on August 29, 2012

Way back when I was just a teenager, I rescued a tiny little Aloe Vera plant that was nearly dead. I put it in a slightly larger pot and put it near a window, which happened to be one everyone passed by all the time. Everyone (though I did not know it til later, I thought I was the only one doing this) who passed that little plant would stop and gently stroke its leaves and talk to it. I was stunned that within one month the Aloe had more than tripled in size. That is when I learned plants respond to us in a personal way.

Later, in college, in my Animal Husbandry class of all places, we were shown a video of these two plants. When one was threatened by fire the other responded to the fear of the threatened on as well as to the danger it was in. For all I know this fellow Clive was the one doing the experiment then to.

I have heard Vegans attacking meat eaters all the time because they kill and eat an animal that is capable of responding to us. Well, here is proof that plants also are capable of responding to us. Does this mean we should also stop eating plants?

It is an awesome thought, that plants are aware of our thoughts and emotions. It explains why plants in homes that are filled with anger, depression or other negative emotions and stress often fail to thrive or outright die.

It is my thought that our affection towards plants is like nutrition to them. positive thoughts and emotions, love, is a spiritual nutrition for humans and animals...why not for plants as well. I do not know this for a fact, but perhaps because GOD created all things, all things have the essence of HIS spirit in them. Therefore there is a spiritual essence or river that permeates all living things.

Native peoples have had the right of it I think in their respect for all living things, in the way they treated all things. Never doing harm without need nor taking more than was needed. Most people never think how the thing whose life they are taking might feel...even plants. I have heard it said trees cry when they are cut down. Somehow I do not find this hard to believe at all. I do not like to injure plants. Even so called weeds. All plants have their place and their usefulness. Yes, I eat plants. I also eat meat. I must eat to live. GOD gave plants and animals to us to eat among other things. But I do not believe HE gave us the right to be abusive or cruel in how we take that meat or the plants.

I hope this hub helps to make people aware of the true LIFE that is in plants.


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