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Plugging Away For Our Dream Fulfillment

Updated on December 17, 2009







          If we put in the sacred labor, there comes a time when we really begin to get in the flow when it comes to manifesting our dreams.  This is when things begin to really get exciting.  For many of us, getting to this point can take a long time.  I know all about that from experience.  It's easy for an aspiring writer  to say I want to write the all American novel.  Actually from what I've heard people tend to say something like "some day I'd like to write the all American novel."  That is a very weak statement, totally lacking devotion, true sincerity or intention.  When the subconscious mind hears messages like that it tends to sit back and relax and usually nothing results.  After all, someday could be anywhere from a year to twenty years from now or even longer.  I am not judging anyone who makes such statements.  I'm simply saying that our subconscious mind takes us literally for what we put out there.


          There can be many reasons which hold us back from manifesting our dreams.  First of all we may be so busy with our career and family that there is simply not enough remaining time at the end of the day to start on that all American novel.  In this case, perhaps down the road such people will have the time to write; even if it's when they retire.  For others, the idea of waiting that long is simply unthinkable.  Many of us fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to how passionate and dedicated we are to fulfilling our dreams. 


          I would say that I am one such person.  The good news about falling somewhere in the middle is that we can choose at any point to move forward and plugging away more or we can move backwards with those who do very little but talk about their dreams.  And yes, we can stay in the middle and give some time, energy and effort to fulfilling our dreams, but not really a lot of time.


          That has been pretty much where I have been the past twenty or so years for my writing dream.  Now, I am very fortunate and grateful to admit that I am rapidly moving ahead to join the ranks of the 'true go-getters' who are plugging and plugging and plugging away and getting results.


          We all need heroes and mentors to look up to who can inspire and guide us.  For ten years now I have had the good fortune to correspond with a science fiction writer who is quite famous.  I've never known of any writer, except perhaps Stephen King, to be so prolific.  This man is a living bull dozer.  He never stops.  He has written several hundred books and tons of articles.  He has made a handsome living as a full-time writer for over forty years.  I certainly have nothing but respect and admiration for him.  He has given me many pointers on the writing industry and market although he will not do anything to help me get published.  He says he had to find his way, and get his foot in the door and so must I.  Fair enough I suppose.  He always emails me when I have a question and does his best to help me.  He has even taken the time a few times to comment on a title I have come up with for a book, and even read a few things, offering comments.  I seldom ask him to read my writings as I know how busy he is with his books.


          It was not good luck or sheer coincidence that brought this writer into my life.  Like Dolly Parton says in the wonderful movie, Straight Talk, 'if you don't toot your horn nobody is going to know you are there.   So that is what I did.  One day I came upon a book that said this sf writer lives in the same city as I do.  Out of curiosity I checked in the phone book and sure enough his name was listed.  I was very surprised, for I had figured someone that famous would have a private listing.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I wrote him a short letter and asked him if he would consider giving my fantasy novel a testimonial.  I sent him some comments I had received from various editors on stories I had submitted.  He emailed me and scolded me for sending what was basically rejection slips for stories that were not sold. 


          That goes to show how we so often see what we want.  I took the fact that the editors made some helpful comments and suggestions to be a good thing, and all he could see is that they did not buy my stories.  In his eyes they were not good enough to warrant a professional sale.  Thus began an email correspondence that has been going on for over ten years.  Knowing someone who is a respected authority in a field we are involved in can surely help to motivate us.  So it's a good idea to seek out like-minded souls, even if a writer joins a writer's group, or forum  and such things.  We can all use constructive criticism and feedback.


          My first book was published in 2003 even though it turned out that the publisher was a pod, publish on demand company.  Still, it was a good experience and I learned a lot and did sell some books.  That showed me that somebody thought I did have something meaningful and worthwhile to say so I kept at it.  My second book came out in May of 2009 and I have a third book coming out in early 2010 by a different publisher.  I am living proof that daring to dream, and hard work do pay off.  We all deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labor and we deserve to have our dreams come true.  I spent too many days depressed and lacking the motivation (and sometimes desire) to write after getting more rejection slips.  But a real dreamer can never give up his or her quest.  To sell out and give up is to betray our soul, and believe me, there is a big price to pay for that.  For me it led to self-loathing, internal rage, chronic depressions, too much drinking and sleeping and constant crying and feelings of despair and hopelessness.  My famous writer friend would encourage me to keep at it and say that if I become a good enough writer, that somebody will eventually recognize me.


          That did not sound like a real positive message to me.  If and eventually are not the kind of words I like to use or believe in.  But something good resulted from that comment.  It actually irritated and challenged me.  Was I going to spend the rest of my life moaning and whining about all the rejection slips I had received or was I going to get off my duff and keep writing so as to polish and refresh my writing skills?  I chose the latter.  After all I had read that many famous writers received lots of rejection slips before their ship came in.  I heard that Margaret Mitchell received over twenty rejection slips before a publisher accepted Gone With The Wind.


          So there you go.  As the saying goes hard work pays off.  After several rejection slips I did land a decent publisher for my spiritual book, Morning Coffee With God.  It comes out in early 2010.  Naturally, once we start seeing some fruits for some of our labor, we are encouraged and motivated to work even harder.  As a reward to us, Life also has a way of blessing us with synchronicities and meaningful coincidences.  In the past month I have been on a real high as my marketing specialist for my book of poems, Dawn's Kiss, and I have been working very hard at marketing the book.  I have been calling the local BN and Borders and he has been sending out review copies and answering any questions the managers may have.  We are motivating each other.  He says it's very refreshing when an author jumps in and helps market the book at the local level while they work at moving it to the national level.  I realize that not everybody is an extrovert, like I can be, but it is still a writer's responsibility and duty to work with the publishers until they become known enough so they don't have to, or until they land an agent to do the work for them.  It's something anyone can learn to do if they want to see their 'baby' (as I refer to all my books) in the bookstores.  This applies to all other avenues as well, be one a singer with Cd's to promote, a painter with paintings to sell, and so forth.


          Back to writers.  Once we do land a publisher who will work to promote our book/s then the energy shifts.  Our subconscious mind starts to send us more creative ideas on how to become an even better writer.  This goes for all areas of life.  We have to keep putting energy, and enthusiasm and a lot of positive feelings into our endeavors so the dream and energy gather momentum.  As this happens more doors open and people start showing up out of the woodwork who are ready, willing and able to help us.  We have to get our energy built up because people can sense it.  When we are feeling good and in the flow then they can take in our vibes and this helps to encourage and empower them. 


          As we become more excited and fall more in love with our dream, people will sense it and want to help share that love and our dream.  So-called coincidences and sychronicities will happen more and more, thus assuring us we are on the right track.  To illustrate my point I will share a couple of recent experiences.  The other day I was putting together my book proposal for a second new spiritual book I have just finished, God's Many Mansions.  The publisher I am sending the proposal to has already accepted my book, Morning Coffee With God.  This should give me a better chance at getting a second book published.   


          While writing the query letter, I had forgotten the editor's last name so I looked in my writer's market book under that publisher's name and found her last name.   As I was typing the Dear editor line, the phone rang and on the other line was my editor, wanting a psychic reading as this is something else I do.  I was a guest speaker and psychic reader at their Transformation Conference in Bentonville, AR last June and I met the entire publishing staff.  I instantly felt a connection with all of them and recalled a psychic telling me that it would be women who would help me get my books and name out there.  Four women run the book publishing company.   So I consider the editor a friend as well as editor and her publishing company publishes strictly metaphysical and new age books.


          Jeanne, I said, (not real name), what a nice coincidence to hear from you.  I was just typing my query letter to you.  I have the book proposal done for my next book."

          "Wonderful, Michael," she said.  "Go ahead and mail the book proposal to us."

          "Great, I'll get it in the mail tomorrow.  I guess I'll be keeping you busy since I sent you my manuscript  for Morning Coffee With God just two weeks ago."

          "That is what we are here for.  But I've been feeling in a sort of funk lately.  I could use a reading."

          "That is what I am here for," I chuckled.  "Glad we can be of mutual service to each other.  Can you wait until Tuesday.  I'm kind of booked until then."

          "Of course, Michael."

          One could say that those recent events were just a coincidence, but I don't think so.  I believe that my guides and Destiny were showing me that I am on track.  They are rewarding me with publishing success due to all of the long and hard labor I have put in especially the last few months, and off and on for the past twenty years.  Needless to say such experiences get us going and we find that we have the energy and motivation to do even  more.  I silently gave my guides thanks and then I called my marketing specialist for my book of poetry.  He answered my questions as he always takes the time to do, and then I asked him if they published self-help, spiritual books.'         

          "We do if we think there is a market for it, Michael.  Send us a proposal and we'll review it."

          "I'll get to that to you right after New Year's."

          Destiny and our guides can also help us with timing.  Not only have I now got my foot in the door with the publisher of Dawn's Kiss, I get my rights back from my self-help, spiritual book, Halfway to Heaven in March of 2010. This will enable me to legally resubmit it to other publishers.  I am doing this because the publisher turned out to be POD, publish on demand, and that is not the kind of publishers I am drawn to.


          Remember, that none of us are on the mountain everyday.  Such cannot be because we live on a world of duality where ups and downs, highs and lows, and night and day and joy and sorrow are the norm.  I have extensive experience with the joys and sorrow of life, as most people have.  We do not have to let the sorrows bend or break us.  Actually they can make us stronger, and perhaps that might even be their purpose, or one of them.  May we all endeavor to increase our highs and energy via plugging away at our dreams.  I have discovered that it is well worth it!


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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      8 years ago

      Thanks Laughing Rain and electro denizen.

      Yes, we creative folks have to keep plugging away, and being in neon lights is not what it's all about, though I won't turn that part down either. lol. Keep hubbing away.

      Been out of town. Let me chill and check your recent hubs out. Happy Holidays, and hugs, Michael

    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 

      9 years ago from Arizona

      nice blog Mike. there's something so deeply satisfying about writing, it's worth more with the feeling of just letting it flow off the pen than being on the top of the heap, so to speak. we all want to be heard and seen. nothing wrong with that fer sure. Recently decided to put my book on Kindle e-books at Amazon as soon as I get the file ready.

      u can't stop being what you are just because your name is not in neon lights.

      Amazon now has an author's page where u can do blogs!

      I feel good at least I took a baby step forward.

      have a good one. you're a darn good writer.

    • Electro-Denizen profile image


      9 years ago from Wales, UK

      Loads of nice points in this hub!

      Creative people practically have a moral duty to their creative self to keep plugging at it. I've been plugging away for years with music and writing, when I'm not running after my kids. There's something going on deeper I think, whenever we allow creativity to flow...


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