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Point Pleasant Oddities

Updated on April 17, 2020

In Mason County, West Virginia

Point Pleasant is a city with over 4600 residents (2000 census stat), located in Mason County, West Virginia. It is located near to where the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers join.

Point Pleasant has a history of strange and disastrous occurrences which have happened both right within Point Pleasant and in surrounding areas.

These strange happenings have created lingering urban legends about 3 primary but major events which all appear to be related to one another, stemming back as far as the late 1700's.

Interconnected Phenomenon?

The interconnected legends have been studied and are still being examined by paranormal enthusiasts for several decades and across the globe. The the 3 most often discussed urban legends about Point Pleasant are, by far, not the only questionable happenings to be recorded in this geographical region of the United States.

The three topics of urban legend appeal are:

1. The Curse of Chief Cornstalk

2. The Mothman Sightings

3. The Silver Bridge Disaster

While the curse, Mothman, and bridge disaster topics have been made the subjects of books and film, the area of Point Pleasant has also suffered several other disasters, including fires which took out whole sections of town, floods which have also nearly wiped out the entire community, tornado disasters, lighting strikes, explosions, power plant and coal mine accidents.

The number of accidents, natural disasters and just plain UNEXPLAINABLE oddities in this area of the U.S. has led many to claim that this area of America is haunted or is cursed in some way.

Since the late 1800's until around 1978, no less than 17 significant disasters have taken place either right in Point Pleasant or in the surrounding areas near Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Silver Bridge Collapse

What happened in Point Pleasant? Is Mothman still Lurking around?

1907 Monongah Coal Mine Explosion

On the morning of December 6 1907 methane and coal dust combined to cause massive explosions in Consolidated Coal Company mines no.6 and no.8, at Monongah, West Virginia.

The force of the explosions could be felt at least 8 miles away, and well over 350 workers perished in the blasts

Monongah Mining Disaster info on Wikipedia has a full list of names for the identified victims killed in the explosions.


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