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Polio Symptoms,Prevention and Control

Updated on September 28, 2011


Polio is a very severe disease which mostly affects legs of children and young adults. Affected leg becomes skinny and bowed. As for the result, the diseased person becomes lame.


The following are the symptoms of polio.

(1) The patient suffers from fever, headahc and vomiting.

(2) He feels pain in muscles and suffers from irritability.

(3) His leg becomes weak, skinny and bowed.

(4) Paralysis may occur.

(5) Respiratory muscles may be paralysed.

Prevention and Control

We must pay attention towards the following matters to prevent polio.

(1) Polio vaccine (oral administration) should be given to children three times at the interval of one month from six weeks up to one year after birth.

(2) Urine and stool of the patient should be buried or burnt.

(3) Clothes of patient should be boiled, well washed and well dried.

(4) Articles used by the patient should not be used by others.


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