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Politics in Our Time

Updated on April 29, 2017

The Dying Days of Democracy

In the Philippines, democracy is over. People are afraid of expressing their thoughts because they think other people are watching. In the government, groups of professionals ensure power and authority over bureaucratic positions. In the society, people refuse to participate in any political discussions because they do not want others to comment and sue them. On Facebook where Filipino people widely and openly express their ideas, they now fear that the government officials and other groups of people hunt them down. The issue of war on drugs in the Philippines has reached the global audience. However, the international community has remained mute over the years. People die without questions, and the police officers do not offer reasonable information what happened to the habitual deaths in the community and society as well. Every day or every other day, killings function like machines. I personally woke up one early morning when people gathered around the neighborhood to see three men died. my neighbors were talking who killed those three people. Of course, those people were from my hometown while those others were from the neighboring places. After that incident, we zippered our mouths to give anything since a majority of the people did not care about those dead people. As alleged, those death men were drug users and pushers. However, my argument was simple. Those criminals do deserve to die in those brutal ways. In other words, our society today faces a terrible danger wherein we struggle to survive from the tyranny of our leaders and from the brutality of our local officials. The growing danger that exists in various locations - the bombings in London, Paris, Syria, the Middle Eastern countries, the United States of America, and other parts of the world - does not surprise us. The truth is that we did all these killings and bombings. The fact that we voted those leaders and that we ignored the possible outcome of our selection would remind our failure. Why we voted the president of the Philippines or why we elected President Trump? Or maybe, I am not supposed to ask a question. The nightmarish events that happened in some parts of the globe today would make us think that we are no longer safe. Additionally, we cannot also express our thoughts and opinions because some people try to control us and make us mute. As we could face the terrible risks throughout our civilization, we often blame other people especially our national leaders who fail to lead the country and who allow those bombings and killings to happen. Even if they hear thousands of deaths being reported every day, people feel such report as ordinary. However, what shocked most is the moment to realize that we are even facing more danger if we go against with those who wish to control our lives. Even if these people are in their homes, they are still in danger due to the growing borderless criminalities. We could hear deaths everywhere, but we still do not have the chances to report to the authorities because we do not trust them. Oftentimes, when we inform the governments about our grievances, we often feel the danger that some members of our local leaders will hurt us. We lose our trust in the government because when never see the potential of their heroic and humanitarian causes.

The Growing Insanity

The ancient philosophers like Plato and other modern free thinkers failed to sustain democracy. The dying democracy, which other autocratic leaders tried to exterminate, weakened in silence. Our founding leaders of the World like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, and others who dismantled autocratic leaders were gone. Today, we also failed those leaders who waged their lives to accomplish independence and freedom. We failed them because we began to install communism and despotism in the country. We could notice these changing politics because of our actions. in the Philippines for example, troubles always emerged in all corners of the regions. Extra-judicial killings happened everywhere and hundreds and thousands of lives were annihilated. Because of the war on drugs, many people died instantly because of constant killings and butchery. Other people who wished to report these events were even afraid that the government would pursue them and kill them in silence. In Syria, thousands of people lost their lives due to unnecessary bombings and slayings. In other words, our government leaders made the society experience the struggles to survive and face insanity. Are we all insane just like our leaders did? I did not know. I only asked.

The Escalating Political Cancer

The world is yet to end. People lose their hopes and consciousness. What happened now is that people remained stubborn and that the government leaders grew worried about their power to control other people. We could never think that politicians could even orchestrate the bombings elsewhere. Who could tell that such killings and troubles were only inspired by our growing insanity and greed of power? Colonization has long been gone; however, its presence is felt through this era. We are colonized by greed and distrust, which did not equate us from being animals. Yes, we are animals because we are acting like them. No matter how hard we try to ignore this truth, we end up saying that we suffer enough social and political injustices. Because we experience the obvious political cancer, we cannot do something else.

What Happened Next

Indeed, the battle for democracy is about to end. Democracy fails because we also nosedive the truth that we do not do something good in it. As we fail to end this battle, we also die in vain. Our struggle to accomplish democracy die in silence. We lose the sense of freedom, and we, in the end, favor autocracy. Perhaps, we are wrong to choose our own leaders, or we only are insane to choose someone to control us. If we fail to stop this madness, we see ourselves crawling in the dark for fears of dying. What happens next is that we will lose everything. The worst is, we are going to die in vain because we allow such actions to happen.

Written By Sasha O. Grayscale

Stop Right Here

Can we escape this political madness and regain democracy?

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    • James September profile imageAUTHOR

      Marlon Pagon 

      17 months ago from Philippines

      Howard, I am glad you made your comments. I have been afraid here in my country due to killings and other forms of terrorism. Our country president issued a Martial Law in Mindanao. In fact, I am struggling emotionally and financially due to the effect of the Martial Law phenomenon. I hope and pray everything will be all right.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      17 months ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      This is an excellent and thought provoking Hub, Marlon. You are going through a very dark period with President Duterte in the Phillipines. It was once written, and I forgot by whom, that tyranny can only thrive when good people do nothing. I sincerely hope that we will continue to push back against President Trump in my country. He has the same tendencies and even struts around the stage like Mussolini used to. I sincerely hope your country is able to find there way back to true and sensible democratic politics and not deal with problems via murder.


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