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Living the Secret through positive affirmations

Updated on November 10, 2009

Thoughts Become Things

Have you ever read The Secret ? Or maybe you've seen the film? If not, I would suggest getting your hands on a copy, and fast. The Secret explains what some of the major components to making your dreams actually come true. Staying positive and focused is one of the most important factors to manifesting your goals and dreams. The more positive thoughts you create,the better chance you have of seeing blessings and rewards unfold in your life. It's that simple. I would suggest starting out at ||then I would suggest going to to find some clip of the movie, if not the entire movie itself. Additionally I would purchase the Secret journal or start keeping a journal of thanks or gratitude. By recognizing your thanks and showing genuine gratitude you are one step closer to bringing your dreams into existence. Have fun and be genuine about what you are thankful for-- you must show thanks and gratitude in everything that you do. Be thankful for the small things too. You can also be thankful "in advanced" so to speak. For instance, be thankful for having transportation while visualizing your new car, even if you do not have it. Be thankful for what is coming! It's done wonders for me, and it will do wonders for you too. I've come up with some thoughts, ideas, phrases, and quotes that whould help you focus on more positivity. Let me know what you think and feel free to leave comments.

I am beautiful, bountiful, and brave. 

I love myself and others

I am a gifted spirit, body, and mind.

I am so grateful for being alive, healthy, and strong

I can do anything 

I am loved, loving, and a lover (apply this to yourself FIRST!)

There is nothing that I can not accomplish

I have the power to change my life 

I am positive spirit with everything to gain

My beauty is soul deep and seeps out of my pores 

Thank you (Feel that thanks too)

Remember to Visualize and focus on the things that you really want and be grateful for the things that you have. You are powerful and your blessing are coming. 

The Secret

The Secret Rhonda Byrne


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    • Scarlett Black profile image

      Scarlett Black 8 years ago from New York

      Gotta love The Secret.