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Positive Thinking And Positive Mental Attitude, We All Need It.

Updated on January 19, 2013

Positive Thinking

The inspiration for this article came from a fellow writer in a conversation on Facebook. Thanks Daisy Mariposa, for making me realise that negativity is a waste of time and that we should focus most on the things that we want. The things that we think about the most tend to be the things that we get, I am sure you will agree with me.

Think about a problem or a negative situation and you tend to draw to you, the things that you don't want to happen.

Think about good things and positive situations and the opposite happens. You will certainly have situations that you can remember where you have got the thing that was uppermost in your mind whether it was good or indeed bad.

I can relate to this and I am and have been trying for some time now to concentrate on good things and not to give time to thinking negative things. This is difficult to do as the majority of people we come into contact with on a daily basis are of a negative disposition. This is not good and you need to isolate yourself from these people. Yes you may have to work with them, but you don't have to get down to their level of moaning and groaning about their lot in life.

There are so many inspirational quotes around on positive thinking and positive mental attitude. One of my favourites is ' If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you can't.' For me this is one of THE most motivational quotes ever.

Oh look, it's that self fulfilling prophecy thingy again. Seems to keep cropping up a lot just recently.

And Positive Mental Attitude

In these days of financial crisis and doom and gloom it is all the more important to have a positive mental attitude just to get through the day.You have to admit that you do function better on a daily basis when you are upbeat about things. The minute we become down we show signs of slow down in both mind and body. This in turn causes us to be lethargic and we no longer have the focus that we all need to make the best of our everyday lives.


We All Need It !

Enough said. There is no question that we all need this.

Imagine what a powerful world we would live in if we all worked towards our goals and had daily focus by having a positive attitude.

It costs nothing to try.

How to be positive.

Just try it, that is how to be positive. A positive start is all that is required.

You can spend your life being negative and never try to change your situation or you can ditch your negative thoughts and choose positive ones. The good thing is that if you do this and it works for you, it has cost you nothing and you will have gained so much. Now I am by no means an expert on the subject, but a fellow article writer has also written on the subject so I would suggest you might like to take a look after reading this article.


Practice being positive for 30 days.

They say that if you do something everyday for 30 days it is habit forming. Now I am not saying that you can become 100% positive overnight but I do think that if you try to be positive at least once a day for 30 days you will form a new and better habit.

Remember the saying 'you reap what you sow'

The message is, be positive and positive things will begin to happen. Be negative and negative things will find you.

poshcoffeeco guide to positive thinking.

  1. Read positive mental attitude books for 30 minutes per day.
  2. Set goals for yourself to build confidence.
  3. Celebrate when you achieve a goal.
  4. Set realistic goals and targets that you can achieve.
  5. Stay away from negative influences and people.
  6. Associate with positive people.
  7. Be careful who you confide in.
  8. Keep moving forward and do not dwell on the past.
  9. Do something positive everyday.
  10. If you find yourself being negative, have a talk with yourself and stop it.


© poshcoffeeco ( Steve Mitchell )

The copyright of the work of poshcoffeeco is protected. Please do not publish any work of Steve Mitchell without first receiving his personal permission. Any attempt to illegally copy his work will be subject to the laws of the land of Great Britain at the time of publishing.

© poshcoffeeco ( Steve Mitchell )


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  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    5 years ago from Cambridgeshire

    Thanks asknrj for reading and commenting. Would be great to swap links so I have added your link in my article. If you agree, please do the same. Have a great day.

  • asknrj profile image

    Nikhil R. Jain 

    5 years ago

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire

    Thank you cclitgirl and good luck to you . You will do it I just know it. You are doing the right thing and you are very courageous.


  • cclitgirl profile image

    Cynthia Calhoun 

    6 years ago from Western NC

    I just wrote down the 10 points in your guide to positive thinking. You know, I actually quit my teaching job recently. I have always wanted to lead a creative life and I was in a position to leave without fearing (too badly) that I would lose my house or something.

    You are absolutely right: you have to surround yourself with positive people. I was surrounded - I mean surrounded - by negative thinkers who were "stuck" in their situations. I wanted more for myself. I took the step and now I'm telling everyone I'm an online writer and digital artist. It feels great! :)

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire

    Docmo, no problem and thanks for visiting.

  • Docmo profile image

    Mohan Kumar 

    6 years ago from UK

    Great message, Steve! PMA doesn't cost much as you say but can save lives and loves, and get us to greatt heights. I couldn't have done the things I've done without a positive mind set, thanks for reminding me to keep it thriving!

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire

    shiningirisheyes. Not half as glad as I am. Thanks so much for taking the time to put pen to paper as it were and comment. Love the sentiment when you say you don't mind the Sheep in your rear view mirror. BAH BAH. I don't know why neggies remind me of Sheep but they just do.

  • shiningirisheyes profile image

    Shining Irish Eyes 

    6 years ago from Upstate, New York

    So glad I came across this hub. I am 100% in agreement. I also feel that negative people are best handled by walking away. Idon't mind them in my line of vision, as long as they are in my rear view mirror.

    Another fine write.

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire

    mary615 thanks for taking time to read and comment. I really do appreciate it. And of vcourse you may follow me. I shall be following you also.

  • mary615 profile image

    Mary Hyatt 

    6 years ago from Florida

    Great Hub. I try to associate with "UP" people that make me feel good. Negative people just pull us down. Your #5. Whenever I feel like I just can't make it, I think of the little train who could!

    I voted this Hub UP, and will certainly share for others! I voted it UP, etc.etc.

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire


    You got it so right girl!

  • midget38 profile image

    Michelle Liew 

    6 years ago from Singapore

    This is so true. When we think positively, we attract the positive....when we think negatively, we bring the negatives to ourselves. So we shouldn't keep complaining.. Try saying the good things instead!

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire


    it is great to meet you. Good luck with your 30 day challenge, I hope it works out for you.Thanks for voting and sharing.


    thanks for linking, I am going right now to do the same. Thanks for the vote

  • sgbrown profile image

    Sheila Brown 

    6 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

    Having a positive attitude in life is so important. If you look at everything negatively you are going to have a very sad life. Being positive will open your eyes to the possbilities of life. I just wrote a hub myself on 10 ways to improve your attitude. Improving your attitude can certainly change your life. Great hub, I am going to link yours in my hub. Voted up and useful. Have a wonderful day! :)

  • Fennelseed profile image

    Annie Fenn 

    6 years ago from Australia

    You spell it all out and provide a list and I am compelled to give it a go. 30 days of positive thinking, okay I am up for the challenge. I have just come through a rough patch, with May being a down and out month for me so its up from here!!! I will you know my progress, thank you so much for this pep talk PCC, my votes to you and sharing!!!

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire


    Positivity is difficult to master 100%, but with the help and support here I think, no, I know I will get there. Thanks for reading and commenting.


    I agree that you have to allow it. Thanks for visiting my pages.

    Dr Bill,

    I believe you. It is so easy to let things get a grip when we least expect it. Thanks for your input.

  • Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

    Bill Tollefson 

    6 years ago from Southwest Florida

    Really enjoyed your HUB. Negative thinking is not only a waste of time but is can't turn into a Thought Addiction or other addictions if negative thinking goes unchecked. Many are not aware of it.

  • wynnestudios profile image


    6 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

    Positive thinking accomplishes a lot in life if you allow it. Great hub.

  • ChristyWrites profile image

    Christy Birmingham 

    6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

    You are right that negativity is such a waste of time. I'm glad you were able to change your mindset and get back to your smiling self Posh.

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire

    Deborah B thanks. You are right about positive thinking but it takes a lot of concentration to check your thinking and stay positive. As they say 'practice makes perfect'.

  • Deborah Brooks profile image

    Deborah Brooks Langford 

    6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

    what a great hub.. Positive thinking is the key to everything. You are so right.. If you do not try you will never know if you can.. but even if you fail the first time keep trying.. even if it hurts.

    Blessings to you for writing a great hub


  • Melissa A Smith profile image

    Melissa A Smith 

    6 years ago from New York

    Yeah, screw negative thinking. Why deal with reality when you can lie to yourself?

  • Sunshine625 profile image

    Linda Bilyeu 

    6 years ago from Orlando, FL

    Positive thinking is the best way to go! Negative thoughts are just a waste of everyone's time. Great plan Steve!:)

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    6 years ago from Olympia, WA

    I've been preaching this since the first day I arrived at HubPages....great hub with a great message.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    This is a very encouraging and inspirational hub. I like the first quote in blue.

  • Hunbbel Meer profile image

    Syed Hunbbel Meer 

    6 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan.

    A great hub, Steve. Voted up + Beautiful + Useful.

    Moreover, I would like to add one my most favourite quote about motivation and inspiration. It goes, like:


    Have a good and positive day ahead! :)

  • PurvisBobbi44 profile image


    6 years ago from Florida


    Happy Birthday and I hope you are enjoying it with the special people in your life.

    I enjoyed your hub, as I am a very positive person and I do not include negative people in my group of social friends. It is a vast waste of my time and negative people get on my last nerve.

    Have a great day.

    Your Hub Friend,


  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Thank you, Steve! And a very Happy Birthday! You are right, giving oneself the chance is a good start and a beginning to positivity too. 30 day plan is an excellent idea. Awesome!

  • tillsontitan profile image

    Mary Craig 

    6 years ago from New York

    I think we're all pretty aware of the power of positive thinking but to read about it in your hub and be reminded of it's power is certainly a mind-booster. I am positive good things can happen if we're positive. Voted up, interesting and useful.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    I would like to take you up on 30 days of being positive!!! Voted up! Happy Birthday!!!

  • BrokenDreamer profile image

    Jen Christopherson 

    6 years ago from Oklahoma, USA

    What a great hub! I love it! You are still writing great things!

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire


    Hey it;s great to hear from local people. I also find that negativity wastes time and energy too! Thanks for reading and commenting. I am off now to check you out.


    Whilst I have mostly been positive, the last few years have been a bit of a test and I have made some lousy decisions. Positivity does allow you to make more rational decisions. Thanks for reading. I am off to check you out as well.

    Movie Master

    Thank you so much for the vote up and for taking the time to read and comment.

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire


    Thanks for the vote. I am glad that you liked it and found it to be of use.


    Thanks for visiting and for commenting. You are correct about it taking work to remain positive. But the more you stop yourself in negative moments and you recognise this then you are well on the way to being positive more of the time.

  • Movie Master profile image

    Movie Master 

    6 years ago from United Kingdom

    A great message and advice, positive thinking does work!

    Many thanks and voted up.

  • libby101a profile image


    6 years ago from KY

    Awesome hub! I always think positive even when it's the worse situation possible! It always helps! Think of a horrible situation happening but if you are negative how can you possibly handle that situation correctly? You can't! You must think positively to make a good decision!

    Very good, thought-provoking hub!!


  • christin53 profile image


    6 years ago from UK

    I agree with everything you've said. I'm a very positive person I think it clears your mind and helps you achieve. Being negative is depressing and nothing gets done.

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire

    Kathleen Kerswig

    keep working on the affirmations. They will work if you let them. Thanks for the vote up.

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire

    Sinea Pies

    I agree it takes time and effort to be positive most of the time. It is too easy to fall back into the doldrums but we owe it to ourselves to have the best chance of making it in this life. Positive now for me is the only way to go. Thanks for your brilliant observations.

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire

    Aww Ardie, thanks darling. I do not believe that you need help to be positive. It's great to hook up with you again, hope we speak real soon.

  • always exploring profile image

    Ruby Jean Richert 

    6 years ago from Southern Illinois

    It takes work to stay positive. I know when i have a negative attitude, I feel down, unable to create. Your tips were helpful..Thank you/

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 

    6 years ago from Sunny Florida

    I couldn't agree with you more. A negative attitude feels awful and is such a waste of time. I really like all the steps you listed to help change your attitude into a positive one. Voted up! :)

  • profile image

    Kathleen Kerswig 

    6 years ago

    I love this hub! Thanks for writing about positive inspiration. I am learning that if I think I am lacking something in my life, I will only get more "lack". Positive affirmations every day are helping me to change my thoughts on a more regular basis. I'm glad I saw this tonight. Thank you for sharing it here. Voted up!

  • Sinea Pies profile image

    Sinea Pies 

    6 years ago from Northeastern United States

    This is great advice. I am currently reading a book by Cynthia Trimm called "Command Your Morning". It is a Bible-based work that strongly emphasizes the power of words and thoughts. She admonishes that the positive results we want to see in our lives are often deep-sixed by our own confused talk and thoughts. We are not usually negative all the time --though I suppose in some things we can be--but many vacillate back and forth and get nowhere. Nothing improves. But if we stand fast with strong positive words and thoughts, life will get consistently better, given time. Great hub!

  • Ardie profile image


    6 years ago from Neverland

    I love your guide to positive thinking PCC :) I try to be positive at all times but ehhh...sometimes I need a little help. So your tips will come in handy!

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire


    you are too kind. Glad you like.

  • Civil War Bob profile image

    Civil War Bob 

    6 years ago from Glenside, Pennsylvania

    Good hub, Posh...positively!!...voted up, interesting.

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire


    So do I when I remember and focus.

    Thanks for the comment.

  • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

    Vinaya Ghimire 

    6 years ago from Nepal

    I believe in the power of positive thinking.

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire


    Glad to be of help and I am so glad you liked it. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment and vote very generously.

  • urmilashukla23 profile image


    6 years ago from Rancho Cucamonga,CA, USA

    This is my philosophy too "If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you can't". I have to share this with my friends and family. Thanks for sharing it. Voted up!

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire

    Melissa A Smith,

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say.Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Melissa A Smith profile image

    Melissa A Smith 

    6 years ago from New York

    Positivity for me only works if logic supports it. I don't like being dishonest with others, and I don't like being dishonest with myself.

  • poshcoffeeco profile imageAUTHOR

    Steve Mitchell 

    6 years ago from Cambridgeshire


    I am happy to help and thanks for reading. Yes I agree it was a mini-lesson, I thought that as I was writing it. But, just enough to get the message across I thought.

    Daisy Mariposa

    It was only right that you got a mention as you were the inspiration and as ktrapp says 'a good kick in the pants'

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Daisy Mariposa profile image

    Daisy Mariposa 

    6 years ago from Orange County (Southern California)

    Steve (poshcoffeeco),

    I am honored to have been mentioned in your latest Hub. Thank you so much.

    A negative attitude won't get you anywhere good. If you have a positive attitude, there's no limit to what you can achieve.

  • ktrapp profile image

    Kristin Trapp 

    6 years ago from Illinois

    My HP feed is almost all full of re-runs (shares) this morning, as is usually the case. I decided that I was going to read every word of the next few first-time published Hubs that appeared on my feed, as well as to take the time to comment. How ironically interesting that your Hub was the first. Faced with a lot of stressful situations lately, I certainly needed this mini-lesson on the power of positive thinking. It was a good kick in the pants; and you're right, it costs nothing to try, but there is so much to gain if it works. Thanks. Voted up and awesome.


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