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Post 9/11 where did our love go?

Updated on September 8, 2011

Remember When

Do you remember where you were when you heard those first reports about some kind of accident involving a jet airplane and the World Trade Center building in NYC?

I remember being at work and as the story began to unfold, everything else ceased to exist! I can recall the shock and horror seeing the footage of the first plane hitting the tower and then to an even more horrid degree feeling paralyzed as I watched the second plane hit. "What in the hell is going on" I thought to myself? Then as news continued to pour in about what was suspected as terrorist attacks, I regained my consciousness and moved to action. I quickly excused and removed myself from work and with absolute single mindedness drove to my daughters elementary school to get her out of what I felt might be harms way. Then I re-united with my wife to form our family, there is nothing stronger than a family!

What a sick feeling came over me as I was driving to be with them. At this time I had no cell phone and I could not reach them at the school (busy) or at home (no answer), Oh God help me and keep them safe.

The coverage of the tragedy was almost unbearable and I had not a relative or friend that was lost, but for those who had lost loved ones, the coverage of this was over the top.How can we take such liberties to rehash this over and over just for what, the sake of a good story? Even now as I write this I shudder to think of what has happened and of the coverage that most definately will come from 10 years later. I am even ashamed of myself for writing the previous description of that sad day. But another tragedy happened in the wake of that disaster, it is how we lost the love that we shared with each other and the rest of the world. This was an opportunity and still is, to regain some of the empathy we had lost for our neighbors, both near and far.

Looking for that feeling again

A voice heard crying

After a time, the world and our world was changed, perhaps forever. With all previous trespasses forgiven, we and the world sought to be civil towards each other. The empathy that flowed so freely seemed so genuine and that it might last was my hope.

Just driving on the road in the days, weeks and months following drivers seemed so much more courteous to each other, I had to recall back when I was a kid 25+ years, to have comparison.

So I ask " What went wrong, why have we reverted back to our selfish lives"? I know that life does not stop and I know that we mourn the dead, but did we really have to let go of our new lives founded through tragic circumstances? This is just one voice, mine, of how I long to see that behavior towards each other again. Do you think we will ever regain that love for our fellow man?

One Day is Thousand Years w/o Love

If I need beg you to care for each other

If I need beg you to care for each other I will! Damn it, don't we get it;we all might just die tomorrow, but what a waste? Everyone deserves love and if we can just show it starting here in our own country just to rekindle that hope AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Mankind has a new hope, a real hope in each other.

All this world has to offer and we can't share even love? I am dying in this world, it seems so lost, as if we have reverted back to the savage animal creature inside us each. In a world w/o love what promise of future do we have to give our children? Love well and hope for tomorrow.


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    • RevLady profile image

      RevLady 6 years ago from Lantana, Florida

      "We need to stop hurting each other through word and deed. Even and mostly in the political arena we have in place today a system of accusing and self-promotion, when what we need is encouragement and selflessness." AMEN, AMEN!

      Love does indeed make the difference and until we learn what love is, through Jesus Christ, our decline sadly will continue.

      I appreciate your concern Tex and I agree that international relations is tenuous. Yet, I know that there is a Presence, a Power, an unseen Force moving; God’s purpose ruling and overruling according to His divine will.

      Thank you for this thought stimulating hub.

      Love, peace and joy in Christ Jesus, our Lord!

      Forever His

    • noturningback profile image

      noturningback 6 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA

      Hello Nick and Tex,

      I want to thank you for the dialogue that this piece has spawned between the two of you.

      I too am very frustrated with the current situation in the Middle East. I too desire a better solution than we currently have both there (Iraq) and here.

      My reason for this article is one of reflection and a call for change. This change I seek is one of resolution and eventually an end to hate.

      I don't believe we currently can influence countries such as Iran or other areas that Al Queda has a strong presence in.

      I do know that we, the US and other countries are more than ready for change in the sense of fespect and civilty among ourselves and with others. That we, as a people, could endure with each other's faults and even discuss them, no matter how deeply rooted they seem, for this nation and other nations could influence the rest of the world through caring for each other. Hopefully this would spawn what we once had even if only for that brief period after the 9/11 catasrophe.

      May this indeed be possible in the near future. As you had said, previously you thought he was leaning that way and then you realized through dialogue you actually agreed upon the basic position of our role in Iraq.

      If we the people, give each other more than a soundbite to express our thoughts, our hopes and our fears. We may find we all want to believe this is possible. Kind and compassionate, yet firm in pursuit of freedom. Remember those talks the UN proposed before going into Iraq? I know at the time we felt unable to hold back, but look, maybe a breather was best. After our decision to enter Iraq, I feel we lost the backing of those nations that gave of themselves to us so empathetically. It was soon thereafter that our nation followed suit.

      I love our country, but we need help each other. We need to stop hurting each other through word and deed. Even and mostly in the political arena we have in place today a system of accusing and self-promotion, when what we need is encouragement and selflessness.

    • profile image

      Nick Lucas 6 years ago

      I hear you, even though I tend to be a conservative I do not think we belong there now and Obama said we wouldnt be initially.....

    • profile image

      Texasbeta 6 years ago

      Strange we agree on this one. I would have put you in the other boat for sure. I wish more felt the way you did. I went from supporting Bush to marching in the streets against him over Iraq. It was the catalyst for my complete movement to the left. However, if you ask me...and it is as cliche` as possible, but I didn't move left...the spectrum moved right.

      I totally agree with you though Nick. Anyone who ever read a single thing about the Middle East, or took a single class on Middle Eastern politics knew that Iraq was despised by Al Queda, the reason Al Queda attacked us, and that nutjob kept everyone else over there in check. Why on earth would we eliminate the only country over there who kept everyone else in check? Then, the guy led me down a path, our country down a path, that I couldn't but help but to be reminded of 1984 on a daily basis.

      Now, what you might be surprised by is that I blame Obama for continuing and furthering some of those same programs.

      Seriously though, why in the world would we go into Iraq? That seems like the worst military blunder since Hitler went into Russia.

    • profile image

      Nick Lucas 6 years ago

      Tex - I actually agree with you I think on this.......I do not think we should have invaded Iraq........Iqaq's leader Saddam was certainly a very bad evil man but he also balanced the power of evil like Iran...........we would not have the concerns with Iran if Saddam was still there as the two bad's balanced each other

    • profile image

      Texasbeta 6 years ago

      I think it went to Iraq. That seems to have been the breaking point at which we divided again. One side, in favor, thought that as long as we can get someone who looks like the people who attacked us...good. The other side said...are you kidding me? We appear to still be there.

    • profile image

      Nick Lucas 6 years ago

      Love for the innocent and hate for the bastards that cause events like that...